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  1. Lately, every time I interact with my kubrow, she stays in the incubator and my frame pets the air. Not a high priority glitch, but I thought you'd want to know.
  2. I made that post in December 2018 in a topic I titled "Mirage Holograms Not Firing Last Shot in Clip". It was archived, and the problem seemed to go away on its own, but I don't think it was ever properly addressed. This bug returned with The Saint of Altra. It's very problematic for me, as I exclusively use the Tonkor with her, a weapon which, on it's own, is merely good, but in Mirage's hands becomes spectacular. The three-shot spread is her greatest strength, and this glitch cripples my build. Mirage's holograms seem to break every other update or so. Someone needs to take a long, hard look at Hall of Mirrors. Thanks.
  3. If someone says a frame has good CC, then it means crowd control. If someone says WTB Rubico riven with CC + CD, then it means crit chance and crit damage.
  4. First off... what kind of madman puts grass and... is that a campfire?... in a reactor?! Lol. (I'm just poking fun.) Yes, I can confirm this. Same thing happens for me. This glitch started with the [accursed] Altra lighting update. Also, another decoration glitch happened at the same time: when you do constrained movement on a decoration, it often fails to actually move the decoration. The XYZ axis gizmo moves, but the decoration doesn't, and you have cancel the movement and keep trying it until it goes. Very frustrating.
  5. I think I'm going to call this bug "The Third Dream". Okay, I don't even know where to begin, here. Alright, so, remember back when we did the Second Dream, but before the War Within, when we had the operator chest laser ability? And remember how our frames would collapse to their knees and sort of sit there in a crumpled, inert heap during that ability? So, for a few weeks now, I've seen the weirdest, craziest bug I've ever seen in this game. Somewhat frequently, when fighting Eidolons on the plains in a party, I notice an astonishing bug with one specific member of my team. Every time that player pulls out their operator, I see them doing the chest laser. The first time I saw this, I thought that perhaps that player hadn't completed TWW, but then I saw it with a clanmate who I know has completed TWW. The operator does the chest laser, but it seems to have no effect on anything, and just aims in whatever direction the player happened to have been looking when they pulled out their operator. Their warframe collapses to the ground in a heap, and then that collapsed frame persists for the rest of the mission. When the player returns to their frame, a new copy of the frame appears, which is the real player, and the collapsed frame continues to sit there forever. As the fight goes on, the plains become littered with dozens of these collapsed frames which form a rough, dotted line tracing out the path that the Eidolon walked. You can connect the dots and see exactly where the player used their operator. I'm not crazy. I swear. I know I sound crazy. Part of me doesn't even believe it myself. So here's proof. Got Trin? There's two more behind the camera. Backwards chest laser, b*tch! And this player has definitely completed TWW. I watched them using their operator normally to fight the eidolons. I've seen this happen several different times with several different people, all of them having completed TWW. This glitch isn't exactly hurting anything, but it's freakin' me out, man!
  6. If I recall correctly, this began with the Jovian Concord, and I assumed it was a bug. I searched through all of the patch notes, and there was nothing listed about any changes to the scanner, so I figured that my assumption of it being a bug was correct. But alas, here we are, however many months later, and no change, despite my reports. I don't know if the scanner change was intentional or not, but either way, it appears that DE may not be in any hurry to change it. I fear we may have to live with it forever. :( I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I really love most of what DE does, but they need to learn the meaning of the phrase "well enough alone". I wish I could roll the scanner back to pre Jovian Concord, and I wish I could roll the lighting back to pre Saint of Altra. But I digress. Yeah, scanning all the plants to fight the specters is kind of atrocious, but the thing is, you don't need to do anywhere close to every single NW challenge to reach rank 30 and beyond, so is it really that big of a deal? Just skip it.
  7. I hear ya. I think the game looked better pre-Saint of Altra. I wish they'd just undo it. However, I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that in the long run everything will be better when they've updated everything to use newer materials. As of 25.7.4, I think the frames look [mostly] fine. The orbiter is, again, [mostly] fine. I have two big complaints. One: the Scimitar hull (and I'm assuming the other landing crafts) looks like it's covered in a thick layer of dirt. The parts that I have colored jet black now look like faded, dingy grey. And two: the dojo lighting is still off, and all of the orokin gold still looks like plastic. It's better than before 25.7.4, but it's a far cry from pre-Saint of Altra. I shudder to think what Miau After Tomorrow's dojo looks like. They were a featured clan, and the best dojo I've ever seen. All orokin themed. Gold everywhere. It was so beautiful. It must be a shambles now. Those poor, poor people.
  8. Yay. Well, I won't rage about it then. I just hope it also fixes the dojo looking like a florescent-lit Walmart. I just wanted to pop in and address one thing that probably hasn't gotten much attention. I would like my operator glasses to look like reading glasses again, as they are supposed to. After the update, they look like sunglasses. Not cool. I liked the scholarly Lotus look, not a MIB look. Glasses fixed in 25.7.4. 😄
  9. Oh, geeze, well, let's see... if I could change one thing... I would revert the lighting/render changes of update 25.7. I love most of what DE does, but imo, they need to learn the meaning of the phrase "well enough alone."
  10. Um, yeah, how bout... no. Good god no. Please Lotus in heaven no.
  11. I know DE said that they're changing/fixing some things, and that's really great to hear, but I still wanted to throw my opinion in here really quick. The new lighting is awful. IMO, everything looked better before. I can see that lighting behaves more realistically in some ways, but it just looks icky. Everything was so much more beautiful previously. My biggest gripes are that anything that we colored black (frames, orbiter) now looks washed out and grey, and our dojos now look like ugly Wal-Marts with florescent lights, and all orokin gold decorations look like orange plastic. Shoulda called this update "25.7: The Plastic Incursion". Hope your incoming fixes are more than just subtle tweaks. Please make the game pretty like it was before. Make our gold gold again, and make our black black again. Other than this plastic lighting, I still think you guys are doin' a great job. I just want my purdy colors back, please. Thanks.
  12. I concur. New lighting is horrible (at least for metallics). Please revert and/or fix.
  13. I was going to create a thread about this if no one else had. I can also report that I've had extractors going crazy. Sometimes I deploy one, and it doesn't go, and I have to deploy it several times before it sticks, and then I later end up with more drones deployed than my mastery rank allows for, and then sometimes I deploy 3, but only 2 show up for collection, etc. Weird stuff. But I always end up with the same number in my inventory in the end, so I haven't actually lost anything. It's a fairly low priority issue, but I'm happy to see it's being dealt with. :D
  14. Please give us a separate checkbox in the audio menu for "Mute Nora Night". Disabling hints used to shut her up, but apparently that's not good enough anymore. And I don't want to silence all transmissions. Just her. I like hearing her transmissions.... once. But when you farm Nightwave, it gets oooooooolllldd.... EDIT: Somehow, she seems less chatty in NW Season 2. I dunno... I don't really care about this anymore to be honest. 😕 😄
  15. Thanks for the update. Some good fixes, here. I appreciate the efforts towards improving the relic UI, but there's just one simple thing you should do that would make it perfect for me. Make the text of all of the rewards in bronze, silver, and gold, like they were before, particularly in the reward screen after opening the relic. That made it so easy to see what was rare. I can't understand why you would change that. That's all I want, and then I'll be sound as a pound. Also, we're still we're still waiting on a fix for melee attacks unequipping the synthesis scanner. Please don't tell me that's intentional. It makes things extremely difficult and unpleasant for us loyal servants of the Sanctuary. Also, still waiting on a fix for that flowing cherry tree branch texture in the dojo. It's been... like... a million years. Actually, it's been since Buried Debts, but who's counting?
  16. I wanted to let you (and anyone else who sees this) know that I did indeed update my graphics driver, and that did indeed seem to fix my problem of frequent crashes where the game continues running in the background with sound but no picture. Hasn't happened since. So, I'd definitely give that a try if I were you. While I'm here, I'd like to mention a couple of less important, but still annoying bugs: when equipping the synthesis scanner, it tints the screen orange until you zoom in and out. Not a huge deal, but not cool. I actually use the scanner as a method of holstering my weapon at opportune moments. E.g. if I'm waiting as extraction, I'll holster the weapon to see my idle stance and so forth. I like roleplaying that way. Having to zoom in and out to get rid of the tint is just an added bother. Either fix it, or, as I've long wanted, just give us a dedicated holster weapon function. Also, using melee de-equips the scanner, making it really difficult and annoying to do a scan & slash run to farm Simaris standing. Please fix. Thanks.
  17. Uh, no, haven't had the network connection issues, as far as I know. Definitely still having crashes as of today (25.0.3). Only had the hard crash once, but I'm getting the crashes where the game continues running in the background frequently. I hear updating graphics drivers might help, but I don't know. Worth a try, I suppose. *EDIT* I updated my graphics driver, and that indeed seemed to fix my problem.
  18. And now, a couple hours later, I just had much worse crash. Instant freeze while running to extraction in a disruption mission resulting a permanent loss of all computer responsiveness. No way to even kill the game. I just had hold the power button on the computer down for 5 seconds. Please let me know when it is safe to play this game again. *EDIT* I updated my graphics driver and that seems to have solved the problem. I think you can safely disregard my post.
  19. I've experienced a fatal crash twice in the last hour: once was while walking around in my orbiter, the other was while running at the very beginning of the Rapololyst assassination. In both cases, the game briefly freezes, then flashes black, then minimizes to desktop. At that point, the game still appears to be running, but I cannot get the picture to come back. I can continue to press keys, and things continue to happen--I can run, I can fire my weapon, I can bullet jump, and I can hear the sound effects of all of these things occurring, but all with the game minimized while I'm just looking at my desktop. Nothing I do brings the game back. I can alt-tab between the game, the desktop, and anything else I might have open. If I alt-tab to desktop, then my computer works normally. If I alt-tab back to the game, my cursor disappears, but the game remains minimized, and the sound effects resume with no picture. All I can do is alt-tab back to desktop and kill the game. I always rave about how reliable this game is. Not kidding--in over 2200 hours, I can probably count the number of game breaking crashes on one hand (not counting today). That's nearly unheard of in games. I really hope this is just a fixable problem with this update. *EDIT* I updated my graphics driver and that seems to have solved the problem. I think you can safely disregard my post.
  20. Thanks for letting me know. I'll keep an eye out for you when I'm on. Hopefully our paths will cross.
  21. I'm going to say something that will probably get me killed--the most inflammatory, controversial, and offensive thing ever uttered on these forums: thanks for reverting the Ogris changes. I likes it the way it was. I don't want it changed. But I'm sure you didn't change it and quickly change it back to just leave it alone forever. I'm sure you have a plan for future changes, which makes me nervous.
  22. The Plains remaster is stunning. Just... mind blown. It's gorgeous, and it's runs better than before! I was worried that the improved visuals would come a the cost of my graphics card coughing and wheezing. I'm blown away with how it runs. That fact that you managed to make it look significantly better and run significantly better seems like a bit of magic trick to me. I'm very impressed. Well done. Thank you. I also absolutely love the fact that plains conservation can be done without initiating a hunt thingy and using an echo locator. So nice. One other tidbit--with this update came a crapton of fixes, which I greatly appreciate, but the one fix I've been hoping for the most still fell through the cracks. I want my cherry tree branches in my dojo to stop flowing like they came into contact with the shimmer from Annihilation.
  23. So... is it some kind of sore spot for DE that we don't use K-Drives much? I mean... K-Drives don't have the potential to be a big money maker for DE, right? I mean, not like rivens or something. Y'know... cuz folks buy a lot of plat to spend on rivens... so... y'know... rivens were a smart addition on DE's part from a marketing standpoint... and... y'know... I applaud that because they have to make a profit somewhere or... y'know... no game for anyone. But it's not like K-Drives would ever be a big source of money. I mean.... I don't really see how you'd spend a lot of plat on K-Drives. Okay, so what I'm getting at is this: why should DE care so much whether we use them or not?! Like, I'm legitimately asking. This isn't just a rhetorical, angry thing. I'm really trying to understand why they would even care so much. What difference does it make whether we use friggin' K-Drives? I personally love the K-Drive for goofing around. Few things in this game bring me as much joy as loading up a free roam map in the captura, blasting my board off a high cliff, doing a sick nose grab, and then letting myself crash to the ground, wipe out hard and ragdoll down the hillside for half a mile. That's one of the best things they ever added to the game. Who would have ever thought that this game could become a little Grand Theft Auto on the side? I never saw that coming, but I love it. But for practical use during missions? Nope. Duh. Of course not. And that's fine! I put a lot of work into my archwing, anyway, and it's ideal for free roam. It's tons of fun. What's wrong with that?! I genuinely do not understand why DE care so much whether we use K-Drives. It's just an optional side thing. Is it like the end of frickin world or something? I don't even use Itzal myself, but now I'm starting to worry that they are going to systematically nerf every possible way of moving until K-Drives are the fastest and easiest way to get around in the entire game. Please just leave it alone, DE. It's all fine the way it is. You wanna give K-Drives more or different abilities to incentivize them? I'd be cool with that. But don't wreck other stuff.
  24. I am buying the following captura scenes for the following offers. *Prices determined by estimated difficulty to obtain the required syndicate standing.* Lotus Chamber, Silver Grove, Lua Nursery - 25p each Lunaro - 40p Onkko's Command Post - 50p If you have any of these and are willing to sell, please pm or friend me in-game. Thank you.
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