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  1. being able to make a custom specter would be awesome, like a kuva lich version of warframes

    i know inheriting weapon mods would still be too OP for specters but customizing the skills to suit individual needs/playstyle support would go a long way

    customizing appearance would be next level - specter fashion frame !

  2. On 2020-07-29 at 1:39 AM, TrouNoir said:

    I'm not going to come here and say I'll stop playing Warframe if Tencent buys Leyou. I have 6000 hours in Warframe, I've been playing for nearly 7 years, it's a huge part of my life.

    If Tencent gains control over Warframe, that will be the last time I buy anything, however. Right now I buy Prime Access regularly, I sometimes buy Platinum, I buy Tennogen very frequently, I've bought every one of those weird packs on Steam that come with cosmetics, I've bought every Tennocon Digital Ticket. I won't be able to spend any more money in Warframe if there's a chance that even a portion of it will be going to Tencent. Tencent is an arm of the Chinese Communist Party, a genocidal, authoritarian regime that oppresses hundreds of millions of people and is working actively to undermine the interests of most of the countries we live in. As we speak Xi Jinping is running literal concentration camps for ethnic and religious minorities in China, and that is what you will be helping to fund if you support nationalized Chinese companies like Tencent. 

    damn 6000 hours is alot..

    i guess we can just be thankful for the time we did have 7 years is a pretty good run as far online games go

  3. 8 hours ago, GreyDeath789 said:

    Apparently "Dynamic Lighting" is the in game setting for Warframe to use "adaptive exposure"...

    I get your point...many gaming companies make the same mistake when it comes to visual effects and "playing" with advanced features/technology. The two most common that DE has fallen into as well are bloom lighting and volumetric lighting.

    This "adaptive exposure" I don't experience because I don't enjoy DE's fascination with graphics that makes the game 'look better' by abusing these technologies so I disable most of these 'toy' graphics features. As others have said...a game with 'okay' graphics but plays well and is interesting is much better than a game with 'stunning' visuals that is boring and buggy. Luckily, most of the time Warframe has pretty good visuals and the movements in the game are useful so it just takes a few minutes of disabling the unnecessary graphics items to make the game playable IMO. As for the buggy and boring...that is player-dependent on whether Warframe fits those topics.

    I suggest you disable a bunch of these toys DE is throwing at us...the game still looks good and there is no need for the unrealistic impacts to the visuals.

    When bloom lighting was highlighted in PoE I knew it meant the players would have to suffer from blindingly unrealistic glare because it is a toy to abuse...

    Then there is volumetric lighting where players can commonly see those amazingly sharp edges of light coming through a window, etc...which I have never seen in real life...because light doesn't work the way games present it...but again...'toys' for the developers.

    Having a top end GPU but disabling most of the poorly implemented graphics technologies in games is always disappointing but now expected until developers learn to stop overusing them.

    I have been watching CohnCarnage recently and he is playing EverQuest on a new server...the graphics are 'old' but the game is entertaining for him...so a 20+ year old game with "old" graphics is playable...because of the game not because of the "cutting edge" graphics...there may be a lesson in this for game developers everywhere...

    hm this is exactly the same in the movie and music industry

    eg. director j.j.abrams has a massive hardon for bloom, the star trek movies have bright spotlight blooms randomly everywhere its, every character in the films should be blind with eye cancer, -different medium same mistake: overreliance on unrealistic effects to artificially enhance something just for the sake of it

    just make something with pure gold, instead of coating cheap wood with gold-leaf, and hyper polishing to convince the viewer it is pure gold

  4. 4 hours ago, homerowpluto said:

    Adding to this, you also need a monitor that supports HDR which mine doesn't. Doesn't seem very fair that I would need to buy an entirely new monitor just for this change.

    With that being said, I found turning up the effects intensity a valid solution and haven't experienced any other color related things that are too game breaking so far besides the color washout that others have experienced when turning up brightness.

    ikr.. forcing everyone to go out and buy new HDR monitors during a global pandemic for a f2p game while economies and job markets crashing worldwide

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  5. just some more random 2cents - ive mained banshee since 2013, still use her to this day - still enjoy her full kit except i guess soundquake

    lots of different builds for different styles, she can easily use 3 augments at once, her 1 2 3 are extremely useful although the aug for silence could do with improvement (increase other dmg sources or make other dmg types count as finisher type dmg like bleeds)

    soundquake has gone from op to garbage to op to ok for low level derping over the years but we cant really expect all 4 skills of a frame to be top meta good, its better sometimes the most expensive ability to cast is the worst for higher level content

    ive always liked how clean and simple she is to play, everything is direct & its completely up to you to get the most out of it

    i wouldnt mind if she had some tweaks or changes but id be very afraid of BAD CHANGES that ruin her

    recent additions have made her better in terms of survivability and ease of use come to think of it, shes in her best place that she is ever been in (nuke map quake spam was a disgrace that should be memory holed)

  6. there is definitely potential for a button hold for different effect, like vauban and his new bastille/hold for vortex

    perhaps tap could be general spread out free fire shadows and hold will have the shadows form up into a phalanx and focus attack onto whatever you're attacking etc

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  7. Blast - unlike a conventional condensed explosive a thermobaric BLAST will generate an overpressure wave in the surrounding air causing many internal  injuries to organic targets; ruptured lungs and internal organs,including burst eardrums and crushed inner ear organs, severe concussions, and blindness, yet minimal damage to brain tissue so victims are not rendered unconscious by the blast but instead suffer for several seconds or minutes while they suffocate in pain to death

    • there is literally no reason to use blast for a long time, the cc effect was irrelevant
    • with the removal of toxin procs from gas (for shield changes sake) has a left a gap in the elemental line up for the "combined elemental special proc effect" for build options/gameplay variety
    • new changes did not alter build limitions much, its still pretty set as before since gas is gone and now its status/status hybrid instead of crit as a potential option
    • blast would be a good canidate, the best canidate even, to full the "elemental hole" indirectly helping primary weapons compete, and most importantly more thematic
  8. new passive using sound theme

    Harmonic Shield Modulation (frequency settings of shield emitters)

    basically a shield gate (an instance of damage cannot exceed banshees shield in one instance) and denial of all shield bypass effects (toxin,slash) etc


    her 1 is radial, slamdown vertical from above, lockdown for enemies that are rag immune

    her 3 has adjustable bandwidth range and pulse (like ivaras arrows, vauban mines) u can cycle on the fly the range and freq of silence stun

    her 4 could become channeled turrets (speaker turret enplacements or a void wraith sentries), damage output increases as nearby teammates power usage increases (aka turrets fueled by active team play)

  9. im really digging the Static concept for silence, especially so because there is huge diffence how a narrowminded silence and ranged silence banshee plays and this could potentially combine those playstyles

    Frequency is definately interesting as passive too

    both building on her theme, which is important (her current themes are conflicted between mythological and audio, with her internal and original development name being Decree [order with force of law])

    as an aside Harmonic Modulation is a good theme in terms of frequency/waves, alot of scifi references to shield harmonic modulation which would equal resistance to damage by adaptation and stopping toxin, slash ability to bypass shield

  10. been toying with the idea that warframes flagged as "caster" types are provided with something extra, like an extra slot with double drain or a innate quick thinking effect or health gate that offsets their precious energy for a "second chance" when hit by inavoidable burst dmg or lagged dmg its just too easy to get destoyed by things completely outside the control of the player

    its the burst overdamage combined with p2p hosting or game bugs, the low hp & no mitigation doesnt stand a chance once at any real level

    even just a 1 second shield or health gate for warframes with no survivability or mitigation skills would suffice

  11. unfortunately the op resonating quake gave banshee a bad name, she went from a skillframe to mindless noob spam, 175% eff with 280% range would lock out the map at 150M+ range for 4 minutes

    back in 2013, ontop of having strong base damage Sound Quake would do double damage when she wasnt the host ! this 4th ability has a undulating and somtimes sordid history

    the problem was always damage, static spammy damage, which was then always removed making it slow down entire maps if ppl insisted on using it, but if u have sonar it does not seem balanced to have the premier damage ult

    the only solution is to move away from damage and CC for soundquake to something unique that no other frame can provide but fits the theme of sound/acoustics (survivability, status infliction/armor reduction, "speaker sentry turret", wailing wraith team buff/enemy debuff)

  12. a simple change would be instead of ejecting set bubbles, u hold the alt fire to expand the bubble outward, when u release the key that is the exact location and becomes active

    short hold is a round sphere, with the longer you hold the more it becomes horizontally ellipse

    so its like your projecting a infested volt shield with control in front the weapon with precision, no more derp floating bubbles

    the bubble duration also needs decent increase to provide utility

    and reload speed buff

  13. interesting take on the whole bat theme, echolocation with sonar and all

    to me she is a wraith, a specter, a wailing harpy like her mythological ethos implies

    its always nice to see input on banshee since she was revealed to be the least played frame that time from the stats release and was only popular when people could mindlessly spam her alt then got dumped when that was nerfed

    my suggestion was for silence to become directional and sonic boom have a radius, silence can then refresh its stun with each directional change but with cooldown

    there are many clever things that could be done with her ult

  14. thrown (and shooting) melee is dead now BUT the glaive prime works very well as an actual fast attack melee now

    could still CO with secondary and direct attack to strong effect but ofc then u are danger close which defeats the purpose

    u can safely drop primed pressure point on many builds if know how to make the most of CO already, on average u can now free up 1-3 weapon slots on melees now (preach, brush, memeS, PPP are often redundant on oldie builds)

    just forget about anything thrown, firing, or ranged now - in exchange some of the other melee class do excellent direct damage

  15. Quote
    1. Covert Lethality - Is being removed from Dagger Weapons and is now being applied to a new system that is shipping alongside Melee Rework: Phase 2 (hint: Parazon).
    2. Covert Lethality - is remaining as a Dagger Mod for now with +16 Initial Combo and 100% Finisher damage, pending later review. (Note: This has changed from what was laid out in the recent Dev Workshop) )

    so the original intention was to remove this functionality from just daggers and give it to all warframes

    Savage Silence still causes enemies to be open for Standing Finishers with melee weapons (but from a different key now making it less fluid) and with no melee equipped u can see the Parazon do a quick simple low damage stab


    wanted to suggest perhaps enemies under the effect of Savage Silence (the inital crowd control stun) have a higher chance of being triggered for Mercy Kills

    and/or some CL functionality is returned via that simple quick parazon stab

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