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  1. Hey the first sort of constructive comment. It for sure is a big what-if if the game is programmed and structured in such a way for this kind of modular approach, but we would always have to assume that it is otherwise it would leave the question why it isn't. There could be a good reason for it, or only reasons such as time constraints. For the example's that you gave of OP frame combinations we could maybe solve this problem with the riven-like dispositions which I suggested, their negative effects could be amplified when combining certain abilities as the resulting values would be a sum of all abilities disposition or something like that.
  2. Sure, but is this not already the case? Like GearsMatrix already said Volt/Gauss are fast, Nidus is versatile, Inaros is a tank etc. It is certainly possible. But i am not sure why you would want to discuss the technical possibilities of a hypothetical idea.
  3. Actually I imagine all you would need to do is seperate the meshes and skins into head,chest,arms,legs which might already be "done" anyway. For the rest of it you just need to add some stats and crafting stuff, but once again I reiterate that this is just a "fun idea" It's not something super serious or anything.
  4. A yes I knew things like this would be said, it is obviously meant as a sort of super endgame thing. How is any frame relevant any way, this game lacks total direction as it is.
  5. So this is just an idea that I had that i want to throw out there. Pretty sure it has been proposed before in one way or another, but maybe not exactly like this. So this is just an idea, and I am not sure about balancing some things so suggestions would be welcome. I am also aware that people could completely be against something like this, but once again it's just an idea for fun. Combine either 2 or 4 Warframes with one another. Looks You can select the outcome of your look yourself. Configurable options are. Head Chest Arms Legs So upon combining frames you can select what it's parts would look like, based on the frames being combined. Abilities Abilities will not be combined, but you can select abilities from each frame yourself. When combining 2 frames you need to select at least 2 abilities from each. When combining 4 frames you can only select 1 ability from each frame. To limit this from being too overpowered abilities from combined frames could be 33-15% weaker (maybe random roll? rerollable?) than their originals Maybe warframe abilities could have some sort of disposition like riven mods for combining. I am not sure about abilities that are codependent upon each other, or are designed to be used together, maybe these can only be picked in pairs. Stats / Passive The health / shield / energy / armor / sprint speed of the combined warframe will be the average of all frames combined. Passive can be selected by yourself, not sure what to do here with gimmicky passives that are codependent with abilities. Polarities All polarities on a combined warframe will be removed, it will have no polarities by default. Costs / Resources To combine warframes you would off course need to build them first, the same goes for prime warframes. So in order to combine prime warframes you would need to "sacrifice" them. To combine a 2-4 warframe you would need: Have this feature "unlocked", maybe through a quest / faction reputation / unlocking all nodes etc. or all of these. 2-4 warframes One "Link" item for each 2 warframes to be combined, crafted from rare resources. Requiring "a lot" of credits. (250,000?) Crafting cost of the combined frame will be all original warframe crafting costs combined (and then maybe even doubled?) Limitations Maybe lore wise some frames cannot be combined, for example Excalibur Umbra. Example You would think "but hey, with this combination thing I could just combine Hildryn and Inaros and have a super tank build". But with my limitations in place it will play out of little differently. At max your "Inadryn / Hildranos" will (at max) only have: 1337 health 787 shield 250 armor 75 energy 1.0 sprint speed no polarities Because when combining we only take the average stats, so yes it will still be tanky as hell but not the full benefits. Conclusion In conclusion the idea seems quite doable to me, but I am not sure what you would use this for as i imagine warframes like these would, even with their limitations be a lot stronger and versatile than any other warframe. I tried to "under power" them as much as possible, and make them as much of a hassle to build and use granted they would become too powerful. Right now I am not sure what you would use this for, is there any end game content that you could even use this for?
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