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  1. I think the best way to improve the system is to make the Helminth get used to the ability. So every time you put an ability in a frame the next time is going to be cheaper to do so. That way you would only pay a lot when you subsume a frame and the first time you use an ability. That way you can experiment a lot more and you can't "farm" the Helminth rank putting and taking out the same ability over and over again (not that there's really a point for doing so...).
  2. Meh, the real point of the vault is to get the weapon parts. The mods are a nice souvenir if you get lucky. But the Necramech doesn't really need them, not the rare ones at least. This is the first and only Necramech content for now, eventually we are going to get more content and a chance to fight way more Necramech probably and the mods are going to be easier to get. There is not point in burning yourself out trying to get those mods now
  3. Yes, this should have been added ages ago. The lack of customization the keybinds have is really bad. The best solution for now is to make a macro or bind melee attack to the scroll whee.
  4. The animals are the ones hard to see, not their S#&$ 😆
  5. I don't mind the Token system, actually think is a good idea. But it needs a way to change family member tokens. I think a circle where you can use one family member token to buy the ones from the next member on the right with inflation is a good way to do it. (E.g: Use 20 Mother tokens to buy 10 Father tokens > Father buys Daughter tokens > Daughter buys Son tokens). That way you can do it way faster if you do the specific member task but you can brute force it by just playing bounties if you want to.
  6. Remove or at least reduce knockdowns form K-Drives. If you use some speed mods you go flying for 10 seconds every time you hit a pebble on the road. It was a pain on the other open worlds, but it is unusable on Heart of Deimos
  7. Mehh, it's just a game and they are finally giving a use to that room. But if you want to take it serious. Your Tenno is a delusional psychopath that calls the Corpus cowards that hide behind machines, while killing hundreds of crewman with a Warframe. Still says he is "consigning his pet to the care of the Lotus" when you get ride of them. Sell your frame to who knows who when you want to free a frame slot. So why wouldn't you do this too?
  8. Frames having their level 30 stats. Is a pain to lose all your abilities every time you forma a frame. This should be a change to all the MR levels tho.
  9. Use Naramon instead of Zenurik, with enough efficiency energy shouldn't be a problem and even if you have energy problem you are not going to lose your combo. Having a combo duration mod also can help a lot, Swift Momentum is pretty good for that.
  10. This must be the work of an Tencent Stand user!
  11. YES! Thank you guys! We all know that nobody was using them because of how hard they were to get, that was the reason! Can wait to use one on my totally no trash Xoris!
  12. Don't care at all for Inaros really. But at least the weapons are good, right guys?
  13. You really didn't see this as the first interaction 99% of the player base would try? I thought that WAS the whole point of the weapon. So when are you going to do something about normal melee weapons invalidating every other weapon in the game? Especially the Exalted melee weapons, you know, the melee that consume energy with the trade off of being weaker than normal melee ? You want to remove the interaction and throw this weapon to the trash? Fine. But at least fix Exalted melee weapons stats and interaction withe Gladiator set bonus first. Because Khora Whipclaw (the ability i
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