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  1. (PS4)NewcastleDisease

    Ash Bladestorm replacement (Hunter's Sight)

    the problem is: instead of just push one button to mark all, and pushing it again to kill them all, you have to push multiple buttons and combos in a row and whatever to make this working. this isn't fun.. it's exhausting. but i play warframe to have fun. not to push buttons over and over to make something i could do before just by typing 2 buttons. but with your concept player are forced into using this or loose the complete offence of this frame. just like the new nezha - you're forced to use the ring-shuriken over and over just to get not killed.
  2. (PS4)NewcastleDisease

    Ash Bladestorm replacement (Hunter's Sight)

    to replace bladestorm will kill ash's offence abilities. so no.. i don't want to see bladestorm replace by something else. even if you don't like bladestorm it is an essential ability of ash.
  3. (PS4)NewcastleDisease

    Need help

    You have to reload the game, not just go back to an already open game session.
  4. (PS4)NewcastleDisease

    Ridiculous Riven Challnges

  5. (PS4)NewcastleDisease

    Allow us to change focus tree's in loadout slots

    totally agree!
  6. (PS4)NewcastleDisease

    I will pay $1000 for a proper first-person mode

    and what lags on all of this games? motion. but this is a key feature in warframe. the ability to move fast in every direction, hit, jump, fire, slide, hit... can't be done this fast in 1st person. and thats a problem in all of this games. 1st person is a total diffrent playstyle, which is not made for games like warframe. it would become like borderlands or destiny (which are not bad at all - they are just totally diffrent - you just jump around and fire, sometime kill with knife, but normally fire). the 3rd person is what makes warframe fdiffrent and - for me - feel better than the other games. ok. and gamelore i just cool 😄
  7. (PS4)NewcastleDisease

    I will pay $1000 for a proper first-person mode

    warframe isn't Destiny.. and most movements and fightstyle are not possible from 1st person.. so no... i don't wanna warframe in 1st person. 1st person is for shooters, and you just can shoot out of a 1st persons view. but you can't fight with melee (except a punsh or something like that.. nothing as we have in warframe)
  8. (PS4)NewcastleDisease

    mask of the revenant is broken

    just a question: did you try it in solo-mode? because if you join a group, and someone else already triggered the "event" you can't trigger it again - even if this player (or yourselfe) leave the group. ran in this "bug" two times...
  9. (PS4)NewcastleDisease

    Help me choosing main :)

    the new update. nezhas abilities were changed. while some are nice, the warding halo is quite different from before. the old playstyle did not work anymore. you get damage while halo still is active, your shield is generally reduced, so your health gets down quite quick. beside that status damage like toxic now get through (what may is a bug). yes you can restore health with the chakram - if you can kill your enemies that quick. on higher levels your are now busy for killing enemies with your chakram while getting damage with halo still active. it is not funny anymore to play nezha.. it's exhausting... in our opinion.. may some other have diffrent views...
  10. (PS4)NewcastleDisease

    Help me choosing main :)

    normally i would say nezha, because he was well balanced. but since the update, my girlfriend already have, nezha is a desaster to play... for solo defence you should think about saryn, ember or frost while eidolon hunt is more about the right weapon as the frame.... harrow is nice for teamplay, but not on his own (he is still good but his abilities are wasted soloing) chroma is... hm.. funny to play. like nidus.
  11. (PS4)NewcastleDisease

    Suspended for account sharing

    Question is: did you share your account? if so - i believe you will stay suspended. if not and you can prove it, there is a chance to get unsuspended.
  12. (PS4)NewcastleDisease

    Where can i farm valkyr, venka and cernos relics real quick?

    you should have read what he ask.... he ask where he can get those relics... i don't know exactly where to find all this relics but may this helps a little: to know where you get the relics, have a look into the wiki.. for example valkyr prime http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Valkyr/Prime if you click on the relics (under drop location you'll find all active and vaulted relics where the part is in) , you'll be forwarded to the relics page, where you find all the drop locations for this specific relic with the chances for getting it.
  13. (PS4)NewcastleDisease

    New player tips and advices?

    hm... first of all: hi there 😄 tutorial: most things are explained during the storyline. the storyline (mainquests) drive you through every important points. everything else you'll find in the wiki, that's correct, but i understand that - especially new player - are overloaded with options and informations. some parts of the game are just: experience. rare material: simple: progress. just finish the junctions to every planet on the star map. yes, it take time but thats the key. in the very beginning it's hard to get some material, but it wouldnt be a thrilling game if you get everything without doing something... first impression: huh? in the very beginning there isn't more than: follow the mainquest to get some stuff and build your orbiter, or just take a quick mission on a planet to kill some enemies. yeah mods are just explained quickly, but - as with all questions - there is a well filled wiki for almost every problem. i know it's not perfect to research in a wiki, on the other side i believe it's at this stage of the game the only option. information: workshop? slots: yeah right... you should spend plat for slots. it's the very first suggestion every player will gave you. and yes, it should be more pointed out by the game. but, it's just start plat... platinum isn't that hard to get.. you just need a little bit of luck to get a rare mod or something you can sell for plat or some nice prime-parts. ah and you do not need to spend a single coin for this game. you can archive everything just by playing the game. this may takes some time, but it's possible 🙂 if you have questions, you'll get answer in this community 🙂
  14. (PS4)NewcastleDisease

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    equinox isn't male or female as i know.. it's both, depending on it's day/night side. so i'm curious how this frame change or may not change the order 😄
  15. (PS4)NewcastleDisease

    How do you get others colours for kubrow?

    yeah that's a little bit.. complicated.. as there seems to be no official information about rarity it mostly depends on what player believe. so in the end it's just experience... as i know especially the lotus pattern is rare... on the other hand strips are common. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Kubrow_Cosmetics this page helps a little (have a look at "natural colors and coats")