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  1. To be honest, I still just use a zaw and kitgun... A plague part zaw with a plague part kitgun would be amazing, but DE doesn't seem to want me to have the things i want. 🤣
  2. And neither maggots work to help Nidus build stacks. They really just want us to keep using a kitgun and zaw and some random sentinel, I guess.
  3. Now it looks like the new Pathocyst's maggots work the same way. I'm beginning to wonder if it's even possible for them to work the way we're asking.
  4. Come on, the Zealot Proselytizer has that secondary that isn't playable. We have Nidus. We have the Strain set for Helminth Charger. Now we have Pathocyst. I want to maximize the infested maggot gimmick for thematic shenanigans. Give me the Zealot Proselytizer's secondary and give it a special proc that results in enemies exploding into maggots or something. Just as long as it's more useful than our current infested-themed secondaries...
  5. I take it you've never tried using the Strain set. These work the same way.
  6. You should have seen how much the prices dropped when arcanes went from BPs to being dropped fully built! It was almost as bad as the drop when eidolons started dropping the BPs! Deal with it.
  7. Does this just pick a MIDI channel/track or does it try to play all of them?
  8. I ran a Misirlou MIDI through a generator. It is glorious and I have no idea how to even try to clean it up so I just chopped off a bunch of it. Gonna need that electric shawzin soon. Have some Slayer.
  9. IMO at this point, just let us equip a pet and a sentinel at the same time. Balance them together since apart is apparently too difficult.
  10. Plenty of frames got much less than Gauss. This is an upgrade, not a downgrade.
  11. I think this will solve my issues. I'm thinking 1, 2, and 3 for frets and arrow left, down, and right for notes would work best.
  12. Lua Lens requires the somatic component things though. People that aren't willing to grind through Lua disruption won't have them.
  13. Gauss's lore isn't just text. Did you have your game muted or something? And the point is that Khora didn't actually have any lore. Gauss has a hell of a lot more.
  14. Do you remember what Khora's lore was?
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