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  1. meanwhile how about adding universal elemental mod too? +100% damage for literally any of the enemies, would do good.
  2. Is it just a troll post? If not, well, I mean wouldn't PvP players want something for PvP rather than PvE things? I'm not sure if those two types of players match that well.
  3. 0.5 is enough to make those rivens almost useless unless you roll some good roll on it, we don't need that nerf.
  4. Actually, we should remove cipher restriction from sortie. Cuz y not.
  5. Those 2 are most important for me, as long as I can use an ability for SOMETHING, I'd be fine. Like combination of decent tankiness/cc, damage buff, scaling damage and such. The worst part of yareli is the fact her 3/4 is pretty much nonexistent, no frame should have lackluster AoE damage ability with almost no scaling.
  6. We have the bramma, so there is no problem getting more bramma!
  7. Make it lock-on and automatically lead the bullet to their head, lul
  8. No thanks for one down steel path with arbitration drone.
  9. I won't say any of those really, in fact, anyone with sane mind should expect those from public. If you don't like it? go solo or premade, I guess.
  10. It's all ok, don't pretend like it isn't.
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