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  1. (PS4)NewcastleDisease

    Obviously you care little about our controllers DE

    you know that this is a community forum? it's not designed for DE to respond to every single post.. what do you think how many people they need to just filter all the postings? thats why there is the community.. is a problem serious enough it will be upvoted by the community to get the attention of DE's community team... it's a good working system to filter the real problems from the stuff just one or two player have problems with.
  2. (PS4)NewcastleDisease

    How can i sign in on an account through my ps4?

    exactly.. on ps4 you don't log in with your email. instead you use your psn account automatically as a sign in.
  3. (PS4)NewcastleDisease

    Mission types rework suggestions

    don't you think you overdo it a little? except spy, which sounds good for me, all other will end in endless missions or missionfailure due to too large levels...
  4. (PS4)NewcastleDisease

    Give Nezha some love pls DE

    ok, agree 😄
  5. (PS4)NewcastleDisease

    Give Nezha some love pls DE

    as nezha is my all-day-fav-frame, my 2 cents: personally i don't want to see any changes on Nezha... i like the way he already is, espacially the sliding abilities. All other Abilities are ok/good in combo, warding halo is good on his own, even without any augments. As i play lvl 80 missions with him without dying, can't say he is bad. it's just not a tank and not designed to run straight through enemies. his agility is his keyfeature.... may only the spears could be a little more effective i think.. but there could be more optical options 😄
  6. (PS4)NewcastleDisease

    How much Judgement points is recommend to farm Sayrn?

    took me luckily 4 runs to get all parts... so.. not so many.. 😄
  7. (PS4)NewcastleDisease

    Will we ever see a Spartan based Warframe?

  8. (PS4)NewcastleDisease

    So ah... why should we play Frame Fighter?

    why playing framefighter? well... if you are a '80 child you know why 😄
  9. (PS4)NewcastleDisease

    is there a way to get harrow blue print again

    Quest Frame can't be bought from credits and can't be re-rewarded after selling the first one. This is how it works. So to get Harrow a second time, you have to buy it through plat (225 platinum) or over another player.
  10. have not forma a single one.... ahm.. mod it right.. sharpend claws, 300% damage, rip of armour pounce, 8s walljamping, stun them, so higher damage yeah.. and? mod the opticor you get more damage.. mod here wrong and it will be another annouying weapon with snare, which deals 5 hits with 350 base slash damage, and garantee status effect, can be further increased with maul by 330% and YOUR abillity strenght critical hits not calculated at this moment, you get 350 * 3,3 *1,3 = 1500 BASE Damage (5 times in a row = 7500) were you can add you crit and status effects... have fun beside: bladestorm is a finisher. it's not meant to be a all-day attack. it's pretty like ivaras artemis bow or something like that. but it's not a abilities you use whole time. if you want to compare you should compare it to exhalted weapons like trinitys pixie weapon or excals blade.
  11. 1. Khora: try again... - whip deals enough damagei fyou mod right and use it with ensare or dome... 2. Venari: try again. - venari right modded heals every scratch from you, while you rush through enemies. - on attack she kills even sentiens on her own, spin them in chains and crush them to death. this week i'd saw her killing a nox on sedna while just running through the other end of the map. 3. damage: ... maybe you should considder to .. train a little? with khora i play most of my 80-100lvl missions
  12. (PS4)NewcastleDisease

    Co-Op Helping a new player has punishable learning curves

    not what i've said... to repeat myself: IF someone misuse the system, THAN the mentored will get nothing out of it. and if the reward is "to small" than anyone will cry around why it's so useless. or it's not compareable to the efford you have or whatever... but you're right with the clans... it's a good ressource for help and mentorship.