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  1. Items aren't in my inventory. re-linking my account and restarting the game doesn't fix it for me.
  2. Items aren't in my inventory. re-linking my account and restarting the game doesn't fix it for me.
  3. If the new necramech is going to be melee based, the movement tech of the mechs definitely needs to be refined. Having to wait half a second after dashing into range of enemies so that you can melee them is going to be infuriating.
  4. Followed by 'network not responding' Attempting to log back in often results in being told i've entered incorrect information. This has been happening regularly for the last ~24 hours, and occurs both alone in my orbiter and when connecting to hubs / squads.
  5. Of course, it's fine for in-game visuals to look like WIP trash, because it's just a currency. Incredible logic.
  6. #*!% this. Don't validate DEs lazy, greedy, cop out method of circumventing better design.
  7. The balance ruins what is otherwise a great open world. If only there was a way to test it before release... maybe have a small selection of players privately test it first...
  8. As if the 3 minutes of 'stand around killing trash mobs' to adapt to toxicity for the second door wasn't boring enough. I know, lets tack another 30 seconds onto the first 'stand around killing trash mobs' phase. I didn't think the level of 'wait out a timer' could get worse than PoE bounties but here we are.
  9. I haven't issues with the birds since all mine have thankfully been out in the open and easy to hear, then spot. On the other hand, i need 2 medjay predasite tags and they WON'T #*!%ING SPAWN. I have everything else i need to rank up 5 times over, but i'm locked out of ranking up because of this pure RNG garbage. on top of that, i cant buy a single son token because every #*!%ing token in the shop requires a random combination of sub-species tags that also refuse to spawn. CONSERVATION IS S#&$. WHY AM I FORCED INTO PLAYING THIS DUMB TRASH? God I miss corridor shooter updates
  10. oh joy, another completely meaningless and arbitrary 'feature' from DE that serves absolutely no purpose.
  11. It's obvious that the flying fish is a solution to the 'fish clipping into terrain' issue, which works well mechanically and aesthetically. What doesn't work well is having them still spawn inside the 'water' that can no longer be penetrated with fishing spears: Pretty much every flat body of 'water', especially those surrounded by elevated terrain, have this issue. There are only a few spots on the map where this issue doesn't occur with extreme regularity.
  12. The trade in system for son takens is absolutely braindead. The combinations of subspecies being randomly thrown together means that out of the few token 'packs' that are available every cycle, the time required to capture the specific rng-spawn subspecies is absurd. Conservation was never required for progress in Fortuna, so why the hell is progress gated behind it now in Deimos? I can't stand this S#&$.
  13. As seen below, this item is using concept art rather than a modeled item. it can't be rotated in game. I assume you never even see this item outside of this screen, so it is sort of a waste of time to model it just for this, but it would make a great decoration as well. I just realised it's the same for family tokens as well, but they're even lower quality.
  14. Idk what part of this you found so hard to understand.
  15. Restricting archwing might incentivise low ranked players to use alternatives, but end game players will just default to void dash + energy restore spam, which is almost as fast as a fully intrinsic buffed archwing anyway. I agree that open world exploration is ruined by archwing. it also makes the map feel a LOT less 'open' and more like we're being dropped into a little box with invisible barriers all around us.
  16. yes, it's nice that new players don't have to spend weeks getting a single tier up in a syndicate, but why the hell does the new balanced increase slow down so much as MR increases? Higher daily standing cap was one of the few tangible benefits of gaining MR. After 7 years of playing, the 30k standing cap is as annoying and meaningless to me as the 4k cap was to a new player. What would it matter if, instead of it taking 2-3 days for me to farm the simaris standing i need for a BP, or buy a couple syndicate mods, it took just 1?
  17. I haven't even updated yet and i already hate it. Conservation is absolutely horrible and now Helminth is locked behind it?
  18. nerfing subsumed abilities on frames they didn't originate is basically saying 'it was a bad fit for the frame it was designed for'. I can rhino roar my squad mates and buff any frame they use; why would buffing myself be treated any differently (i.e less effective)? If you're going to make rhino's subsume ability his roar, then nerf it, why even bother choosing roar? It's just an arbitrary damage increase; change it to stomp instead and it will be far more useful on other frames without being yet another pointless power creep.
  19. bump. wtf DE, this S#&$ is like a 5 second fix in any standard game engine; So sick of items i paid for being buggy ugly messes after updates ruin them.
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