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  1. I think I'm actually going to use Wukong now, it's better than I thought don't get why people were complaining in the first place
  2. You can opt out of them, limbo by rolling and volt by a backflip.
  3. When are the featured dojo's going to change to the second and 3rd place winners!?!?!?! it's been the same one for the past 2-3 months... when do we get to see the others....
  4. Ha.... this person doesn't know that the only reason we have an umbra is because the Chinese we're upset they didn't get excalibur prime, and then everyone else got upset because we couldn't get umbra, it's not another form of frame, we're not going to see another umbra. It's not like we need more umbra frames either. We have normal and prime, what more do you need to satisfy yourselves.
  5. Add a vote to kick button, why isn't that in the game.
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