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  1. Make a keybind for the Scanner, press it 3 times, hold F to equip melee, profit.
  2. So what about us that didn't have the time to farm 1023 excess points for Commander class? That's kind of unfair here. So you noticed the Ivara Intrinsics farming. How about you add an enjoyable way to farm them then? Having to spam Gian Point on Veil Proxima for a sweet amount of 6 Intrinsics is not really fun. Update: Just fail the mission by getting your railjack destroyed, then it's somewhat what it used to be. The Pennant got Raided. So instead of adjusting it it's just getting removed from Conclave. Why fix it when you can just revert it :^) Alright, at least you tried, but didn't test it seems.
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