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  1. Glad to see someone else not just ranting about the Profit-Taker fight just because they think it is too hard, not fun, or not rewarding (all subjective). As someone who frequently solos Profit-Taker and can complete it in 4 minutes on average, I'd say Profit-Taker currently stands as a boss with a low barrier of entry, but has a high requirement for solo completion. You really need to bring very hard-hitting weapons and plan out your weapon builds to cover as many damage types as possible to continue to damage the shields without waiting the 6 second grace period before switching the shield type. This is assuming you aren't just running max Chroma whose Vex Armor makes it much easier to finish in time and fight with not so strong weapons. I started with Gara for the survivability and was able to complete it in 10 minutes on average. When I moved to Chroma, that was when I created more specific builds to get the most damage I can while under Vex Armor. The Profit-Taker fight all comes down to skill and gear. The builds you use and your skills as a player to dodge enemies dictates whether the fight is impossible or the fight can be quickly farm-able. Regarding the additional mobs during the fight. I never had much trouble with them myself. I can understand the issues with mobs as the constant barrage of damage from all directions forces players to run with tankier frames to survive the fight. Other than that, as long as the player is smart about managing the alert beacons and the alert levels, it should not get that much worse than several lasers constantly flying in your direction. That is where the skill factor also comes into play: using terrain for cover, staying mobile to reduce damage taken, getting airborne to escape melee enemies that can cause stagger, and destroyed alert beacons quickly so the alert level does not rise high enough to spawn more dangerous enemies. Side note, Profit-Taker fight provides an actual tanky enemy to fight that is quickly accessible and meaningful. It can take a lot of damage and does not one-shot you (for the most part) in return whereas most enemies in the game you either one-shot or the ones you don't one-shot will most often one-shot you back.
  2. I would think for low disposition rivens, yeah it is a nerf since you can't triple stack some things, but for higher disposition rivens, if the stat boosts are high enough, the riven would be double what the mod counterpart does already. Say for crit, you have Point Strike +150% and riven +150%. The new riven stats could be +300%, effectively saving you that 1 mod slot where you had to use 2 mod slots (counterpart + riven) to achieve the same results.
  3. I'm suggesting a slight alternative to the current Riven stats system which allows you to stack stats even more. This may or may not be a buff/nerf, but you decide. Changes: The alternative is changing Rivens so they conflict with their mod counterparts (Serration, Split Chamber, Hellfire, etc.) and buff their stats so that the lowest disposition (0.5) will give stats slightly lower than their counterparts at max rank. As an example, a 0.5 disposition Riven with stats (+148.5% damage, +81% multishot, +81% heat) gets put into a build. Because it has damage, multishot, and heat, their counterparts (Serration, Split Chamber, Hellfire) cannot be put in the same build. Basically, the Riven is multiple mods occupying 1 mod slot. The stats rolling and generation remains the same. Benefits: Frees up mod slots and mod capacity. By taking the place of multiple mods, you have more room to put more mods that you want. If you want to continue stacking, you can add on Heavy Caliber for more damage since a Riven with +damage takes the place of Serration. If you want to use those unique mods like Hunters Munition or a weapon-specific mod, you now have room instead of trying to squeeze the standard build in (usually 5-6 mods), then trying to fit the Riven in that. Reasoning: By changing Rivens to conflict with their counterpart mods, it gives more room for players to add other mods that they otherwise wouldn't have room for such as unique mods that don't have riven stats like Hunters Munitions, Argon Scope, weapon-specific mod. The stats in the Changes section gives you an idea of how the damage increase will work with this alternative. The old system had fairly low stats at a low disposition to avoid stats stacking getting out of control. With the alternative, the lowest stats will be slightly less than their counterparts (~90% effectiveness) since they will conflict. Serration at +165% would be +148.5% on a Riven with 0.5 disposition. This would scale as normal the higher the disposition, so roughly +148.5% damage (0.5 disposition) to +414.2% damage (1.5 disposition). Leave your thoughts below. Like? Dislike? Shifts the meta?
  4. Good to know. I've tried Chroma power buff, but never went with Pyrana thinking I have to stand really close to get the full damage. I'll definitely try that next time.
  5. My approach uses operator and void dashes to get to the back room quickly. I always solo bounties so no lag nonsense. I also have all focus maxed out so your results may differ. Assume North is the direction you are facing when you walk through the front door. Steps: Fly straight to the front door via archwing (Optional) Kill the 1-2 enemies standing right outside the door Run north to the next room with the windows (the next room after the Nef Anyo entrance statue) Go into operator mode, run to the balcony with no windows and void dash down to the 1st floor, north through the double doors (opposite of the room), downstairs and more north through the doors opposite of the room again. At this point you'll be facing north at the vault door in the very back where you see the sentient hologram (if that is the objective). Turn to face south and go through the vent which will drop you down onto 2 paths. Take the path leading directly to a door with no turns in the vent (north). Now, both paths are open for which ever vault you get (I very rarely get the vault on the east side so I can't describe that). Very back vault: Continue through the door and activate the console attached to a weird spinning device (this disables lasers). Go around the device and through the vent. Now you are beneath the console in that orange glowing area. Sneak around in void mode to hack the 2F console and then hack the objective OR kill all guards and cameras. West vault: Face west after exiting the vent and wait outside the door. Go into void mode, go through the door, and void dash directly to the objective and hack it.
  6. I can hear people screaming NOOOOO either because they don't like archwing or they didn't bother playing it so they have no mods. Personally I'm fine with it. I invested the time into archwing and forma'd my equipment. No reason to exclude it just because not everyone plays it. Reward those that actually tried out all content and invest time into something they may not find fun at first. Bullet sponge enemies is absolutely not an excuse. Sortie Lephantis exists and that is a misery with the damage per shot gating.
  7. That's true. I recently learned how many "casual" players there are when the numbers were released for Destiny 1's population percentage that completed the raid. It's such a double-edge sword though. Add more options at a lower level and it becomes overwhelming having to pick from an extremely large pool. It also doesn't motivate players to progress since there is no incentive. On the other hand, spreading the options out, making them available through progression, makes the power progression more understandable, but as you say, can turn players away. DE really digged themselves into a hole by not making MR a standard early on. Players saw that as the norm and rejected anything that puts them at a disadvantage.
  8. Can confirm. I've seen several other topics about this also. The alternative to getting it to show up again is to go back to the planet you just deployed the extractor on. If you deploy the extractor and zoom out before seeing it, you have to go back to the planet and see the UI so it will show up on other planets. If you deploy it and stay on the planet long enough to see it deploy, then the problem won't show up.
  9. There is a noticeable delay switching from CHARGE to HELD firing mode after firing a charged shot. Please remove that delay. It is very unfriendly when you try to switch firing modes immediately after firing, but the game doesn't allow you to for whatever reason. There are so many times I killed myself because I hit the alt-fire key thinking it switched firing modes, but it didn't and I was still in CHARGE mode. I typically do one charge shot, then go back to beams and I have to stare at my HUD to make sure the firing mode changes before I start firing. If there is an after-fire delay on the charge shot, that is fine. Have it carry over so you can't fire at all until it lapses, but preventing you from switching firing modes because of that just doesn't make sense.
  10. Yeah. These variants of existing weapons are great. Instead of just increasing all stats to make a strong weapon stronger, they created an alternative. A change in style that isn't detrimental to those that missed it since it isn't a straight upgrade. I get the feeling DE doesn't want to make higher MR requirement weapons because of that vocal minority that is too lazy to work for it. When the Syndicate primaries came out with MR12 requirement, I saw so many people complaining. Yes some thing aren't fun, but sometimes you gotta do the boring things to get to the fun things.
  11. From playing with both weapons, Opticor Vandal is really a nice middle ground. The charge speed and fire rate make it pretty bearable to use without fire rate mod. Comparatively, using Ferrox immediately after Opticor Vandal feels like a misery without fire rate mods. That Ferrox 1.33 fire rate really makes re-firing it miserable. There is a noticeable difference between re-firing Opticor Vandal vs Ferrox. I don't use fire rate mod on Opticor Vandal, but it is a must-have for me for the Ferrox.
  12. 4-5 hours available to invest on weekdays. No limit on weekends. Typically 1-2 hours depending on what I want to do. Most of the time just sortie and turning stuff in for rep since I finished most things.
  13. Yeah. That was a surprise to me. Didn't think heist missions counted as bounties. Luckily I found out because I was farming Profit-Taker when the Nightwave reset so the notification popped up that I finished a bounty.
  14. I finished my 6 catches. It seems like only species counts. I was farming Charamote and Synathid (spawns in cave hotspots in warm weather) and they count as rare. I also fished up Scrubber and Mirewinder and those don't count.
  15. Please add an option to toggle the status effects using energy color. This is the actual status effect on enemies, not the effects when making contact. Having all status effects use the energy color removes information that is used to quickly identify what status is inflicted. Old effects system had distinct colors for each elemental status in addition to a distinct effect. Now, all the colors are the same and you only have the distinct effect to go off of. In the middle of combat, you'd have to really stare at an enemy to know what status they are afflicted with. Reading the name is also an option, but that is still slower.
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