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  1. Thank you for the forma, going to use it for the obstacle course :D
  2. There is no reason not to offer an option to optimize a game for potato systems, except of course if you are trying to be an elitist. Not everyone can afford a top of the line system, or even a middle of the road system. The impression i have behind why most games exist is so they can be played and enjoyed, so in that regard why not broaden to the widest possible player base possible? I am not so naive as to expect a modern game to be catered to a system that can barely run windows 3.11, however since there already is an option to go low graphics it would seem to make sense to offer that ability. Especially considering that the peculiar mod was meant as a whimsical no reason mod, and has no real functionality.
  3. While I can understand your sentiment, i cannot agree however. Ugly looking frames do not affect performance whereas peculiar mods can and do (on some systems) affect the performance. Ideally there would be an option to set other frames to just bare model (no skin or anything) to help improve fps for lowend systems.
  4. my ship idle animation. yup that's about it. lol
  5. Sweet, thanks for the heads up, ducats farming here i go :D
  6. while i appreciate the hard work you folks at DE are doing, more is necessary for onslaught to be viable. It is still crashing at least 75% of the time (for me) which is unfortunate, because as my name might imply, i would very very VERY much like to run a khora frame. Thanks again for the hard work ladies and gents
  7. I bought the 2018 tennocon pack, but I am still fairly new to Warframe, did I miss the relay event or is that in the future? Either way it was still worth it for me, but just want to know if I should keep my eyes open for using that relay ticket.
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