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  1. Hi, I'd offer Cudd Mipoliss a good home if still available, thx!
  2. You can view the items under "Components" and "Armaments" when you go and configure your Railjack in your drydock. However, I have also noticed a discrepancy with what should be there, vs what I see in the UI. After buying additional slots from the market, it didn't increase the available space at all. I get the same error message "Wreckage capacity limit of 30 reached. Any new Wreckage will be automatically scrapped for Dirac.", even though I should have more than that. Incidentally, 30 also exactly matches the amount of total wreckage items in both sections, which leads me to think buying more slots doesn't actually do anything (yet). I opened a ticket to support about it, but not expecting an answer for a while due to the time of year. I am not sure if maybe the slots only apply to built/repaired components/armaments, and the limit to Wreckage owned is a fixed limit of 30, and no amount of slots can be used to get around it.
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