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  1. Arrcee

    TennoGen Round 15 - Accepted Items!

    It's such a shame what had to be done to the Nidus Night-Hunter skin to get it to pass. That syandana was amazing and together with the skin, the whole package looked awesome. Still looks really good but it's not as good as it was. On the plus side, yay Garuda skin! Edit to add: DE, please stop accepting Excalibur skins. Creators, please stop making them. I know he is the poster child for Warframe but so many amazing skins don't get in but there's another Excal skin every damn round.
  2. Arrcee

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    Are scaling rewards for Kuva Survival ever going to be a thing? Would you implement the option to dissolve rivens for a percentage of Kuva spent on them?
  3. Either: After completing all four bounties, Fast Travel to LD should not lock you into one of the "I only talk to Tenno" speeches. Or Fast Travel should be to the back room only and not directly to LD. Even if you had to be max standing with Vox Solaris for LD to speak to you while in a frame, that would be preferable to the current situation.
  4. Players whine the game isn't difficult enough. DE introduces Fortuna and all it's shenanigans. Players whine that this is the wrong type of difficultly. For the record, I agree with OP, all that homing garbage can do one. Infact, the whole "knockdown, knockdown, knocked into a river so you lose your buffs, face full of homing missiles, RIP" is a whole new level of frustrating and can do one as well.
  5. Doesn’t it just proc the status of the selected element? As Spidermum is status immune then it would make sense that it doesn’t deal any damage. You could try modding it for only one base element and see if that works during the corresponding shield phase
  6. Arrcee

    Issue with Ayatan Treasure Hunts

    You know you can only get one statue per week from Maroo, right?
  7. Arrcee

    Regulators prime damage randomly changing

    I get this on pretty much every weapon I forma. In reality, it seems like just a UI glitch as the difference is not noticeable.
  8. Arrcee

    New primed mods ideas

    I'd like to see the following Prime mods added in future. Frames Streamline Stretch Rifles Serration Point strike Vital Sense Shotguns Blunderbuss Seeking Fury Pistols Hornet Strike Companions Vacuum Fetch Animal Instinct Can you imagine the forma cost....
  9. Arrcee

    Appearance rates down to 1 in 10 attempts

    Like mvaldess, I'm not having any issues with Conservation. Every animal I track appears when called and is successfully captured. I also use Ivara, kill anything hostile near the nest/calling point then call the animal. After The Biz says his dialog and you do a second call, when the white box on the echo bar thing disappears then you know the animal is on the way so I switch to primary, go invisible then use Ivara's sleep arrow to "tranq" the animal. 100% success rate of having animals appear and bringing them home. Sawgaws are a bit of a pain as they do tend to drop through the mushroom and hang underneath but if they're tranqed you can use Archwing to hover up there and capture it.
  10. Arrcee

    Floof Stuck!

    This has happened to me twice now with the Fire-Veined Stover. The first time I filed a support ticket and they removed it and put it back in my inventory. The second time seems like a waste of their time so I'll wait for a fix in (hopefully) the next update. I have three of the Fire-Veined Stover floofs and I can not select any of them to move/remove.
  11. Agreed, it does need to be made clearer!
  12. It's probably there but hidden under the set icon thing!
  13. Vigilante Pursuit was made an Exilus mod a few updates back.
  14. I think his point was, that if you are going to run Enemy Radar you might as well run Vigilante Pursuit as it has the same range plus the crit chance.
  15. Same here, which is killing me as I love his work!