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  1. Are scaling rewards for Kuva Survival ever going to be a thing? Would you implement the option to dissolve rivens for a percentage of Kuva spent on them?
  2. As I understand it, it's not the fault of DE but of the licensing agreements games publishers have to pay Sony to publish on their platform.
  3. So have the actual stats of existing rivens been changed, or just the 1-5 rating of the actual weapon?
  4. Am I missing something? Lots of people crying "NERF!" when it's only the dispositions that have changed? If you already have riven that you are happy with, how does this make any difference?
  5. Yes, I know DE does not set the prices. However, if players can no longer obtain a thing, that thing increases in value. Take anything vaulted as an example. So if sentinel weapon rivens are no longer obtainable, people that have them will ask for increasingly higher prices the longer that the rivens remain unobtainable.
  6. I'd hope so or the prices will skyrocket. Interested to see the answer to this.
  7. Again, where is your source of information please?
  8. Not so. The same combo will work on all melee weapons with no complicated button gymnastics to learn for every different weapon.
  9. I’ve been running lots of Mot and Kuva Survivals recently and it seems that over 50% of the time there’s at least 1 spintowinner in the squad.
  10. I’m all for Melee 3.0 in theory as the system as is needs a shake up. Amongst other things, the “spin to win” mechanic is just awful for the game imo. Channeling is useless to me (and to a large portion of the community it seems) as I prefer Healing Return over Life Strike and so wouldn’t miss it at all if it just disappeared. Charge/heavy attacks are slow and cumbersome and not worth the effort and as mentioned by fellow Tenno, having a timing based combo system that can be neutralised by a bad connection is frustrating and for me personally it halts the flow of combat. Slam attacks when paired with a Zaw and Exodia Hunt is incredibly useful as being able to perform finishers with any frame almost on demand can get you out of a sticky situation nicely. Even more so if you throw in a fully ranked Arcane Ultimatum as who doesn’t want a flat 600 armour for 20 seconds after performing a finisher? Schpam really hit the nail on the head a few posts back (and articulated things far better then I could!) and offers some excellent options that will hopefully be looked at by DE.
  11. Weapons and Warframe continue to get stronger yet sorties keep being made easier. Why not just give us a button we can click once every 24 hours with the sortie drop table?
  12. I haven’t shared an opinion one way or the other, I was just pointing out your hypocrisy. Now, as someone that didn’t start playing until last August I’m fine with what is being offered this time but I completely understand why those that already have this armour feel the way they do, and I am somewhat disappointed with the purchase options after what DE talked about following the triple unvaulting earlier this year.
  13. I loved the whole Zaw thing with gathering resources to build the parts then experimenting with them to see what could be created and I am greatly looking forward to Kitguns so I would like to know if there will ever be a possibility of equipping skins to them or is it just not possible due to their unique construction?
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