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  1. This is great, thanks. Did a little testing and grinding. Rolling guard is a game changer. Being able to clear DoTs solves a lot of problems with toxic infested. Currently trying to get at least 2 augur mods for shield gating, got 1 so far. I still get occasionally nuked and I guess quick thinking could help with that, but I would have to sacrifice range to counteract the stuns. I think I'll just go invisible as a panic button and at the same time regen shields with Augur.
  2. Thanks, I looked that up and I've read they nerfed gas so that's really good to know! Yep, got to dive into that as well. Blind is a good suggestion, I heard rest (from rest and rage) might also be useful. Thanks! Probably that then, looks like that is what I unlocked a few years ago as well. That's helpful. How do you suggest getting to that large energy pool @acevezwing? Zenurik or mods? or both?
  3. Hi all, First of all, thanks to all the nice guys/gals who made my return to the game worthwhile (after 3 years). I'm looking to build a Loki that doesn't rely on Invisibility (because fashion frame). After watching a Loki guide, it looks like I will be maximising use of Disarm with Range and Irradiating. Also looking to re-use a melee polearm with Gas procs and increasing attack speed which worked a treat so far. The questions are as follows: - What other (primary) weapons/mods synergize well with this sort of build? - How about operator focus trees? - Any build tips to deal wi
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