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  1. Alright, wisp is amazing, but she could be even better! She has one HUUUGE downside... cosmetically: any bright color will completly blind you when using her sun beam... abd that's it really... Now for some improvements! Will-o-wisp: range mods increase the speed of the ghost, making you wait less and giving the ability that little bit of quickness that would elevate it to greatest movement ability ever (not counting nova, that's cheating!) Breach surge: opening enemies to finishers would make this ability top tier, especially with a dagger Sol gate: damage is good, feels amazing to use, buuuuut.... come on... it's a beam of pure sun energy... it needs punch trought! Conclusion: wisp is a great success! With small buffs, she'll be able to enter the meta without much resistance!
  2. What about mini quests that give lore to the frames without it? For example ivara (#IvaraDeluxeWhen). Maybe there could also be a shared quest, like ivara and ash's lore get intertwined, or maybe even a umbral treat!
  3. so, why don't we talk about the sentient cannon arm shown around the nidus devstream? Or maybe the really needed nyx rework... or an ivara deluxe, cuz she's amazing ;v anywho, have a nice stream, and keep going strong!
  4. will I be able to keep making boom boom with my jat kittag? v:
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