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  1. Tryhards vs Casuals Is not that hard to understand the newbies, but the selfishness wont stop to be a problem. Try to play in a newbies team, working to gether, its the only way you can avoid some jerks.
  2. If you can run fortnite, you can run Warframe, thats the idea behind it, I think
  3. On the contrary. Is gonna make it bigger, so much bigger than now. It's gonna be everywhere, ready for anyone, with the most fair monetization system in the F2P market. Tencent is very well known by making mobile versions of whatever they buy, in this case. Check this list of what Tencent has been buying: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/tencent-have-bought-another-game-developer-so-lets-see-how-big-their-collection-is-now As you can see Warframe is not only another game, is one of Tencent bet's. Thats why we are getting full crossplay and cross save, they put infrastructure and earn benefits, DE makes this bigger and gives the mother company whats` own. And they expect to win a lottttt with this. First mention of a mobile version, first leak, whatever you wanna name it, happened around august/september 2020, very short after Tencent's buy. I can put a date because there´s a spanish guy who i use to follow making a video about the topic. Sept 2020. Spanish guy btw.
  4. Pretty useful for... many good stuff... Recommended.
  5. The real question here is... This idea came "accidentally" or accidentally?
  6. Idea is not going anywhere, we ve just seen the "battle" in action, different huds, etc, but the adventure itself its gonna take a time until it comes, personally im expecting them to release the adventure around Christmas, the topic will be over the table again when that happens. So there s plenty of time even to listen to DE, and discuss a proposal.
  7. What really impress me is that we are dedicating 5 detailed pages even discussing the idea. Has ever any pvp proposal got so much attention? Not from what i know. And on purpose, we know so little, we should hear DE on this subject and their plans.
  8. Nowhere, of course. They did not confirm it. Although it should be asap, or before New War, or even close to it, due to business mainly. Anyway, pure speculation, we are indeed waiting for more info from DE, there is some stuff to be discussed.
  9. Are you giving Tencent the idea to monetize an spin off with potential of hundreds of millions? I prefere all that money goes directly to Warframe...
  10. Im not a PvP fan. And know what? I like the idea. Thats pretty disturbing... For some months i ve been thinking on giving pvp some new content, really replayable and fun. I thought k-drive races, or any kind of races tbh could do the job. But I was wrong, this is a much better idea. Although very complicated one too. They show us this path, but we need to know whats their proposition on this. Maybe their idea wasnt exactly a PvP, and its just another one. We need to know, and theres when they have to talk clearly.
  11. If does not have to be a pvp version, could be play as grineer/corpus vs AI, but for sure I agree with you. They ve taken time to do this, lets see where they wanna take us.
  12. Think about the huge gain of players that DE is looking for with this tennocon and the future updates. There is obviously something behind, something to keep them interested, and if a "game changer" brings anything, those are surprises ...
  13. And that is interpreted today as a lack, multiplayer is not understood without a pvp option, the new player comes looking for both, and soon it is found that that pvp does not exist. And that makes it less attractive.
  14. At this point we all are thinking on Origin Wars: Battlefront. We do even know a litlle about the hierachies between factions... And know what? I love the idea. Bye bye bullet jump. Hello capture the flag, king of the hill, exterminate.... whatever xD
  15. Calm down, relax. That information will soon(tm) be revealed and even discussed on forums. From what it seems, the accounts will be centralized on a data store, and the login will restrieve your data from it, or similar. Meaning that your account will progress with you, wherever you go and whatever platform you use it. Thats what I got from the devstream.
  16. I need tennogen by plat, i have thousands of plat that i'd love to spend on tennogen stuff xD
  17. If I can buy tennogen with plat on PC.... im gonna be the happiest guy on Earth.... tons of plat that i did not spend, for a Tennogen Mag, which can be so awesome.
  18. I think Tencent has a huge part in this... Like they gave Warframe the tools and the infrastructure to get cross play done. And not only that, also the new quest... I dont know why but I see the trace of Tencent everywhere, seems they bought Leyou and then did a huge bet for warframe, and DE accepted the challenge.
  19. I was inside the Tenno Live Relay, but when i took a sight on the relay chat it was empty!! So I go back to my ship hoping it could be fixed and have been unable to enter in the relay since then.
  20. As it is now, only rivens require mastery rank, and not more than 16. So basically any tenno can be demigod at mastery rank 8, in what concerns to modding, which sounds completely insane. Mods dropped in SP and Arbitrations should have mastery rank requirement, our mastery rank should mean more than the amount of stuff ranked up, should be a tool for the devs in order to restrict access to power creep.
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