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  1. people always has something to cry for (mostly rng)... but for sure you should pay a little more attention about your wording.
  2. reading some of the answers/reactions i really ask myself why some people still playing warframe if all they do is crying around for raids/not hard enough enemies and hating things... what i like in warframe: you can play hunderts of hours and still find something new. you have hunderts of possible gamestyles in just this single game.
  3. indeed, more cephalons would be nice 🙂
  4. No. Already answered several times. Try search function. May cross-save will be released in the future...
  5. as far as i know there is no way to delete this. wouldn't make any sense to do this as it is a log of the clan activities to inform all clan member. may it would be better instead of deleting something to bring the ability to arrange and hide the boxes
  6. ...i don't even get what you are asking for..?
  7. if you want a challange: unequip health, shield and armour mods. that would be a challenge 😉
  8. mastery ranking is to proof you managed to aquire all nessessary skills.. it wouldn't be a test system if some of them are not a little tougher. especially this test was really easy as far as i remember.. also you don't need to rank mastery.. the few advantages are not that game-critical
  9. ...i've read no logical reason why DE should do this... for players sake i hope they will not do something like that - which will lead to a 2 class sociaty. and i don't get why we should start over again and again... we get new content as fast as DE can provide it, with blockbuster like sequences. all in all i - my own opinion - think DE do a great job till now. and with empyrean and the new openmap area in progress i am excited to see what warframe will become.
  10. ...i do not really get why someone feels forced to sell items for hours... i never sold any item, and never had any restriction out of this. that DE don't want a store system is clear: the have to made some money, so they want players to buy plat. it's an easy system. but they gives players the option to sell items for plat. there is even a 3rd party market for this stuff. so again.. don't get whats wrong with the system.. that said, if there would be a store system, the plat prices were extremly low, because you can always get it for less money at the next store. so the whole eco system (not that it would bother me) would be crashed, and for you stuff you would only get e few plats
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