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  1. Every time i found it, i have to run around just to mark it. kinda stupid tbh.
  2. Resource drops would be good enough with increased enemy count, rotation reward should be looked at. Every reward in starchart node is tied with levels, so what's the problem?
  3. I just don't get why certain aspects can be better by disallowing macros, there is no actual difference in gameplay, people like you could feel a little better but that's it.
  4. Tbh i don't really see the point of cred vanishing and RNG store, why they want to negate our effort?
  5. same for prisma, wraith and such, also we need sound change too.
  6. So problem isn't the macro, but Meme strike and blood rush right? Because it looks like that.
  7. I hope them to follow some basic order like move there move here and stay there/here, but 99% of them don't have it and even the specters can't be moved properly, it's more like inconvenient decoys.
  8. Also because it doesn't really affect players past MR 4-5, the biggest problem with it is lowbies tend to lose things to do because of those forced wait time, but it's mostly not a problem for people with plenty of equipment.
  9. I'm not sure why they can't add an augment reactor for nightwave, it's not that different from umbral forma... or perhaps it is.
  10. Yeah, me also wondered why there was no "simple" rocket launcher, and i can't say charged launcher or grenade launcher or weird secondary cluster launcher "simple". Would be great to have one.
  11. They don't have incentives to getting better at it, no one is good at 0 hours of playtime, there is no reason to spend thousands and thousands hours of losing just to get better at such low populated PvP mode in PvE game for pretty much majority of people. Every low population PvP games have this problem though, matching against excessively high skill (or possibly low skill) player wrecks PvP experience completely. But well, i can agree that it's mostly on players.
  12. Honestly it's opposite, kavat got tek assault and kubrow got nothing, and they wouldn't have less health/armor due to how armor/health link works.
  13. Forgot to put "this week" there. We can't spend creds on kuva when we don't have kuva on store, they can decide when to activate those kuva trade so they should be able to control kuva flow easily even with uncapped prestige.
  14. Only when they gave massive damage buff for khora/gara/atlas like 2x or 3x, because otherwise it'd be end up as just a nerf.
  15. I don't really hate it, but cursed by it, i can't waste my affinities due to time investment needed to forma weapons, so i can't bring maxed out gears 99% of time. It's not adaro you are presenting, you are presenting a friend that does volunteer for you.
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