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  1. Buff status melee or turn them into crit hybrids. They’re pretty lackluster compared to crit right now.
  2. Gotta say, I need to give props to Scott, Grendel has become one of my favorite frames. I do have some feedback however. Feast: undoubtedly the bread and butter to grendal’s kit. This power gives Grendel some massive control over enemies. With its range he can easily swallow a room full of enemies, strip them of their amor and spew them into a corner to finish them off in one one big swoop. This ability is tons of fun. I do admit it’s a bit higher on the energy drain than I would like. I get why it’s there. Grendel would be absurdly broken if he could swallow an entire map’s worth of enemies without a penalty. But the rest of his kit is locked off if he doesn’t have anything in his gut. It would be nice if he could at least hold onto a few enemies without the drain being too high. Either if each enemy had a lower drain cost than 1.5 (unmodded) or if instead the drain increased with every 3 enemies or so instead of each one in grendal’s gut, it would make Feast a bit more manageable. (Edit: I have seen people mention something about the drain getting worse over time. I haven’t really noticed it myself since my play style consists of consuming as many enemies on screen as possible and disposing of them quickly. But if it’s true, that additional drain needs to go.) Nourish: Honestly some good buffs. I can’t complain about the buffs themselves. The duration does feel a little short, but by far the biggest problem is the ability’s UI. It took time for me to understand what was going on, how it worked, which buff was which, and many players still think the buffs are RNG based. Could definitely use some pablo UI magic. Regurgitate: I gotta agree with everyone here, this is grendal’s weakest ability. Even with its free energy cost, it’s a little underwhelming. If the aoe was larger that could help it a little. But if it could be little more potent by creating a toxic cloud or viral explosion or something, i would definitely use it for its intended purpose as a damage dealing projectile instead of shooting annoying enemies out of bounds into the void. Meatball (yes, I’m always going to call it meatball): super fun, pretty good damage, not very practical though. The maps are clearly not designed for grendal to roll around in. It does have potential though. It could definitely use tighter controls, and respond more quickly when wanting to change directions. Meatball could also use more weight when rolling (not when jumping, jumping is fine), enemies shouldn’t be able to push you around. Meatball tends to bounce off of enemies that don’t die outright from impact. You quickly lose control and pinball around when surrounded by enemies that don’t die as quickly. If grendal had more control when steam rolling over enemies or knocking them around without it changing his intended course, it would take out most of the frustration. The rest of the frustration being issues with clipping into the map and unable to turn off meatball when doing so. the last few frames have been among my top favorites In design (concept wise, visually, and ability wise). And feedback improvements have been a key part of that. If all goes well, grendal will likely end up being my number 1. Keep up the good work DE!
  3. the “guaranteed” requiem relic drop from kuva floods are still not 100% guaranteed. Please fix. Funny enough, I’ve had more luck with the regular kuva siphon missions.
  4. Vauban: I quite enjoy the new tesla. They don’t have 100% status (it wouldn’t hurt if they did). But they do cc some stragglers on my blind side here and there. However they do tend to latch onto enemies that already have a tesla ball. Minelayer’s tether coil has too low of an enemy cap. It has potential, but it could use a higher enemy cap than 2 enemies. overdriver is great. It’s cheap to use and doesn’t need to compete with the likes of rhino and chroma. flechette orb doesn’t need to outpace guns, but it is a bit on the weaker side. It doesn’t necessary need more damage, but if it had another effect like having a chance to blind, knockdown, or disarm enemies. something that can help Vauban survive a little more without having to rely too much on Bastille. And I gotta be honest here, I’m pretty disappointed that bounce is still in vauban’s kit. Vector pad is still bounce, and it’s always been a meme ability rather than a good utility. it really needs to join the likes of super jump. It’s overstayed it’s welcome. i would really prefer the old concuss mine over this. Concuss was the best mine from the previous iteration of minelayer. Please consider bringing it back and getting rid of vector pad. vauban’s casting animations are also a bit long for his photon strike and bastille. but the abilities themselves are quite enjoyable. The debuffs and team buffs Bastille provide are great. And photon strike does pretty decent scaling damage if you get a good cluster: Ember: fire ball is actually a decent ability now. Heat procs are good, spreading them is good, and the damage multiplier for fire ball is okay. It’s certainly noticeable in mid level missions. immolation... well, being able to tank as a squishy frame is great. The energy penalty over time isn’t too bad, but the issue comes in trying to avoid the penalty. Immolation can start building up far too quickly. But that’s not the big issue. The issue lies with how fire blast is handled to deal with it. Fire blast is already a costly ability. It’s not cheap. And sadly it does not do a great job of preventing immolation from heating up. Once you start to spread your heat from fire ball and inferno too much, immolation will rapidly fill up. And when you cast fire blast... it fills right back up almost instantly. THAT is the problem. Fire blast does not reset immolation’s build up rate. You either have to uncast immolation and leave yourself vulnerable or you need to spam fire blast just to cool yourself down. But that ends up costing you far more than immolation’s penalty. Fire blast needs to do a better job of keeping immolation under control. Other than that, fire blast is alright on its own as an armor stripper. as for inferno, does it really not spread heat procs? If I cast only my ult, my passive remains at 0%. I gotta be honest, if this isn’t a bug, I’m a little bummed that only fireball has heat procs.
  5. It was. But the combo counter increases its time.
  6. What’s going to happen to any Riven’s that have channeling efficiency on them? Sorry if I missed it if it was mentioned in the patch notes (it’s pretty long).
  7. Are exalted weapons still affected by the combo counter like atlas’s landslide and ash’s blade storm or are these abilities not getting their damage increased along with all of the melee weapons because...?
  8. They’re referring to weapon slots. They don’t come with weapon slots. If you don’t have the slots for them they’ll wait in your inventory until you do.
  9. Oh my god, Brozime guessed right. I really hope this doesn’t become tedious enough to ruin the fun. also, why can’t requiem relics also drop from kuva survival and kuva disruption? They’re already inferior kuva farming missions, but now even more so.
  10. Take your time DE, and thanks for all of your hard work. meanwhile I’ll be enjoying some hallowed nights in the constant till next week.
  11. That’d be pretty rad. Especially since higher level enemies take longer to digest, so you wouldn’t have to stop and eat as often as enemies get harder to kill, so you keep your damage up.
  12. Well, even if it does take longer for Higher level enemies to digest in his gut, just taking them out of the fight with a press of a button is pretty strong too. So I can see why a mobile version of his 1 could have been abused (I mean I sure would have). My only worries is if his ult is still potentially useful without the eating mechanic. I don’t doubt that the ability will be fun to use, but I worry that all it brings is a flat damage value. But I do admit that the last few frames have been really good, so maybe I’m just getting worried over nothing. The trailer doesn’t show any numbers or much gameplay, and I’m sure that with feedback any problems will be worked out anyway.
  13. That makes it more disappointing. My guess DE either considered it too OP or having the ball grow caused too many clipping issues (but they also could have just made the ball not grow, so maybe swallowing a hallway of enemies regardless of level and putting them out of commission was probably considered too OP).
  14. I’m still very much looking forward to Grendel... but I do admit that I’m a little bummed that Grendel doesn’t katamari absorb enemies with his ult anymore.
  15. My only concerns are mine layer and immolation. mine layer’s boost pad is nothing more than a meme ability. I just don’t see it ever being useful for anything other than trolling. Does it knock back enemies? How is this any different than bounce but In only one direction? It was brought up that this ability could be casted multiple times in row to keep a player moving, Why not just save us the multiple energy costs and give the boost pad a Sprint speed boost for a small duration instead of a single push? nail gun and ripline could be useful. But it all depends on nail gun’s damage/range and ripline’s effective range when a single enemy sets it off. If his other 3 mines can’t compete with the damage boost, they probably won’t see much use at all. as for immolation, why does there have to be an energy penalty? Why not just let the ability reset after heating up? Or better yet, have no penalty and have the ability continually drain, meaning that players have to be active to keep the meter up rather than having to keep using her 3 to cool down, similar to gauss when redline is active. If guass had a penalty like this that limited his ability casts and play style, he’d be a lot less fun to play. also, did you have to get rid of accelerant? It was her best ability. I’d rather you have scrapped fire blast and kept accelerant. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very much looking forward to Vauban and ember’s reworks. The rest of their kits do look potentially promising. Scaling damage, reworked heat procs, armor stripping cc, ect. I do see this as an overall improvement for vauban, but for ember it all depends on the fire proc changes and immolation’s penalty and meter build up rate. Aspects of her rework I enjoy, but losing accelerant hurts a bit, while the heat proc changes are nice I worry that they will be doing most of the work, and immolation’s penalty could make her less fun to play. I hope you guys get her right. You’ve done a wonderful job with the last few frame releases being some of my favorites. Keep up the good work.
  16. I would love this. I know the thought of losing riven mods and syndicate mods may bother some people. But I’d rather these abilities be made better Without having to rely on specific weapons and riven mods. Jaw sword is a great stat stick for atlas, but by god would I prefer the freedom of using other weapons without ruining landslide.
  17. any news on us being able to use weapon skins on modular weapons? speaking of skins, whatever happened to those realistic gun skins like the sawed off shotgun skin for the bronco’s?
  18. I’ll be selfish with you. I want his 1 and 4 to be worth using.
  19. One of his death passives gives him additional loot on kills. But it’s random what 3 passives you get. It’s not a reliable farming tool. More of a “oh hey, I died and I got the loot passive, guess I’ll make use of this while I have it” kind of tool.
  20. Oh my god. Those gauss buffs look hella nice. So much less energy hungry and far less micro manage-y with his battery. Looking forward to using him more!
  21. Well it did start out as a 5/5 disposition. I suppose DE wants to cripple it down to lanka’s fallen disposition. Even though very few people use snipers outside of eidolons. Either way it’s still a bit disappointing.
  22. Whatever happened to those realistic gun skins? Like the sawed off shotguns for the broncos for example? and will we ever be able to use weapon skins on zaws and kitguns?
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