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  1. Thanks for the hotfix, I would like to add one bug with Grendel however concerning his 4th ability "pulverize". On controller and even keyboard; after touching ledge that you would normally grab to climb up automatically you can get locked into the 4th ability meaning you have to wait for all your energy to drain to come out of it. This bug also prevents further jumping and picking up resources until you run out of energy to come out of pulverize. This makes using Grendel frustrating when it happens as you end up doing a lot less seeing as you lose a lot of your movement by not being able to jump and you have to regain all your energy again since you had to drain it all to come out of "pulverize". If this bug can be fixed soon I and other players will be grateful. The Revenant also has a bug with liches where he is able to control them as a thrall but once one of their 3 health bars are depleted the lich disappears instead of becoming open to a mercy kill.
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