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  1. for dev consideration, a mini-rework (TL;DR 4 = turrets (speakers), 3 directional, 2 less limited, 1 radial) everyone was asking for Vauban rework to feature turrets (sentry turrets / stationary automated weapon etc) or exalted sentinel before the reveal of his orbital cannon and combined vortex/bastille and DE explaning they did not want the game to play itself etc etc this lead to me to think of redudant state of banshees soundquake (and outdated kit overall) [side note i still play banshee and enjoy her outdate kit subjectively] 4th skill (turrets) taking into the account the path her deluxe skin took, deviating from the spectre wraith of the mythological banshee to a headphone wearing audiophile, thematically soundquake could become the placement of turret like sonic weapon emplacements that gets AMPlified from the energy output of banshee and her surrounding allies - the more energy being used via abilities scales the damage of the turret = passive play results in minimal damage and use while active team play significantly enhances their power, could adapt silence animation to generate sonic speaker turret placement, energy turnover in banshees affinity range is the trigger, strong scaling to an upper limit plus cooldown (to a level of what would be natural gameplay but not over affected by unnatural spamming) 3rd skill (silence) cast animation is now sonic booms old one, no longer 360 but now deletes all acoutisc activity in a 45deg cone LoS outward from Banshees facing direction - the stun now refreshes in the direction u are looking for the entire duration, u have to face about in order to fresh, can fresh on every animation cycle but not stack before its complete, enemies affected by silence have reduced coordination and suffer an accuracy debuff 2nd skill (sonar) minimal changes, if at all, but the nature of sonar and echo location defies the restrictions of nullifiers and boss/unit immunity if possible (basically needs enhanced reliability) 1st skill (sonic boom) no longer directional, now a 360deg omnidirectional blast, can use a sped up animation from legacy soundquake with sonic boom effects outwards (enhances usefulness to clear areas and armor strip from aug) this reshuffle and recycle has ease of implementation vs positive integration in mind while enhancing thematics banshees silent passive completely redudant since she never worked as intended as a stealth frame and ivara octavia now exist, replace with Harmonic Resonance passive basically an innate Adaptation - Banshee adjusts her defences to match the frequency of damage inflicted providing scaling resistance thank you for your time
  2. +1 Exalted Sentinel and a page from Equinox with a dual modes fortress mode engineering (denial CC, aggro + mitigation) attack trap tactician (damage amp CC)
  3. yes u dont need rivens but they let u tinker with weapons you would never normally use relying on rivens for your player experience is dark hole because once u set that new benchmark you will never be happy with the standard with chasing rivens you're trying to overperform but disposition changes will see you underdeliver when its better to underdeliver by avoiding that trap and be surprised by the overperformance when gained organically
  4. "Mad Scientist Homebrew Blacksmith Scrapyard wizard" Purpose: A way for players to dismantle and breakdown items into components, items that are redundant to further invest in new content while providing further resource sinks. Example: Specialist mechanic with experience in Orokin Tech, for a fee will attempt to decontruct and salvage weapons, warframes, sentinel & sentinel weapons, arch-equipment. No amps or Operator equipment. (Could be at Fortuna, or a unique world location) Players pay a fee for "an attempt" - as in roll for a chance to salvage resources - Percentage % chance based. Fee is credits and possibly an appropriate resource. Crafting resources have their own roll, the lower technology the item (grineer tech<tenno tech/corpus tech<infested tech) the higher chance. Prime and Dax (or similar weapons) are exempt and yield no return. Catalyst/Reactor & Forma - each have their own % chance to yield a return, the more forma on an item the higher the chance of a forma successfully extracted but Prime weapons and warframes have innate lower chances of success. Cost perhaps scales on the tech level/MR req of the item.. To offset it is possible to pay the vendor for the service but receive nothing in return, albeit a very small/rare chance of occuring. (ie 0.2%)
  5. Harmonic Shield Modulation (self channelling shield defence ult at the cost of no damage or CC from ult) Banshee focuses and channels her Sound Quake ultrasonic reverberations inwards, no longer able to inflict outward damage in order to enhance her shields protective barrier and constantly remodulating her shield frequencies to best resist enemy fire. [Drains 1 point of energy per second when active. 3 Energy per adaption. Affected by Ability Efficiency, and the minimum and maximum energy drain are affected by Ability Efficiency and Ability Duration] Shield can not be bypassed by any damage types while skill is active. 25% base resistance to all Elemental damage. Shield recharge rate amplified to x3.0. Passive (while activated only) Innate Adaption - stacks up to 90% resistance of last damage type received from 10% for 30secs. Refresh instantly when new damage type exceeds previous highest. Affected by Duration. 15% chance whenever the player receives damage to regenerate Shields at +120 shield/sec for 20secs with corresponding additional energy drain at 10 energy per activation. 10% chance to instantly restore all shields at 5 energy per activation. Cannot Stack. Affected by Efficiency, Powerstrength, and Duration.
  6. this sounds pretty awesome tbh lol and very thematic too like u said as a ghost/wraith
  7. in the current environment most frames esp the newer generation or reworked ones all have some sort of damage reduction or mitigation banshee is a glaring exception to this propose an acoustically themed damage mitigation or deflection be reworked or added to her kit eg; sonar also disrupting enemy accuracy while active or harmonic deflection of damage (on banshee only) or even a augment
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