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  1. Mag: Didnt see its huge potential in the beggining, now i know her tiny body hides an inmense power, and the recent addition of shield gating its helphing a lot lately. Gauss: being the fastest is always a good advantage, if you know how to benefit from it. Valkyr: Because i like valkyries theme and she looks awesome, my first fav.
  2. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  3. Rattleguts may be not so trash as you think... But any weapon is a trash compared to hybrid shotguns, everybody knows. Its just a matter of forma and mod configuration.
  4. Primary kitguns need a huge buff to be worthy. Buff and many adjustments
  5. Relax people, the day has just begun. For me at least, not even yet for canadians xD
  6. 1 platinum is not coming today, my bet xD Just a simbolic amount, thats how i like to bet everywhere
  7. Steve not streaming yet. Ergo, tomorrow. See you then guys, have fun.
  8. Or as compensation for not releasing the update today, so people are entertained.There are many possible readings.
  9. Yep, but i would expect it to drop tomorrow, honestly.
  10. Not exactly. Most of the times I'd agree with you about this is the wrong direction when a weapon is so loved by the community. This time I confess the Bramma has become annoying when someone spams it constantly. Its a great weapon with the ability to become annoying for the squadmates, and thats a problem.
  11. Logo changed in Twitter. Ok, that means something. A way of communication. But DE... reconsider your community management policies pls. Things can be better, always.
  12. "Better than nothing" NO. Thats the kind of attitude that brought us to this point, and the situation is not fine. So nope.
  13. Ok, but you already know you re not doing it well, right? You already know the silence is hurting your relationship with the playerbase, right? You re clever enough to know this, so I ll just ask why are you doing it this way? I dont get it, people only demands information and DE gives nothing, silence. Its frustrating, you dont seem to learn from your mistakes.
  14. Dear DE: Communicate, SAY SOMETHING!!!!! Yours always, your playerbase.
  16. I'm thinking we all can expect it around 11th June so... chill and wait. What i dont think is right is the lack of communication, that was awfully done by DE's side.
  17. Thats what most of people wants, not the update itself, but a little hint on when its coming. Just that.
  18. 99% sure its not coming this week. But... they did it again.
  19. Not a valid excuse, at least not to me. A single tweet fix everything: "this week; not this week". At least something, instead the overwhelming silence.
  20. Not this week, but they did it again, reamaining silent for the whole week. Enough. Communicate, ffs.
  21. 110% agree. Lack of communication. Cant understand why they do it so bad when its so easy to do it right.
  22. Note, the logo in the twitter account didnt change yet, and its usually changed a couple of days before releasing a big update. 2-3 days before usually. I think its the next week.
  23. But thats DE fault, not ours. You set a dedadline, dont accomplish, and so the people piss off... well, thats a consequence, perfectly natural, logical, according to Special Relativity Theory, right? xD
  24. Easy to fix, "say f*cking something, DE". Personally I just want to know, no need the update rn, but i want to know. Communication is simply horrible.
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