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  1. Tenno protects the weak, can't be a bad guy!
  2. I would leave on death even if i was host, i don't want to risk other people's life for me.
  3. Saying "It doesn't work in PuG" and "Nothing wrong with exp distribution" at the same time seems bit strange.
  4. So it's nice for some middle ground players, but not for newbies/vets. I think better to increase total count of credit, through entire ranks (~30), and give something good for vets in prestige.
  5. DE should stop allowing support frames for ESO, everyone should take nukes and everyone happy.
  6. She can, just not that reliable for most part of the game. Just rolling through maps would be faster even without infiltrate i guess, i think zip lines aren't supposed to be movement ability.
  7. I'm fine with this if they merge "just a buff" type of augment into ability itself. I can't use ivara without infiltrate augment, she is just too slow, and i don't want to lose something just for make things actually useful.
  8. I think spy missions are nice, it require some parkour and some puzzle/tile knowledge... So... what if we got a more "endgame" ish spy missions? something like uranus/lua one, but much longer, with some obstacle course, maybe also anti-cheese aspect. Not sure how many people gonna play something like that, though... but i think it can be some real challenge?
  9. I realized why i felt "forced" to do challenges, so i'll write here... We don't have any information about future challenges would be, so if i skip this week's challenge, there is a chance that those challenges were easiest one. It doesn't happen in common sense, but actually possible... maybe some balancing is needed, because for now, it's not balanced at all even without subjective matter. Some takes one hour, some takes 10 minutes, and some takes 3 days...
  10. Higher MR players should do harder task for same rewards? Well, fine then...
  11. Rewarding more credit for vets are strange, newer player can't even reliably reach the rank 30. And vets usually doesn't need any more credit offering.
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