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  1. I see your point lol it was late when I answered this LoL. True the DE's have the controls on what to put in but it wouldn't hurt to theorize and imagine how it could work.
  2. Even so the little operators have tooken a lot of more hits and a lot of more damage when you pop out of your Warframe I think them learning how to do martial arts would be interesting to see and to get the chance to play I mean wouldn't you think it would be pretty interesting to both use martial arts and void Powers at the same time? And to answer those two Railjack would be pretty amazing if it had that function of martial arts training with the void Powers being trained by Tesshin along with the paradox when you're an adult and you lost your void Powers you would still fall back on martial arts plus having the horses would be AWESOME to have for a vehicle or a mount
  3. I like the sound of that it's pretty interesting pretty cool. Be kind of interesting to see it all five schools to have a void style martial arts type of bending of void energy
  4. I was thinking the same thing it would bring a new outlook and a new take on the game play when you play as your operator. Some of the amps should look like weapons like a Bo staff, katanas or maybe something to do with fists but the combos are exactly spot on to what you just said plus being able to still use the void energy as well along with the powers I would love to see this happen The more I think about it which five focus schools are close to today's martial arts?.
  5. even though the tenno AKA The operators have void Powers has anyone ever thought about martial arts with the different schools like with the different focus schools should have different martial arts
  6. who would we have to message to get our clan Emblems approved? there must be Someone
  7. any chance for more interactions with pets and compaions? and maybe some new interactions with the Orbiter or with Ordis like a cube flying around in the Orbiter?
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