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  1. For the gunner positions, only one position is available at a time. When one of them is manned, the other turns into an exit.
  2. Realism... in gun designs? TENNO and OROKIN gun designs? The same guns made by egotistical, gold gilded, sadistic, space magic wielding demi-gods who have to have everything gilded in gold and so over-engineered that even the Germans wouldn't use so many parts just to lock open the chamber (the Mauser C96 used a system of levers and locks to lock open the bolt, at least 5 to 10 pieces. the colt 1911 used a hook, 1 piece). But i can understand it for grineer (to a degree) and corpus though. But rule of thumb for power fantasy, rule of cool, and realistic design takes a side seat.
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