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  1. According to this support page you've got to launch the game from the Discord app to be able to claim it, so i have to install the entire game again in that case? Because i don't have an option to directly launch the Steam version anymore, only to "Install".
  2. Great timing for the dudes who have been gifted nitro in the past 24h
  3. We know arch-guns are coming, but are arch-melee also included? i can't quite recall if it was all arch weapons or not, but if not, then it kind of makes sense to me, with Melee 3.0 and all of that rework stuff included with it.
  4. Really happy with the development of the game so far, I remember when i made my first acc. back when the game launched on Steam and i had absolutely no clue of what i was supposed to do since i didn't speak english at all. My questions would be: Would it be possible to enable 8-player sessions for Open-world areas and Captura? Has first-person perspective ever been thought of as an alternate option when developing the game? Will we see primary versions of kitguns from Zuud? What can we expect from Railjack gameplay? surely there's gonna be more than just shooting down a Capital Ship or some Fomorian? Silly thought of mine but what about a Bullet Hell-type of minigame for the ludoplex? think Touhou or Bullet Heaven.
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