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  1. PC player here. This was a problem from the moment the railjack overhaul was put out for us and it is the exact same problem on PC with controller. It does affect the gunner seats as well as the pilot seat. I went in and mentioned it in the feedback thread fairly early on and noted that it would be a problem that absolutely needs fixed before getting released to console but I guess since I'm not a big content creator and this isn't game breaking my voice didn't get heard. Some amount of sarcasm to that last bit but only a little. I hear that if you have a USB keyboard on hand you can plug that
  2. The gunnery rank 9 intrinsic Flush Heat Sinks that allows you to dump heat by pressing reload doesnt work on controller since the reload button and the get out of the gun button are the same and it isnt possible to bind reload to a button in the railjack config since the guns dont normally reload. I could probably just rebind the enter/exit button but I feel like this needs to be addressed prior to console release
  3. i think what theyre looking for is a place to put them that is more like a display case, a place to put things they dont want to use but are deemed too valuable to just melt into credits...while yes just "buy more slots" solves the issue indeed, it would be nice to say have a craftable weapon plaque to hang unused but valuable weapons on. not "free" storage and gets rid of the weapon while turning it into a decoration. ive seen the idea floated around a few times and i think itd be cool
  4. I would like to see how this data would change with a significantly larger portion of the playerbase, say in the thousands range. Not much of this data can be applied outside of those that answered with a sample size so small sadly, however as a base to compare proportionally with it might be valuable. I think the only thing that might be applicable to the community overall might be the general feeling that rivens affect the balance negatively since that data has such a heavy skew but even that might be affected by the bias of the type of people who answered the questionnaire. Well
  5. ah there is exactly what i was looking for...i could not find it when i looked and didnt know which patch notes to look at specifically. thank you although that is somewhat misleading timer placement...cause thats the timer for the other bounty cycle. wish it were more clear.
  6. Title. I'm trying to farm out the sporothrix/arum spinosa but the drop tables on the wiki show a set of rotation tables for the drops but doesnt list anywhere on how to affect which rotation you get. the loot table in game for me at the moment of writing lists 1 of the sporothrix parts from rotation B but doesnt have a rotation timer or any other indication on where or how to get the other two sporothrix parts....or even any mention of the spinosa parts at all (assuming thats because they are only available in the arcana bounties out in the cambion). can anyone help me figure this out so i can
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