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  1. Does rage even work in eidolons? I remember the time i put rage on my trin, but never managed to squeeze energy from damages.
  2. I suppose they just realized making a completely limited mod like that was a mistake, and this is the solution for the problem.
  3. Truth, and i'm on the side they should remove it and give us actual bonus reward instead.
  4. Kuva weapons, and murmur grind. This is plenty enough to prolong player's retention, there is no point in making them "nemesis" in current state of the system.
  5. Don't worry, de gonna do something anyway, like in after three months.
  6. Hmm, i didn't know entire community beside me had no problem with it, but still i'd choose latter, even if that was not me (like me and one trillions of community versus literally a person). Because i can relate with them and sacrifice 3 seconds per every 3 hours or so to negate their 3 hours of suffering, it's not like i will lose much from it. Oh also don't forgot almighty config exists, luckily i don't care dev's time or cluttered configs.
  7. You want to save your 3 seconds at the cost of someone else's 3 hours? heh, that's pretty cool and fair.
  8. Scrap all that, and just add a simple one. -Everything will be same as conclave, except you fight normal PvE enemies. Now this is perfect.
  9. I can't really understand why we have to "discuss" this thing again and again and again. We don't need self damage for balance, game has so many proof of it.
  10. Oh yes, just like literally every changes DE does.
  11. Yes, then you can keep doing your things like nothing happened. And it wouldn't be a big harm, you only lose one or two minutes for each liches that lasts hours.
  12. I'm sure i'll still make "a error that is very very rare and doesn't happen for 99% times" for hundred more times even with hold to spawn feature, just make liches only spawn on mission completion, rather than on kill.
  13. Heh, not really, i was rushing capture missions with ignis, and then ya know what will happen. Kill target fast, get close, press X... just like always we do.
  14. Just accidentally spawned unwanted liches, i hope them to only spawn when that specific mission is completed, so i can simply abort missions instead of getting punished for hours just cause i pressed specific key once.
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