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  1. doesnt change the fact that defection missions still show up on the asteroid tileset "just dont play it" isnt a fix, it's choosing to not play something that shouldn't have been non-functional in the first place the issue isnt the tileset, the issue is that the defection ai doesnt work with the tileset
  2. Whatever's happening behind the scenes, I just want my got dang skins At the end of the day I'm a customer ready to pay for the product, if you're going to call it a Halloween thing, then it should probably be out with all the other Halloween stuff You can bet I'll buy both those Valk cosmetics the moment that hotfix is out, don't you guys want my money?
  3. Agreed, I mean there's still time before actual halloween, but then the actual skins made for it aren't even released alongside the other thematic stuff, which only raises more questions
  4. Well the OP says "hopefully" simultaneous, unless it was promised elsewhere PC doesn't have these skins either yet, and the day of the dead stuff has been out for a while now, we all waitin
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