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  1. Ever heard of positivity bias...or...positive bias? Positivity bias refers to the phenomena when the public evaluates individuals positively even when they have negative evaluations of the group to which that individual belongs. Positive bias refers to the human tendency to overestimate the possibility of positive (good) things happening in life or in research. In publication, it is the preference for publishing research that has a positive (eventful) outcome, than an uneventful or negative outcome. There's more than 1 way to skin a cat... Save you from clicking the link above.
  2. All of your competitions are discriminatory. You should allow all of the player base and payer base to take part, not every player can access the forums and twitter, most just dont want to do social media. So what do those players get?...discrimination is Never a good thing. There should be a way to take part in the actual game, not through social media. I'm sick of it now. First it was twich prime (a subscription service) now this crap!... I HOPE I WIN!!!!!!!!
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