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  1. I love the look of the deferred rendering, but my cpu hates it. Specifically on the plains. My cpu hits 100% usage and my framerate drops from nearly locked 144fps to like 80... and it starts stuttering. I can't wait to upgrade from my current i5.
  2. Because that's what it is whenever people go out there claiming that the game is dying or this is going to destroy the game or whatever else. Trying to sway people to agree with them through fear. That's fearmongering. It's not a reasonable or productive way of criticizing something. You need to be able to articulate why you don't like something and how it could be better. Not just say "this is going to kill the game! Look, everyone is quitting already! Do what I want now!"
  3. I did literally none of those things. I always said that the top played games on Steam have a predominantly pvp/esports focus. So now you're just a blatant liar.
  4. You're probably the must stubbornly ignorant person I've seen complaining on here. You don't want to listen to anything. You think DE needs to listen to you because you know how everything works, while clearly demonstrating you have no idea what you are talking about. You know damn well nobody is playing any of those top player count games for anything but the pvp. You know this. You have to. I refuse to believe you're so obtuse as to genuinely make an argument that just because something has a pve element, then it's popular because of it. It would be as absolutely stupid as claiming people play Warframe for the crucible... would you argue that? I doubt you would. So stop acting like you don't know that pvp is the primary way that most games retain players. You not only make an ass of yourself, but you insult the intelligence of anyone you're arguing with. Beyond that, I'm tired of arguing around in circles with you. I've explained this stuff over and over, and you refuse to listen to any of it because you just want to whine and complain like a spoiled brat throwing a tantrum because mom isn't giving him that extra cookie. I'm tired of arguing with a child.
  5. Not everyone experiences those. It's a minority of players. Which is part of what makes stuff like that so difficult to test. You're right, I'm leaning heavily on my experiences as a tester. I know that no matter how many hours you put in, stuff is always going to slip through the cracks, and then people like yourself are going to whine about it and act like you didn't do your job. And the developers are going to have to patch all the crap you couldn't find later anyway. What you want is simply not feasible. You claim you're not arguing for a 100% bug-free release, yet you ignore the fact that bugs are squished before launch of all of these updates anyway. You ignore the fact that to find everything with a limited number of people would take months. You ignore the fact that tens of thousands of people playing a game for a day are going to find more bugs than any number of testers you could hire. I can't justify something that is complete nonsense... which is exactly what it is with the way you stated it. I have no idea what garbage you're trying to put in my mouth here, but let's break it down into some really simple terms... The top fifteen games on Steam currently are as follows... CSGO: PvP/esports DOTA2: PvP/esports PUBG: PvP/esports Siege: PvP/esports Ark: Survival/PvP GTA5: Sandbox/PvP (there's a reason Rockstar only makes multiplayer DLC now, you know) Football Manager: multiplayer fantasy football game Rocket League: PvP/esports TF2: PvP Destiny 2: Shooter looter with a heavy PvP angle Monster Hunter World: RGP Rust: Survival/PvP Warframe: PvE shooter looter BDO: MMO MCC: PvP Are you capable of noticing the pattern here? Why is it so difficult to understand that games that aren't focused on PvP are rarely left with numbers as high as those Warframe is maintaining? PvP games always have more regular players than PvE games... and yet Warframe is still up there in popularity. The fact that players have dropped since the hype of Fortuna's release isn't relevant. And no matter how many times you want to act like The Old Blood and Railjack are as big as Fortuna was... they're not. They were never going to be. There is no anomaly here. Warframe is doing very well despite being almost exclusively PvE, and not having a major content release like the Plains and Fortuna in over a year and a half. No, you're not forced to do any of those specific things. You can do them if you wish and end up with plenty of creds to buy whatever bits and pieces you need, and if you do just want creds, they've even weighted them to the front of the drop list, and you get nothing BUT creds after you hit 30. None of the objectives in Nightwave are difficult to do. The few that are geared more toward veteran players can easily be skipped. New players aren't even relevant when comparing to alerts because you needed to have the nodes the alerts were on unlocked before you could play them anyway, which locked many new players out unless they got sherpa'd to them, and if they could get sherpa'd to alerts, they can get sherpa'd through Nightwave objectives. None of what you said refutes anything I said about Nightwave. Explain how it's not a player choice when you're given a currency that you can spend on whatever you need? Explain how it's not a player choice to give you a series of objectives you don't need to complete in order to get what you want. Explain how it's not a player choice to give you an entire week to complete the objectives instead of restricting you to a couple of hours. Explain how nightwave having lore, enemies, and mechanics that aren't seen in the normal game is not superior to alerts which were just normal missions and had none of that. You say my examples of objectivity are nothing, yet you don't have a SINGLE ONE to prove that alerts are somehow better. Not a single one. You claim Nightwave is hiding points behind things players wouldn't otherwise do... so were alerts. I certainly didn't want to play two waves of Interception of Pluto at midnight on a Tuesday just to get some Nitain. Nightwave IS objectively superior... which is probably why you're basically the only person still whining about it. The only other people complaining are wondering where the next season is. Well I'm not, and I'm quite certain a lot of other people aren't either. Paying a static price to buy something is such a non-issue, it's not even funny. You're literally just whining because you can't use some in-game currency to buy something you don't need. What's really amusing is the fact that just a few paragraphs before, you were whining about mismatched in-game nightwave currencies... Make up your mind, dude. And you know that these vague and nebulous issues would have been discovered in a reasonable time period by however many testers DE employs? Compared to tens of thousands of players? All of them? Enough to satisfy whatever your own arbitrary definition of "not broken" is? Go get a job testing software. Maybe then you won't be so ignorant about it. Yeah, go look on twitch and tell me how many people are watching and playing Starcraft 2 for the PvE... Man, what a dumb argument. SMH
  6. As I stated, I was already explaining it to someone else before you bothered to bring it up. You and I were talking about reward rates before you tried to shift the conversation to event frequency, remember? I happen to be very consistent with my views and arguments on things. The fact that you missed it or want to try to start ignoring my arguments in an effort to showcase some kind of contradiction is just further proof that you can't back up your own argument with substantive points. Also, I'm not sure how I could dig myself out a "whole"... but I don't think I've placed myself in one to begin with. The facts remain. Scarlet Spear is an event that's bringing a bunch of different major gameplay features along with it, it's the start of a major continuation of the main storyline, and it's a way to get arcanes that doesn't involve hunting Eidolons. These facts combine to strongly suggest that the common fearmongering nonsense being perpetuated by people like yourself, that it's going to take far too long to earn Arcanes... does not hold merit.
  7. And yet, I've also mentioned ghouls and thermia fractures... which, need I remind you, in the case of thermia fractures, are required to play certain content, and are readily available with very little downtime. Scarlet Spear has presented as being a launching point for a lot of future content. The existence of plague star and acolytes doesn't reinforce your concerns. There are different events in this game that have different rarity and durations. Your argument is invalid and your concerns are nothing short of assumptions you're making in order to keep your conspiracies and fearmongering alive.
  8. It's not. Which is why you have nothing more to say about it beyond asserting it.
  9. That's not a valid counter-argument to anything I said, which I'm assuming is why you didn't bother leaving anything I said in the quote. I've already pointed out to someone else why it's naive to assume that this operation is going to be rare. There are too many systems tied to it. It's not a one-off random lore event like Plague Star or Acolytes or something. It's introducing actual gameplay systems.
  10. And if it only shows up one to two times per year but lasts 4-5 months at a time? This "event" is bringing a MAJOR gameplay element to it with the introduction of what was known as squad-link. It's bringing a new railjack missions and is essentially the beginning of The New War. This isn't just some random bit of lore that's being added, it's a launch point for future story-based content. Do you really think they're developing this as the introduction of a major gameplay element like squad-link, only to use it once or twice a year?
  11. Not at all. The current fearmongering argument is that it's going to take years for the average player to earn maxed arcanes because of the current rate at which you can farm arcanes from Eidolons. This is no longer going to be an issue, as they've clearly stated that Eidolons (and the RNG-based aspect of farming them) is no longer going to be the only way to receive arcanes. Your only argument here is an assumption that the rewards are going to be such an absurdly long time sink, that farming RNG-based Eidolons would either be comparable at best, or somehow more efficient at worst... and you have literally no evidence to support that assumption. Are the drop rates and rewards going to be perfect when Scarlet Spear launches? I don't know. But I'd be willing to put money on it being easier to get the arcanes that you want from Scarlet Spear than from farming Eidolons... which makes the fearmongering completely baseless and irrelevant.
  12. It's a recurring event. They compared it to Plague Star, Ghoul Invasion, etc. Considering it's bringing a major chunk of Railjack content along with it, and they've specifically stated that you won't need to farm Eidolons for arcanes anymore, it's naive to just assume that it's a temprary one-off thing just to keep your fearmongering conspiracies alive a little longer.
  13. It really doesn't matter what the prices are. The addition of selling them via a vendor removes the otherwise completely RNG-based drops as arcanes currently exist. With the exception of something extreme, like making the rewards for Scarlet Spear so paltry that it takes you days or weeks to farm a single arcane, this argument that it's going to take years for the average player to max a single one is dead in the water.
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