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  1. 100% agree that it should be changed to just cool downs . Because now I forget I even have avionics .
  2. I was being petty by tagging this as a spoiler. but spoiler alert , nothing changed if you really look at the issues with solo . I’m specifically gonna refer to skirmish missions . With radiator objective + crew ship + fighters + a secret . so first offense the AI doesn’t shoot exposed radiators so you still have to teleport in and out of the ships . Secondly , you still have to leave pilot sit to shoot a crew ship . Which I don’t know why there isn’t atleast a command to have a gunner to use artillery on a target . Third , you see how the AI crew is mainly god tie
  3. I just ran into a logical error : I finished the mission (skirmish) once the ship reactor got destroyed in the mission it completed but I had 7/10 reactants . Return to my ship there’s the rest of the traces but the mission is already complete . So not only are these missions 10x longer than a simple capture/exterminate fissure . They’re more cruel if you don’t get lucky with spawns , someone said this already but just make them open upon mission completion , we’re literally in a storm .
  4. Yeah I mean I can speed run captures with Titania and do a relic in 1min while solo void storm can go from 10-20 min and even have issues with enemy spawn so basically do all that for nothing .
  5. After doing a skirmish mission I realized the same issues in being solo is still prevalent : exposing/shooting radiator having to be done by teleporting in an out , crew ships needing you to leave pilot seat to go to the artillery seat . The most most offense of them all , forgery still requires manually going there (more annoying now due to the use of frame energy which I still believe to be a bad change ) What command really did was nothing since the AI main use is for gunnery which previously tether covered killing already , and then engineering which isn’t much different from having
  6. Void storms seem pretty great in concept , and it’s good depending on mission : missions like skirmish take a long time to complete (solo) due to having to teleport in and out to destroy/expose radiators please allow AI to target them . I also ran into one bug where the void storm explosion effect will mess up my screen for a long time and it’s disorienting .
  7. I don’t know if this is a bug but I don’t think I got the full early adopters package since I know I had all my grid maxed and had a fully built railjack I should qualify for the tier 3 rewards . I think all I’ve received was maybe endo , but I know I didn’t get anything else since I don’t have any repair drones . Was there supposed to be an inbox message ? Because I got none .
  8. I started a solo clan and want to get the glacial blue pigment which is dropped by crewman , but I can’t seem to find them anywhere . An old farm was V - prime venue , but with the tile set change . Crewman don’t spawn there , I tried E-gate since it has the old tile set but I only see elite crewman . I don’t know if there’s an issue with enemy spawn ? or is it just steel path doesn’t spawn crewman . Update : just did the normal version of E-prime and the issue was the latter of SP replacing them with elite crewman which doesn’t count .
  9. I really see this as an immersion change rather than anything practical .
  10. Don’t forget to add nidus larva which is subsumable also but I guess shuriken is too . I really don’t see OP’s complaint .
  11. Volt has one of the most cohesive kits, but you don’t encounter it much because it’s mainly beneficial in eidolons and boss dps . I think electric damage is actually pretty good where it’s at . Only change I’d get behind is making shock make mini coil effect like the 4th . While also increasing the 4ths base range and duration, in addition make it proc heat to reduce enemy armor as well (nuking capabilities opened up) . Because you can catch fire while electrocuted. * in the midst of confirming status proc to the balance I was gonna provide following this , it seems to me that
  12. I only put the spoiler tag because of (JV raid ) Jordas verdict I don’t know if it’s a spoiler really but play it safe . I know that raids were removed because of their high maintenance when an update dropped each time but will it still be much if we only get the kill phase of JV ? Where we drive our RJ to intercept the golem , maybe throw the spores at him using the railjack like how the scarlet spear satellite worked . Maybe add mini objectives to release the spores , defend them with the railjack , and then guide them to the golem . The inside portion of the raid can be left
  13. It just seems like it could be such a creative limitation, just to Cather to people who I assume are shy . I can only imagine the amount of raid content that railjack can produce . “Orb spider space fight” being one I really hope happens . Even a revamped Jordan’s verdict with only the kill phase and maybe some small objectives .
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