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  1. sword is always 1 handed. if you follow the link you'll see. -> https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Sword you need to think in classes not in words in this case. so the sword class is always 1 handed. While a Heavy Blade (like Galatine) or a 2-handed Nikana is always 2 handed.
  2. wiki says 72h to build.. so no bug https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Ephemera
  3. just two lines because you get personal - what really is not a good property. i wrote you post about Saryn hatefully (so she had to be resticted and make other players experience useless etc), not that you are post to players. but in the end you only see what you want to see i think. no - as i wrote you can think whatever you want. i have tried to talk with you - wasn't very productive to talk with someone who only accept his opinion. so i just say: you can think whatever you want, like everyone can do. but i don't need to talk with you nor i need to insult me fro
  4. not what i've wrote - may you should please response to what i've wrote - thanks. it's bad design to have different options to play? so you are one of the persons who restrict use of everything instead of giving options and let people choose? first of all - there are missing some words. because you DO hate posts about Saryn. and other - like the OP wrote - write hate lines. sorry but you just want your opinion to be the only truth. and you don't want to see other sights. so - think whatever you want. it's a free world. i will stop her
  5. yeah thats funny. sorry but warframe is a game with many options. we need frames like Saryn with area effects. if you don't like random frames, don't use random groups. create a clan or group to play with. or deal with what you get if you use a rng system. Personally i hate Limbo - but i don't write any hate lines to player. i also don't repeatly posting hate posts about limbo. there are players who likes to play him. so have fun. i don't judge people for their playing. i'll just can leave groups with a limbo if i want. but no, it's truelly better if we just kick the
  6. just because you have another opinion don't mean that what i've wrote is not related. than step out of the range? even if you are in the range: the system is not possible to kill anything without spread the spores or without calling miasma again and again (=timegaps = kills for anyone else). even than there is the choose between ability range or ability strength or survailability for a Saryn player.... so everything has drawbacks. if a Saryn infect/kills enemys out of sight, than they are low level. again - i can't see why someone use a Saryn there - but same thing would happen with a
  7. than please read what i've wrote? if a person do 90% of the damage, while actually there is a timegap between infection and kill, what do the other players do? waiting? even with a Saryn in the team i normally have around 15-30% of damage (with a Nezha) so i really don't get the point.
  8. it depends on the playstyle.. as you're right on lower level (1-10) missions (where i have no idea why choosing Saryn as a frame on such mission), on higher level there is just a timegap between Saryn's infection and the actual kill, where you have plenty of time to kill targets. and: Frame like Volt, Ember, Banshee or whatever also kills Maps on lower missions )mostly more effective than Saryn does) - but i can't see newer hate comments about them? so, thats a little bit confusing, of this is the only reason or not?
  9. if a Saryn kills everything around you, you do something really wrong... espacially on higher missions...
  10. i'll run with Saryn a lot, sometimes get some hate but nothing much in the end. but if you read through the forum you'll find a few people who just hate Saryn for her abilitys - because they get less killes in missions. maybe they are not aware that this is a coop game. never understand why they hate Saryn - but not the other Frame with more massdestruction abilitys.
  11. Klingt als wären die Vorraussetzungen nicht erfüllt. Zeigt dir die Brücke(n) alle Vorraussetzungen als erfolgreich an?
  12. ich bin immer dafür erstmal Warframe Slots zu kaufen, einfach weil wenn man Platinum hat, es der beste Einsatzzweck ist (Slots zu kaufen, egal ob Warframe oder Waffen oder..). alles andere kann man idR erspielen (von kosmetiks abgesehen). Und ich kenne genug die sich hinterher geärgert haben, ihren voll ausgestatteten, 5 mal geformaten nicht-Prime weggegeben zu haben (wenn ich auch sagen muss: wenn man den Prime hat, spielt man den nicht -Prime seltener)
  13. rng is the base of any looter shooter game out there... and while you have only the chance to pay for it in other games, you can trade in warframe. can't see why every now and then players screaming around about it, if there are other options
  14. ivara.. ash... are much more worse to farm... i get harrow really quick while i need nearly 5 month to get all parts of ivara. it's not really terrible.. its just not that easy to get the parts.. statistic.. if you compare all players you will have a middle of around 8-9... thats all... a few (like me) get it in 3 runs, other (like you) need more time.. it's just luck in the end.. it's not that there is a script which say "uh, he reached 50 trys - let's hand out the blueprint" - hm.. maybe this would be not so bad in the end...
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