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  1. 1)Will we be getting more Kuva weapons? Like Hek, Sobek, possibly some brand new ones? 2) Will prices of reparing Railjack components be looked at, or are they final? It feels like they are far too expensive, making it feel like 'waste' to try and repair anythign that doesn't have amx rolls. Maybe make price dependant on the roll - the better roll, the higher price of repair. 2b)Speaking about Railjack components. Since we can upgrade our Kuva weapons if we find better variant, would it be possible to add similar funcionality to Railjack components? So if I drop reactor with 70 avionic, and then I find one with 80, I can use it to upgrade the one I have without having to repair new one (or maybe for fraction of price).? 3) Would it be posisble to add mods for railjack weapons? Or somethign similar - mayeb let us upgrade/adjust our weapons stats.
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