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  1. this section is for translation errors, not control issues please head here and put your input there
  2. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/ head there, this is not the account management.
  3. This is not a Bug. Please, for the love of God, you went to school, read patchnotes.
  4. you do realize that this event goes on for longer than just 10 hours? you'll get your Cephilite. Just because you werent able to complete everything within 2 hours, it doesnt qualify as a bug. The Cephilites, or "Cristalized" Enemies do spawn. They do give Cephilite. Be patient.
  5. would be interessting to know which one you used. I tried to get them myself with a (Gravimag)Lakspur yesterday and didnt even count, but alliance members reported that their Gravimag'd archguns did infact count. EDIT: I changed mine and yes, the imperator vandal, gravimag'd does count for me too.
  6. they do spawn, but it seems like her notification about it seems a bit buggy. (she does appear to say it basicly every time you play anything)
  7. the mapping does work on D-Pads, but it might be individual things that do not work like this
  8. Liches spawn on their own territory. That means Your lich has; Ceres, Lua, Earth Your wifes Lich has; Mars, Venus, Earth they both can spawn on a mission on earth. Its also not limited to 1 Lich spawn, all participatings liches can spawn in 1 mission, given they have the same overlapping territory.
  9. Its gonna get fixed with 27.3.11 which we isnt yet available on consoles
  10. this is technically not a bug, since you do not own Veiled Archgun/Melee/Pistol/Rifle or Shotgun rivens. I mean yeah they could leave it out, but on the other hand its true, you dont own them, theyre available so yeah your collection is incomplete.
  11. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/ Only there they can help you. I mean, thats a glorious bug you got going there, but yeah, you need to contact them via the helpdesk to fix it.
  12. was your quest active at the time? By having the vessel simply equiped but the quest not as active you wont aquire any progress also just as a note since you got the Denial Bursa. The Bursa HAS TO DIE, not just to be hacked. That means, if the Bursa was the last enemy, you hacked it and then the round was over and you left, you did in fact not kill the Bursa at all. You have to wait till it dies.
  13. Mesa Prime is not vaulted Her systems can be found in Neo M3, head to your codex, chose Arcanes & Relics, type in Mesa as filter and you can see all relics that contain her parts, including their respective drop locations, and yes there will be vaulted relics displayed too, but those do not show any drop locations hence theyre no longer available
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