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  1. I'll be damned, you're right. I think the last time I tested it I must have hit the button right as they did their regular explosion thing. Still, it would absolutely amazing if the Strain set were better. Those maggots popping for NIdus stacks would be pretty much the best thing ever for me.
  2. Just a reminder that Nidus' Virulence ability pops the maggots from a Helminth Charger's Strain mod(s) as if it were one of Nidus' Ravenous maggots, thus keeping them from doing their CC thing but it doesn't give any stacks. Basically, it has *negative synergy* with Nidus. It would be amazing if popping the Strain maggots would give stacks, but if that's too OP maybe you could at least make Virulence not pop them then. I love cruising around with Nidus and a matching Charger but this has always bugged me.
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