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  1. Where the hell did my Hemlith Chager (Reginald) Go!?!?
  2. Hey Guys! was just wondering about Orb fights and if there would be an increase in rewards for arbitrations for vitus essence since there are players like me who are already just flowing with this essence but with nothing to spend it on. Also another review about ALL riven dispotions will hopefully take effect with melee 3.0 or soon after, this would be greatly appreciated. Like always keep the good times rolling! Keep up the good work!
  3. PLEASE FIX MULTIPLAYER HUNTING. every time me and my brother go hunting we catch an animal the animal stays suspended after we exit the standing screen thus no more animals will spawn in
  4. Multiplayer has a bug after catching an animal. Sometimes the animal stay visible making it impossible to make another animal to spawn. Pls fix as soon as possible! Also please modify riven disposition a little more!
  5. Are there going to be anymore changes to rivens? If so please make more drastic changes since most of the meta didnt even change due to the changes brought in. Also cant wait to start taking down giant spiders that always seem to ruin my day. Keep up the good work DE
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