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  1. If you are proposing changes to melee I have a few questions. 1. What will happen to Bloodrush/Weeping Wounds since they depend on the combo counter? Also this will affect Wukongs passive, as well as body count and drifting contact. 2. How are you going to address abilities that rely on the combo counter i.e. Ash's Blade Storm? 3. Are channeling mods going to go away and if they do will the Endo invested be refunded to players? 4. Since a lot of veterans use "spin to win" to farm focus will they be changes to the amount of focus gained or needed? 5. Speaking of focus and channeling, what's going to be done to address the Zenurik tree with channeling efficiency passive or Naramon with the slowed drain of the combo counter? 6. How will stances be changed to reflect the proposed changes? Most of the console players I know either mash melee button or just do the block combos since the game is fast paced. That said pulling off combos on enemies that would survive the first few hits can basically one shot you before you finish the combo, or the combo has so much mobility you miss the target. My thoughts are this Leave melee the way it is with a few tweaks 1. & 2. Leave the current state alone and have the combo counter build up a meter and use it to charge heavy attacks that drain similar to channeling but do not take away to combo counter. This would not affect Bloodrush/Weeping Wounds, Body Count/Drifting Contact or Warframe abilities/passives that rely on it. Use channeling button to execute heavy attacks 3. Remove channeling mods and make popular ones like Life Strike rely on heavy attack meter 4. & 5. Focus rework and tweak 6. Change stances to have basic attack, block combo attack, and heavy attack while using what is currently the channeling button I'm not concerned with Maiming Strike getting nerfed/going away because it's really just not needed(short of focus farming the ridiculous amount of focus needed to level up the tree for the Operator. Which in my opinion Operator Mode is a waste...I think it was Tactical Potato who said "After all it's Warframe not 12year olds with laser hands") I also think reach mods are a bit odd except for use on whips since they can be animated to show the extra length while a sword/staff/ pole arm weapon just looks a "sell" in WWE when a person falls without having any actual connection from the opponent. Those are just my thoughts.
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