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  1. I believe this is the right decision. There will obviously be several players that will whine about not being able to use it for Conclave. Don't let them sway your decision making DE. Full disclosure I have some Conclave cosmetics/mods because I played it for several hundred hours long after it was first introduced so my opinion may be biased. It was not fun 70% of the time, but I kept playing for the rewards and it was something to do. Conclave-only rewards are ALL cosmetics. It is a self-feeding system that has no ties to PvE. None of it is necessary for the main game. If you could progress Conclave rank outside of Conclave, then the game mode will be even more dead. The few players that play it either enjoy the game mode, want the cosmetic rewards, or somewhere inbetween. Removing the motivation for cosmetics with Universal Medallion will make players have even less reason to play Conclave. That will ruin any future plans to improve Conclave since why try to make it better when you can rank up by not playing it.
  2. Really enjoy the new game mode. Objective is very refreshingly different from most missions of murder everything in sight to progress. Very happy they did not stick with the original mobile defense style mechanic that they showed on stream. Having the objective be certain enemies (amalgams) and priority targets (demolysts) may finally make CC frames relevant. Since "kill everything" is no longer strictly better than CC, CC frames could see more use in this game mode. Overall, I enjoy disruption game mode.
  3. First and foremost it is an archgun so you can use it in Archwing missions. Archgun Deployer is a bonus you earn.
  4. I'm completely fine with the current system, but here are some suggestions to appease some player's complaining about challenges. This is an attempt to maintain the "difficulty" and "challenge" while giving those that can't complete everything a little more than the current system. Partial Credit - Divide some acts into 4 segments where the reputation earned is divided among the segments. For example, the 60 minute survival act gives 5000 rep when complete. Divide it into 4 segments, so achieving 15/30/45/60 minute survival will give 1250/1250/1250/1250 rep. If you can only achieve 30 minutes, you get 2500 rep. If you improve from 30 minutes to 45 minutes, you get 1250 rep because you already earned 2500 rep for 30 minutes before. Wolf Cred every tier - Every tier gives you some Wolf Cred. WoS6 gives 6x 50 Wolf Cred bundle for a total of 300 for completing 24/30 tiers. Change it so every tier gives you the current reward and 5 Wolf Cred. Then reduce all 50 Wolf Cred bundle down to 25 so you will still get 300 after 30 tiers. If players are going for the Cred Offerings, this makes every tier count and gives Wolf Cred sooner for players that really want an Aura or Nitain. Cred Offering filler - Minimum Cred Offering is 15 Cred for 5x Nitain. There is a possibility at the end of the Nightwave, you have 10 Cred leftover that goes to waste if you didn't pre-plan your purchases. I suggest add an offering that costs 5 Wolf Cred (since all costs are divisible by 5). That way, you can spend your leftovers. An option would be to change 5x Nitain for 15 Wolf Cred to 2x Nitain for 5 Wolf Cred (6x Nitain for 15 Wolf Cred). Failure notification - For specific challenges with failure conditions like the 60 minute survival without using capsule, when running an eligible mission, display a failure notification when you can no longer complete the challenge in your current mission. If you are 32 minutes in and someone uses a capsule, display a notification saying you failed the challenge so you don't have to wait until the end to find out you could not complete it. This should save some time.
  5. Any news on the fix for clicking the Nightwave in solo missions unpausing the game? It is really annoying to have to find a guaranteed safe place to check your Nightwave goals/progress without wondering whether you are getting shot/mauled to death.
  6. Please change the Magus Lockdown mine to something a bit more appealing. Personally, I find the mine hideous and bulky. They look like the shrapnel mines in the Kuva Fortress. Too Grineer-like and not Tenno or Corpus-like (Fortuna arcane). I would much prefer Sapping Osprey mine or the Isolator Bursa mines. They are small and more aesthetically pleasing.
  7. As a solo player, not exactly happy about this, but I can understand why it was make and I'll have to see how well I can perform after the changes. That aside, this is not a good way of changing enemies to be "tankier". Please try to make aspects of the game more consistent instead of adding these hidden exceptions here and there. Most players won't know about these exceptions unless they read the patch notes or looked it up on the wiki or a video. If everything is more consistent, the game will be easier to understand. Some players will build weapons for corrosive or use Shattering Impact and wonder why the armor is never reduced. An better solution instead of making it immune to Shattering Impact is to remove its "irremovable" armor and increase its health to match its previous effective health pool with the armor. That way, players won't be scratching their heads wondering why they can't remove that armor. There is the matter of weakness since Robotic doesn't perform the same as Robotic + Alloy Armor, but that can be solved with some EHP tweaking. Instead of continuing down this "exception-based" rabbit-hole, these new solutions should be made without deviating too far from what you can expect in the game. EDIT: My impressions of the fight after this fix. Not bad. It still felt like it took the same time. I solo'd it in 10 minutes (based on mission time). The armor only dampens your attacks with your arch-gun since armor does not apply to shields and you can only damage its non-shield with your arch-gun. Taking down the shields solo still took a vast majority of my time. I have a 3 forma'd Imperator Vandal with maxed archwing mod prior to this update so it did not really reduce my effectiveness. This change will really only impact those that have not invested the time and forma into building/fully modding their archwing weapons. I STILL stand by my suggestion of making the game more consistent instead of creating these hidden exceptions.
  8. Really appreciate the skipping cutscene. It is a first step. Can next step be making dialogue context appropriate instead of forcibly playing all dialogue sequentially? If I am fast enough, the dialogue will lag behind and I am forced to wait until all the dialogue is finish before I can perform certain actions. An example is Profit-taker - Phase 2 where, if I'm fast enough, I can make it back into Fortuna before they Profit-Taker gets to play any dialogue. Because of this, I'm forced to wait until all the dialogue is finished before I can talk to any NPC.
  9. I learn something new everyday 😃. Did not know about the smell and wind mechanic. That would explain how they are sometimes already alerted before they see me. That will definitely hinder the ability for a perfect capture.
  10. Is wind direction the proper term for saying which direction the animal will spawn? If so, it is VERY consistent in my experience and I do a lot of conservation. You can identify in which direction they spawn by their reply calls. It is very accurate at pointing you in the direction where they spawn.
  11. It is meant to be incremental. It has already been 5-6 weeks since Fortuna has dropped. Old Mate requires 240,000 standing minimum just to get those rank ups. In 5 weeks, you can be MR6 and still get to Old Mate by now, if you played every day and maxed your standing every day (not hard, especially with those bonds that you can just stack up and turn in when you can't play for long on that day). Basically, they want you to experience all the content they provide instead of jumping straight to the end. Imagine playing any MMO and being able to jump straight to end-game while skipping all the content they worked hard on.
  12. Makes sense. It was making Conservation way too trivial and I pretty much never pulled out my tranq rifle again, but please polish the spawning logic. Sometimes they will spawn instantly after their reply howl ends, giving us very little time to hide and wait. Also, while doing conservation, can our companions be more logical and sit or wait or hide, something that doesn't foil our chance at a 'Perfect Capture' due to imperfect AI?
  13. Makes sense. It was making Conservation way too trivial and I pretty much never pulled out my tranq rifle again, but please polish the spawning logic. Sometimes they will spawn instantly after their reply howl ends, giving us very little time to hide and wait. Also, while doing conservation, can our companions be more logical and sit or wait or hide, something that doesn't foil our chance at a 'Perfect Capture' due to imperfect AI?
  14. Some transparency on weapon usage would go a long way to explaining why certain values went up/down. A lot of comments are complaining about the values changes because they can't see all the data. They can only see the data they know (themselves and the players they interacted with in-game). You might think a weapon is very underused, but in reality, a decent amount of people may be using it. Providing us with a chart of weapon usage would answer a lot of our questions.
  15. I wonder how riven disposition based on weapon master rank requirement will look like. Almost all weapons have a mastery rank requirement which DE has calculated based on the weapon stats in their formula. Higher MR requirement should indicate a stronger weapon if their formula works as intended. Because rivens were designed to buff up weaker weapons, low MR requirement would indicate weak weapons. Low MR required weapons would get high disposition (high stats) and high MR required weapons would get low disposition. In theory, this should mostly level the playing field in terms of power. Of course, there are special weapons like login weapons which need to be treated separately due to their unique acquisition. Basing disposition on MR requirement would also factor in weapon variants (Prime/Prisma/Wraith/Vandal) because they can have different MR requirement than their original counterpart. DE definitely dropped the ball on the rivens when they used static numbers and didn't update it frequently. People got too used to their powerhouse weapons that they forgot rivens were designed to fluctuate in power. They either need to update more frequently or implement a system that can stay up-to-date on the fly without manual intervention.
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