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  1. Exos.

    Not gonna lie, I don't care for "We all Lift Together"

    SINNER!!! BURN THIS HERETIC AT THE STAKE!!!! I what i would say if i was a troll. oh, wait, i am a troll. XD but since this is fortuna we are talking about and not the salem witch hunts, lets tie him up with lectas, throw him in the coolant, and see if he floats or not. XD Tbh: to each there own, i wont judge. i mean, this is a game. if you judge someone for liking a sound track or not, then you are very petty. Also, i dont see why you need to set up a forum post for this. seems a little... excessive.
  2. Exos.

    terra corpus say: PAPAYA!!

    seriously am i the only one who hears this, or do the corpus scream Papaya from time to time out on the vallis?
  3. Exos.

    New Inefested-Assasin Warframe Concept.

    Whats [PROTOTYPE]?
  4. Exos.

    New Inefested-Assasin Warframe Concept.

    yeah. something of the sort.
  5. Exos.

    New Inefested-Assasin Warframe Concept.

    Hmmm... lore-wise, that makes a lot more sense than what i had going. And the dagger theme is great. The "sword" i was talking about was talking about was more or less his forearm turning into a "bladed" weapon starting from elbow down to his fused together "finger tips". So the "sword" is probably more fittingly described as either a very short sword, or dagger. I really like the failed attempt on an Orokins life resulting in his mutilation scenario. I like that a lot.
  6. Exos.

    Fan Concepts Index

    Warframe is called: Wraith
  7. Exos.

    [Warframe Concept] Paradox the Sorceress

    I'm counting 3 skills too. But other than that, this is pretty cool!
  8. Exos.

    New Inefested-Assasin Warframe Concept.

    I think it would be awesome. Also, i mean, having a warframe thats able to mimic your allies and other warframes would be absolutely sh1t-in-pants terrifying to whoever had to fight it. Btw, If you come up with an alternate concept design, or lore behind the frame, please share it. I'd love to see it! Just please try to keep in the infested right arm and patches if you do.
  9. Exos.

    New Inefested-Assasin Warframe Concept.

    I also want to say that since he is not a true 'infested warframe" but more like a halfy, he would get higher health and armor than most comparable frames, but less shields. i'd say, at rank 30 (no mods), 675 health, 150 shield. 200 armor. sound about right?
  10. Exos.

    New Inefested-Assasin Warframe Concept.

    That was my current lore description for him explaining the arm and what not. During the old war wraith suffered heavy damage from the sentients (all the warframe quest have the original frame befalling some horrid fate or another) and the infested insides grew back in the damaged areas, harnessing his fury and wrath. Also, mimic does not allow you to gain an allies or enemies weapons (unless exalted weapons). Also needs to be a special case for mimicking clem. Mimic clem: You gain clems appearence, and your weapons switch to a pair of high powered daul grakatas. Your abilities would be as a mimicked clem: 1. say:"Clem" 2. say:"Grakata" 3.deploy latcher or what ever its called. The rolling grenade that sticks to you. 4. mimic ability like mimicking frames 5. transference (spoiler alert you non second-dreamers) After a lengthy conversation about this with a trolly roomate and clan-member, i want to clarify, mimic does NOT allow you to mimic objects and resource drops.
  11. Exos.

    New Inefested-Assasin Warframe Concept.

    Here is my first and second attempt at a conscept sketch for this fram. please give me feed back and suggestions for appaerence change etc.. anything to make it better. https://imgur.com/BrcSRbE https://imgur.com/53IM0TL The second looks better than the first in terms of much clearer view
  12. Exos.

    New Inefested-Assasin Warframe Concept.

    Sure. Anything to refine the idea.
  13. Exos.

    New Inefested-Assasin Warframe Concept.

    Yes. I thought i could be like one of the frame "exalted weapons". in the end, it may have to leveled down to one, or done as 3 seperate loadout options as sword is config a, whip is b, claw is c. And yes, weapons are maintained while using mimic. In other words, mimic a grineer and hold 4, you got a grineer with an infested sword arm.
  14. Exos.

    New Inefested-Assasin Warframe Concept.

    To be honest, I want there to be people to talk like this. it helps refine the concept even more into something for the community rather than one person. Also, I half-assed the passive. I came up with that on the spot when i realized, i hadnt thought of one yet at the end of his active abilities. So PLEASE! INPUT REAL BETTER PASSIVES!!!
  15. Hi. So, i'm basically going to lay out the idea instead of giving an intro. Warframe Name: Wraith Wraith is the name of a kind of monster that haunts peoples nightmares,and stalks them when they are awake, instilling paranoia and fear. Stats (max rank, no mods): Hp: 650 Energy: 300 Armor: 200 Shields: 150 sprint: 1.2 Basic appearance (Will upload a concept sketch in a bit and will update it.): Has a general normal warframe-like appearance, but its right arm and shoulder are completely made of dark-grey infestation with a few of those red puss-sacks, and forearm has same short spines on it. The right side of its neck, across the torso (more heavily on the right side), as well as the upper right leg have patches of infestation on it as well. Its "Face" is mostly what looks like a flat white mask(not flat as in a plate for a face, but like a mask with no contours). Over the left eye area on that mask, is a grey metal plate with a glowing red vertical slit in its center over where the right eye would be. Abilities: 1. Seeking Pestilence- A salvo of spines eject from wraiths arm and auto-target enemies. They deal some kind of toxic related damage. (works a lot like shruiken from ash) |25 energy 2. Hunters Eye- Enemies within 22 meters show up on your mini-map. All enemies on your HUD are highlighted orange, and you can see highlighted enemies through walls up to 15 meters away. Critical damage and chance go up for you and nearby teammates while ability is active. |Time limited ability.| 30 energy 3. Mimic- For a period of time you can mimic the appearance of an enemy target (You can target the enemies through walls if you use this one with hunters eye). This will cause the enemies to ignore you as they think you are one of them. Cameras and grineer camera drones will also be tricked by mimic. Attacking will not disrupt or end the ability. Instead fighting while using mimic causes the enemy to become confused and attack friend and foe alike, until ability is ended. However, corpus security lasers, and grineer sensor bars will not only still hurt you, but will disrupt and end the ability, as will any status damage taken. A certain amount of basic physical damage taken will also end the ability prematurely. |Time limited ability| 50 energy maybe something to add to mimic. for twice the normal energy cost and for 3/5 the normal duration, you can mimic an allied warframe at its default max rank state and its abilities starting at max health, shield, and energy for the duration. Dying in this form returns you to normal form, immediately, but only with half the health you had when you began the mimic. In addition to the normal abilities that appear while mimicking a frame, an extra ability will appear allowing you to cancel the mimic, or change the mimic target, drawing from the mimicked frames energy reserves. When ability ends normally, you are returned to normal state. All stats are what they were from before you used mimic minus the energy used to cast mimic. 4. Pestilent Wrath- Will transform Wraiths Infested right arm into a powerful melee weapon that deals toxic based damaged with each hit while wraith emits a small poisonous aura cloud (2m radius) around him. Tapping the 4th ability button will cycle the weapon option (3 options) from sword, whip, and claw. His arm-sword will word like akin to normal swords, arm-whip akin to whip, and giant-ass claw will work like a sparring/brawler type melee weapon. Using a finisher with a pestilent wrath weapon, gives health steal comparable to damage dealt, and energy recharge. 5 energy to cast then continual drain. Passive: Area of affect for the sound of your gunfire is reduced. Crit Chance goes up by 5%. I have a lore description in mind, but i wont bore you with it. instead, please put in one of your own. Its probably gonna be better than mine. Please, tell me what you think, and if you want, please upload a concept sketch of your own, or give me better ideas for ability names and/or mechanics.