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  1. Some QoL changes: Slingshot Reduce amount of effects while in slingshot cannon. It is hard to spot enemies through all the effects from the slingshot cannon itself and especially the ramming shield battle avionics if active. Add a zoom option to make targeting easier. This should also use the zoom sensitivity for better aiming. Animation speed Speed up animation for getting on a side turret. It would help side gunners take on multiple roles, getting on a side turret under normal circumstances and getting off quickly for repairs, clearing boarding parties, forging, or slingshotting. This is particularly annoying when you jump into a side turret, spot a crewship, then have to immediately get off to slingshot/exit. Speed up opening tactical menu. It feels a bit too slow, slow enough to make me not want to use it, especially for warping when I can just run to the part of the ship. Railjack armaments/components UI When hovering over items, either default the first tab to stats or have it remember which tab to look at when hovering over multiple items. When I'm comparing wreckage stats, it is annoying to have to tab over every time I hover over an item. Add a search bar or house filter for armaments and components to better sort wreckage. This already exists in avionics. Railjack turret UI Don't take away UI information while on turret. On particular thing is the Railjack health bar. Hard to tell while gunning whether to get off and repair. I think the only things shown are catastrophic failure and mission objectives. Railjack UI Would be nice to have a UI indicator that a boarding party is present on the Railjack. Having to watch for Cy's transmission is not reliable. Maybe a red diamond next to the Railjack health UI (the small one under the minimap) to indicate a boarding party is currently present. In-game information Railjack damage and status should be added to the codex. Would be good to get the information in-game regarding how each railjack damage performs against enemies and what each status type does. Additionally, have it notes somewhere that archgun damages are converted to railjack damage during Empyrean missions and what the damage type translation is so players can mod appropriately. Add turret name to UI when on Railjack turret so gunners know what gun they are using (minor benefit) Somehow present information to players in Veil Proxima so they know why ships have health regeneration and how to disable it. Currently, I've been powering through the regeneration, but I just recently learned from online what exactly is healing the ships.
  2. Slingshot into normal fighters (not crewships) will make to archwing with ground weapons instead of archgun. Have not tested it extensively, but it may also happen if you hit an asteroid on-route to a crewship. It definitely is not an issue slingshotting successfully into a crewship.
  3. QoL changes: Intrinsic rank text should be clearer and made consistent across all parts of Railjack. Using the same keyword in multiple places (intrinsic, avionics, components, armaments, and UI prompts) would make it easier to understand what affects what. I had trouble figuring out what the forward artillery cannon was and what ammo it uses since they had slight differences. Suggestion for maxed intrinsic: In a couple months, once we maxed our all 4-5 intrinsic trees, we'll likely have leftover intrinsic points that won't be useful anywhere. I would suggest minor ranks to each tree. After maxing (10 ranks) a tree, you are able to put more points into it for these minor ranks that provide minor stat bonuses. These stats could be something like +1% turret damage, +1% turret heat capacity, -1% heat recharge delay for the gunnery tree (maybe 200 intrinsic per rank). This will still allow you to focus on a tree after maxing everything else out. The major/minor ranks would be something like 10+5 (rank 10 gunnery + 5 minor ranks). If future intrinsic ranks are ever added, you would be forced to rank up the major rank first before being able to rank up the minor rank again, but you would still retain the minor rank bonuses.
  4. From what I heard from Steve on Twitch, there is a "Get Logs" button on the warframe launcher. On the launcher window, in the upper-right, there is a little gear icon. Click on that and there is a button near the middle bottom labeled "Get Logs" in the "Diagnostics" grouping.
  5. Here is some positive feedback for the "nerfs" to many previously meta mods. I'm all about build diversity, having less mandatory mods. Condition Overload - Stacking with Pressure Point instead of multiplying makes Pressure Point less of a mandatory mod which helps build diversity. Stacking both mods is less desirable since the extra Pressure Point is equivalent to 1 more status effect. Reach/Primed Reach/Spring-Loaded Blade - The additive range is a much better fit for all weapon types (although with the range buff for all weapons, I use this mod less). Spring-Loaded Blade is so much more useful now. Blood Rush - High enough to actually crit for somewhat low crit weapons at max combo, but low enough to not be a mandatory mod, especially if you can't build the combo high enough. Maiming Strike - Less broken, but still tied to slide attacks which is too niche now that wide sweeping attacks are more accessible with the technique changes.
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