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  1. Leopardi wrote mostly moral essays, parables, fables, and dialogues – painting life as a joke of the gods – a darkly comic view of world and its inhabitants. He argues we can accept the limits of analytic reason and knit it together with the synthesizing power of imagination to create aesthetic experience of truth that consists of a creative and fictional activity that brings about a poetical sacrifice of nature & of memory. At first it seems his pessimistic leanings are to depress the reader but instead he as the unique gift to edify the reader about the human condition and to f
  2. daggers should have the highest Critical Chance of all melee weapons not the highest critical DAMAGE or base damage, thats the realm of a huge powerful melee, but definately the highest chance speed, multi strike, critical deadly attacks on weak points, thats the dagger theme if covert stealth kills/finishers are removed when using a dagger you speciffically target the most vunerable part of an opponent on the body or thru their armor etc OR (and its prob too much work) imagine if u can equip daggers and another melee the dagger is actually paired with any singl
  3. people keep comparing sniper usage with other games that feature normal human beings warframes are beyond superhuman - they have god level level dexterity, coordination, & agility the weapons themselves fire true and if anything is going to be able to send a round downrange from the hip with perfect accuracy its going to be a warframe its pretty much breaking lore and immersion by applying real world inferior human limitations to firearm handling by a tenno in warframe hands thats not even mentioning how its not conducive with the pace of gameplay, how there is n
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