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  1. Stratification of loot tables is important so that the loot tables don't get too diluted. Farming for new relics would suck if all of them dropped from the same place. Get different relics as rewards for different activities, those relics then drop different Prime items depending on which relics you have...this lets people specify where and how they want to farm.
  2. So make your own requirements. 6x3 is possible, YouTubers like DoubleXXF have a lot of full hunt 6x3 videos using various gimmick builds/loadouts.
  3. I think Teralyst can help with the whole "staying alive" aspect. The thing that takes new players by surprise is how much you have to use and rely on transference and void mode. Nowhere else in the game do you spend so much time spamming 5 and jumping in and out of your frame. During Teralyst you get comfortable with this idea of "if something weird and scary is happening - loud noises - bright lights - I'm taking damage from everything - go into void mode." Sure the attack patterns are vastly different from Gantulyst/Hydrolyst but you're at least accustomed to liberally abusing 5 to stay alive.
  4. One of my pals did a whole build around equipping full strain set one day. All I remember is the dumb dog getting stuck on every possible stairway and corner in every mission. Plus, running a helminth means you're not running a loot cat or Helios.
  5. Not if you're the one hosting. Recruit for a "casual 2x3" or "educational tridolon." You can check profiles and only take people with minimum 10 caps, whatever you want. That's the beauty of recruiting your own teams.
  6. I've only played Chroma + Chroma Prime long enough to level them to 30. I remember the 1 feeling absolutely wimpy and unsatisfying to use. To be fair, a lot of Warframes' 1st abilities feel...not great when we have such incredibly OP and diverse weapons for single-target attack. Chroma's 4 is channeled and you can't gain any energy while it's going. I've never had any Chroma in my Profit-taker runs drop it in the right place/time, afaik. My friend plays pretty much Chroma exclusively...I'm convinced he's addicted to the damage boost. He's basically a dps junkie 😄
  7. They're consumables, like forma. If you want to change polarity on something, you expend a forma and you never get it back. If you want to change the focus school on something, you expend a lens and you never get it back. The lowest-quality tier lenses drop frequently from Cetus bounties so don't be too precious about them.
  8. By the way, in case you were not aware, you can practice every mastery rank-up test as many times as you'd like in Cephalon Simaris' room in any relay before doing the real thing. You can change your loadout in the same room too. When you load into a relay, fast travel to Cephalon Simaris and head right. You'll see a long line of phone booths, one for each MR level. Go to the MR 11 booth and pick "practice" instead of "qualify."
  9. At least with Volt's 2 you can get rid of it with the back dodge...I have to jump off a cliff to get rid of Wisp haste mote. They're both great for increasing attack speed and overall dps and all that, I guess. And yet...both drive me crazy. I feel like I have no control over my own frame and my own playstyle. It feels vastly intrusive. Feels terrible to ask other randoms not to use their abilities...so I just leave.
  10. Manic is guaranteed spawn in defection. Can't remember if it's based on time or based on # of squads extracted. I got my Smoking Body drop while farming for Harrow bits.
  11. Now now, don't lash out at us, Mr. Fancy Riven Big Post Banned From Chat Guy 😄
  12. Nitro Classic doesn't give loot. While subbed to full Discord Nitro, you need to launch Warframe through Discord, with the Discord overlay enabled. Open the Market in-game and it should be right there on the front page. There are various workarounds/shortcuts that let you link Discord to Steam but it didn't work for me, I ended up having to download Warframe a second time.
  13. No, I said 90% of the original post was a brag. Sorry I made that unclear.
  14. I think any frame can do it if you bring a weapon you can spray & pray with, so you can keep moving forward without having to aim too much or reload often. High RoF like Soma or a broad beam like Ignis. Beyond that, you could mod for sprint speed and bring a fast base movespeed frame like Loki, but I don't think that's necessary. Just need your basic bullet jump to get to higher platforms and don't spend any time standing still to shoot orbs, because you'll lose the time you gain.
  15. In case anyone couldn't remember off the top of their heads (like me): Time Trial Test This test requires players to make their way through an obstacle course while shooting red orbs to increase the amount of time they have to finish the course. Each orb adds 3.5 seconds of time.
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