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  1. Well... I figured it out... My harddrive is corrupted and dying...
  2. When I launch my game there is no graphics at all, not even a mouse cursor. Just text. If I manage to log in by guessing where my mouse is, same thing. I cant see anything in my orbiter, other than the menus from syndicate and navigation and such.
  3. Wow it's almost when there's a huge fundamental change to the games mechanics you're liable to have bugs for a patch or two. They'll be fixed by, or before scarlet spear. I'm happy to see a direction from the game with positive changes. More happy for that than upset about bugs that I know will get fixed. It's not like they're intentional bad changes.
  4. So did I, but this update has rekindled a small spark of that hope.
  5. Only if they do that by making enemies harder and more unique instead of just gimping players.
  6. Hard agree that enemies need to not use hitscan, but you gotta admit this is a step in the right direction. #warframebullethell2020
  7. So echo lures right? Consider adding some keys for notes and giving us a nice clarinettish instrument to pair with the shawzins.
  8. Because its a petty thing to be upset by. "Hey you know this thing that makes every single other frame have an easier time? Well I dont like it because I play chroma 😠 "
  9. Now, anyone who knows me is well aware I am extremely critical of DE. But as of last update, a breath of fresh air has been blown into the asthmatic lungs of the game for the first time in YEARS. This is the best update I have ever received. It has some problems here or there, but I feel like they will be ironed out in due time. The enemy accuracy changes, knockdown recovery, and shield gating make the game feel fair and skill based instead of "oops you got oneshot teehee" For the first time in the games history, I can finally say, "S#&$ I died, I need to improve my mechanic" instead of: "S#&$ I died, Better cram more cheese into my build" I feel like I can actually play frames that aren't just tanks or stealth frames without being instantly merked by a stray bullet, this opens so many options. The status changes make all damage types feel useful in their own way, even gas even though the numbers are low (which I've heard they're fixing) Going over 100% status makes a lot of builds and dated weapons feel better and more useable (hello tysis and glaxion) The shotgun status changes, while technically a nerf take the load off my mind of cramming as much status as I can into a shotgun to hit that crucial 100% The arcane changes while definitely a nerf in some cases, buffed so many more, and didn't hit the good ones like guardian and energize too hard. I'd say the only ones suffering really badly from this is pistoleer and pulse The death screen UI and weapon mod UI changes were very nice touches, as was the removal of self damage (blow it out your ass chroma players) DE, I have to say this update nearly had me in tears with the amount of quality of life we got. As a veteran, a founder, an end game player, and a long time lover of warframe, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I just hope this isn't a one and done with quality and we have to wait another 4 years for more spice. Thank you.
  10. This update has been a great step for DE. But there are still some vital things we need. Buff Indicators: The buffs at the top are often hard to identify, 1. We need to be able to hover over them in a menu to see what they are. 2. Color code them with the energy color of their source (If saryn gives you venom dose, make it the saryns energy color, etc.) 3. Show all debuffs on enemies and allies, not just status effects. 4. STOP RECYCLING IMAGES FOR COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BUFFS, IT'S A 12X12 PNG JUST MAKE A NEW ONE GOD DAMN NPC ally indicators: Make this an option in settings for those who want it. a lot of people do, but some people would find it too much clutter. 1. Let me see my allies companions, specters, and summons (such as nyx mind control, nekros shadows, etc), show both their health bars, and buffs received from you. Map Markers for location based buffs: This is VITAL. 1. Make the mecha mark visible both on map, and more apparent in game 2. Same with Tek 3. Show things like ivaras cloak arrow, frost globe, atlas wall, gara wall, khora ult, vaubans bastille etc. MAKE THE UI MORE CONFIGURABLE. Have an entire tab in the settings for UI to customize what does and doesn't get shown, the location of the various aspects of the HUD, full overhaul to increase clarity.
  11. That is reasonable. And yeah I never thought I'd say this but corrosive might need a buff after this. I would say giving it some extra effect after all armor is removed.
  12. So to recap, DE said they wanted to make all status types useful to proc more than once, for example viral will cut a small bit of max health per proc, and radiation will increase damage enemies deal to each other. So here's some of my ideas. Impact: Consecutive procs progressively reduce enemy accuracy. Blast: Explosions can spread status procs of other status types to knocked down enemies. Magnetic: Magnetic will probably be in a decent spot after the shield gating changes, but I feel like it could stand to be better and more worth building than gas for example. Make magnetic either add a small magnetize bubble, or pull enemies together, or disable shield gating on enemies. Electric: More consecutive shots, more range on the chain up to a cap Puncture: Further reduce enemy damage Cold: 25% slow per proc, increasing per shot with diminishing returns (similar to corrosive, eventually rounding up to a 100% slow, visually freezing the enemy solid as if they were ulted by frost), at which point it increases headshot and heavy attack vulnerability. Additional change to some mods Status duration mods now have a bonus of increasing status range, for things like blast, electric, gas, (the new AOE impact) etc. Or instead of this make a new mod that increases status range, but I think it would be preferable to combine the two since it would allow for the same mod to be applicable to pretty much every status type.
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