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  1. Quite inexplicably, Just now I was able to apply forma to my built K-Drive. Your mileage may vary...
  2. I logged a ticket on March 10, and they replied yesterday saying: "Thank you for reporting this bug! While we are aware of the problem and our development team is already working to resolve this, your report really helps us understand the scope of the problem" So I'm sure they wlll get to it soon
  3. Also noticing that I can't forma crafted k-drive that is already mastered
  4. Since melee 2.9, specifically when fighting the Profit Taker, I can no longer melee at all (eg. with Scoliac) when equipped with an Arch-Gun (e.g. Corvus). I'm forced to un-equip ithe Arch-Gun t if I need to use melee attack (which I do by going into Arch-Wing mode, then back out, which causes the Arch-Gun cooldown). From Orb Vallis, if I am using my secondary weapon (eg: Catchmoon kitgun), then switch to Arch-Wing, and then exit Arch-Wing, the game doesn't remember that my last used weapon was my secondary, and instead automatically switches me to the primary weapon if I use LMB. At present, I can only consistently get to my secondary by unequipping my primary weapon before starting the mission.
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