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  1. I know there's the counter at the top, but the circle at the right is missing, probably because the stack count is already there. Is this intentional?
  2. The 23rd fower stem is at the exact same spot as mine! (well, not exactly the same one, after all it's not on my ship... Sorry, Ordis, I'll show myself out.) The one I currently have missing was my 21st (Mag), and the two that were already fixed were my 14th (Rhino, burried almost entirely above where a currently subsuming warframe's head would be) and 16th (Baruuk, only half burried above and a tiny bit to the right of Rhino's previously mentioned flower.)
  3. The Avia Prime Syandana. On one hand, it's large. Not the largest syandana, but it's not small either. On the other hand, it's barely flexible, which means it can't curve away from the body on thicc frames frames with larger bodies or various attachments on their back side. In fact, not only can it not curve away from the warframe's body, it's especially designed to curve inwards, towards it! All that together means that unless you are using an animation set that makes you hunched forward (in other word, if you are using almost any noble animation set, especially female frames'
  4. I made a post about it last week here. In the latest hotfix two of the 3 flowers I had that grew inside the infested flesh have been "excavated" but Mag's is still stuck behind one of the infested red flesh masses. You can see the stem if you look from below. Here's the picture of all the flowers I have so far (currently working on Banshee) Also, clearly some of the colors are off. Some can be explained by "I have another copy of the frame in my inventory that has those colors" (Harrow's Blue and Hydroid's red) but others make no sense, like why is zephyr purple-red-ish while mine
  5. After testing the first wave of changes on steel path, here's what I have to say (if you want a TL;DR, just read the stuff in bold/bold+italics): Passive: I can tell there's an improvement in survivability, but I'm not sure if it's because I'm getting better or if it's the buff's to the passive effect. I still feel very squishy more often than I'd like to, even with adaptation and umbral vitality at 2/3 set bonus. Xata's Whisper: Not much changed, the damage bonus is barely felt on armored enemies just like it used to, the main use for this ability for me is when using high status ch
  6. So far it only happened to me in Syrtis, Mars. This seems to be happening only when I'm getting close to certain asteroids. Usually these large black squares would cover around a third of my screen in total, with other smaller squares covering some of the small asteroids in my field of view. Not all asteroids are covered, though.
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