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  1. It was probably just a bug. As for the best way to do the challenge, Naramon + Excalibur with Surging Dash, the Augment for his first ability and you can have a x3 combo in one minute.
  2. Well, at least now you know how DE feels and why they beryl bother with players feedback
  3. Ultimately, I'm not a Valkyr user. So I really don't care what happens. But, considering Valkyr main are the ones always complaining how melee 2.99 ruin Hysteria, I would said a possible fix would be to make Hysteria lock the use of other weapons and the augment mod make it so you can use Hysteria whit melee 2.99 or vice versa. As for Valkyr main, stop pretending melee 2.99 affected other frames negative other than Valkyr. I appreciate the attempt, but there is no augment saving that ability. Just do a rework for the ability. Oppose to popular opinion I thin Iron Charge and Iron Shrapnel are fine as augments mods. You ether use Iron Charge to make Iron Skin super strong or a strength mod that doesn't make I.S. as good but affect Roar too. Iron Shrapnel is not just a QoL augment it makes Iron Skin a million time more safe to use and also let you have a S#&$ty Iron Skin until you have all the buff you want to recast it too. But this mode IS just a QoL an nothing more, you can now give roar to that allied that wasn't close enough, that it... There is no room for this mod. So just add the recast to the ability or don't, but this mod is meh.
  4. The Wiki says this: Cryotra : So maybe that is the reason of the visual bug.
  5. I call it! At least now they are done whit the Kavat and Kubrow cosmetics, we have glyph, Emblems, Posters!! So they HAVE to do something different for the next time... I hope.
  6. I start playing way before the sacrifice. Yet is the first time I ever hear about the tea, now that you can buy the Shawzin in the market and people are saying they would prefer that over the tea, as a reward from the quest. Like Inaros mummy jar. No idea how I miss it! It looks cool, so it sucks that we miss it. But would be cool to see it come back even if it is for plat.
  7. So you don't have faith that DE can do it right so don't even try. Pretty good philosophy to have in life! A good option is to make mod don't take capacity in the Simulacrum (have 0 idea is this is even possible whit the way the game works) so you can try any build you want and even if there is a glitch the moment it gets fix you would have to make that build the proper way. I would also love to have all the weapon available, Matrix style, in the simulacrum. To try them out
  8. Didn't know it had self damage, that sucks. Was willing to give it a chances for Bow Sorties, guess Exalted Blade is going to keep being my bow for those then.
  9. If I make a post talking about the Tigris Prime or the Hek do you need me to clarify I'm talking about a shotgun? You are the only one that didn't understood. But sure, blame the OP. Until they make another 2H nikana it is a shame this skin can only be use in a weapon I don't care about. But probably the reason why it's just a skin is that if it were a weapon people would comply for being lock behind nightwave.
  10. Wait, did they change the drop rate or something??? That would explain why I was getting so many Aura BP, either that or I have super good RNG whit thing I don't care about (If only they were Exilus Forma 🤩) I don't mind the Resurgence Drones If give a second chances if someone mess up, just wish they were mark on the map or you have the option to say F this and drop them if you don't want the debuff. My big problem with Arb if the double round rule no matter the game mod, it is super stupid and make it so you only play Excavation or Interception unless you want to waste time. It should be change per mission type. Do 7 rounds of Defense instead of 5 or what not.
  11. You want the frame that need 8 part to be made, be lock by Vay Hek Are you insane!!??
  12. rodzzila

    Macro use

    In a game where you fight thousands on enemies you bet your ass I'm going to use a macro in things like Exalted Blade an the like. You can delete Maiming Strike for the game and it would beryl change a thing. Polearms and especially Whips have garbage stances but amazing range, so with or whit out MS people are going to spam the super consistent 360 attack whit lot of range that can kill everything in 95% of the game content. I have no idea how you can take out the spin attack and make melee compete with things like the Ignis, but I hope they do. I'm still going to use melee because is fun for me but all the spin 2 win people are going to spam the next thing.
  13. Ok, as long as he bring something good this time around and no other iteration of the kavat and kubrow cosmetic as the "new" stuff I'm cool with this.
  14. Pretty sure he just want the code to see if he can get it haha. What extra help can you give knowing the exact promo code?
  15. Did you really try to name your Kitgun that!!??? You degenerate psycho!
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