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  1. i did not say your thinking is wrong. all i said is that this whole thing is a personal matter. filtering or not filtering is my right, and each person's right. you might, but a lot of players might not want nor like to be filtering, based on this specific criteria, which is now the set of friend limit. so, they should not touch the friendlist behavior, since there is people who wanna have no friends, people who wanna have a few and people who wanna have a pile of friends. it is a personal matter and it needs no justification towards anyone, i believe. when the cap is set to 1,000 and there is people like me who have already above 3,000 (as so many others do as well), it means that when i wanna add even 1 more or someone might wanna add me instead, this action will never happen, unless i remove 2,001 of my friends. and then, after that, each time i wanna add a player, i am gonna have to remove someone else. and i do not see this as a good thing. thus, i said, this is a personal matter and it does not affect the ones who wanna have no friends or a few friends, but those who have a lot, for their own reasons, which they do not need to justify to anyone, since it is their right to do so. and if and when i wanna interact with all those friends of mine, it is another matter, which needs no justification as well. also, concerning the servers and the host migrations, i believe they need to come up with a another solution and a fix on that, and not force us to have a limit in our friendlist, just coz some other games have it as well.
  2. i do and many others too, i bet. you said it. if i engage, when i engage or whatever, it is another matter and my right. we need to be replacing people after the cap now and this is not good, in my opinion. and the complaint is absurd in your opinion, just like yours is in my opinion. if it has a huge pile of friends or a few or none at all, it is a personal matter. such a constructive post.
  3. I do not really agree with this change @[DE]Rebecca, this cap is not needed. But if you have to go through this whole change, take some more time to make the Friendlist UI a bit more improved as well, a bit more Friendly, if you will. For example, there is no visibility of the people who have sent you a request, among all the pending ones you have. We have to search through that list ourselves, making this very time consuming. P.S.: I have over 3,000 friends, and i bet there is people who have even more. Capping the friendlists is not a good thing to do. The game has already some capping, do not add a cap on the friendlist too, just coz other games have it as well. Why there should be a problem if someone has 5 friends or 5,000 friends? This is a personal preference, i wanna have a lot of friends to be having options to play with different people, and others wanna have a few, or none.
  4. Hello everyone. How are you? DE said on the last Devstream that there is going to be a friendlist cap of 1,000? Did i hear that right? Why they wanna do that, if i may ask? And what will happen to the people who have already more than this cap? Will they remove people from our friendlist just because? And if so, based on what criteria they are going to remove people from the friendlists? And in general, why there should be a cap in the friendlist? Why do they care if i have 5 friends or 5,000 friends? Thanks for any info on this!
  5. 1) Playing Catch-Up: Stored, Missed Acts! set it up this way so players won't be forced to finish the current week's weekly and the elite acts in order to see the weekly and elite acts they have previously missed. not all players can, nor want to do all challenges presented in there per week, for their own reasons, and this limits them to not being able to ever see previously missed ones. 2) Degrindification! i kind of think players needed to have more choices out of those challenges presented in there. if anything, you should have more and let the players decide which ones to be doing. you could, for instance, have 14 weekly acts and 6 elite weekly acts available per week, and let players select only half of each category (weekly and elite acts) to complete. have it like a selection or something so the rest to disappear. 3) Changes to Existing Acts! i am betting a huge portion of the playerbase will be happy with these changes under this category. i really hope though you will not replace the 'with clanmates / friends' acts to be 'with an alliance member', coz it is a similar redundant thing. do not restrict the challenges this way. 4) New Acts! 5) The Emissary 6) The Wolf let's see those live first and we will give the feedback then. thank you very much!
  6. According to what the devs have stated in the devstream concerning the nightwaves, it certainly feels like they are taking things to a better direction on that one, but still, i am not convinced by how much this will be any different, unless i see it up and running for myself first, plus, how a new player would feel for them and so forth. so, let's wait for it to go live and then give the feedback. i would certainly love to see the nightwaves be taken out and the old alerts to be returned, for many reasons i have stated as my feedback on this thread in the past, but let's wait and see how the episode 2 plays out. how much pressure it will end up having, how less grindy it will end up being in comparison with the 1st episode and the old alerts as well (as they were). how accessible will it be by new and newish players, how much enjoyable will it be and how much out-of-our-way gameplay will it be having for getting each tier's reward. let's not forget that nightwaves are a replacement of the old alerts we used to know and access so easily and be rewarded so fast, so a comparison with the old alerts must be made as well, on each change they do on them, so to see the good and the bad. i will certainly not like the change they are making to some of the acts stating with a friend or a clanmate to being acts with an alliance member, coz it is basically a similar thing, so, i feel like this is not a change to a better direction at all. nightwave challenges should not have this restriction of running them with anyone at all. those who want to do them solo, they will do them solo. those who want to do them with friends, clanmates, alliance members and so forth, they will do them with those. but forcing people to do them with others, otherwise you will not complete that specific act type of a deal, does not strike me as something being very good to have in there. if we want to do them with others, we know the way, there is no need to be forcing us or leading us to do so.
  7. Just remove nightwaves and replace them with the old alerts, just as easily and as fast as you replaced old alerts with the nightwaves. you did not let both systems to be up and running for a while, just so to see flaws and stuff, coz you dropped it out there, by removing the old alerts at the same time and it fails spectacularly to its purpose. well, kudos on that, now bring back the old nice alerts, and remove the boredwaves.
  8. You can spin it how you guys want, the fact is nightwaves are not a good alert replacement. Both systems should coexist, each for it's own use and purpose. However, if old alerts are not gonna be returned, the nightwaves system must be tweaked a lot so to be enjoyable by a lot more players and not seem as a forced grindfest ladder of things we have done many times over or do not wanna do in general just because, so to be reaching to rewards. On my previous post in here, I suggested a few things on how to make nightwaves a bit more tolerable by those you don't like them. Overall though, old alerts were better and felt alot more on the fly rewarding for running a mission and 5-10 minutes later had the reward collected, done and done. No ladder, no grindfest, no forced gameplay. A lot of players think this way, we cannot all be wrong about it. DE, we love you and all, but do something with the nightwaves, adjust them in a way to be more enjoyable and not feel as a chore. Or bring back the old alerts too and have both systems up, so players to choose how the wanna be doing things. Everyone would be happy if this happened. Thanks for reading.
  9. Although I do not really like nightwaves and the fact they replaced the alerts while they should both coexist, these changes below might make them more tolerable by me and by some other players who think of the nightwaves in a similar way. 1. each tier should be giving wolf creds, so for all kinds of players to be able to get what they want out of the offerings list as soon as possible, such as the core items (bps, auras, nitain), since the wolf creds and so forth will be reset on the 10th week. With a specific limit that can be obtained/extracted per week on each item available in the offerings list, though. Just so nobody to be stucking up hundreds on a specific item from there in a very short time. This limit should be under normal restrictions though, so not to become more of an annoyance. For instance a decent number of a nitain pack of 5 as a weekly restriction could be 2-3-4 times. So no more than 10-15-20 nitain per week. If you come to think of it, this is what a normal kind of a player could get per week too, with the old system. 28 nitain per week was the max with the old alerts, but only if you did all nitain alerts. 2. each week should consist of a lot more challenges, but to be able to only select and complete 3 elites, 5 weeklies and 5 dailies, alike, for example. So to have a choice between them all. 3. remove the restriction of some challenges demanding to be played with friends or clanmates. If we want to play with a friend or a clanmate we know the way, no need for the nightwaves to be telling us to do so. 4. go all the way in with the challenges. Add challenges of archwings, kdrives, caves, index, conclave, questlines and so forth and let's see how much players will like such challenges. The more choices between challenges, the better, though. (this could work nicely with the 2nd suggestion) Thanks for reading.
  10. exactly that. i do not even care who is wrong or right, to be frank. to a degree, i am glad it happened, coz it got people's and dev's attention too. so, now, something will be done to observe the whole market, items, prices and all that. ergo, it will be keeping the items under a logical price and not let people be scummed and ripped off.
  11. ripping off players who do not know, or they are new, or whatever, destroy game economies even more. we'd rather have an in game feature to observe that, than the alternative, which is an uncontrollable and ridiculous pricing of items. and btw, it won't be an actual auction house as you are thinking it to be.
  12. it was about time, to be frank. no more scumming the people who do not know, or they are new, or whatever. thanks for that, DE.
  13. yep, exactly. i want new content, not content leading me to the content i've already done many times over, with even more grind on top of it too, just so i can reach to a tier to get a reward, which is debatable if it is worthy of all the time, grind and forced gameplay i have to put myself into. i am not doing any of it, unless it is completed by total luck as i am doing the things i, myself, want in game and not be forced to do. hell, not even those who support the new system will be doing these things a while from now, simply coz they will be burned out even faster by doing so or play another game when this gets old (and it will get old rather quickly) or whatever else reason, just wait and see. old alerts, you will be surely missed. the alert poped up in the mobile app or in game, 5-10 minutes later, reward collected, done and done. bring back the old alerts, alongside the nightwave system, so everyone to be happy and do it the way they want to, simple as that. and adjust the nightwave system to be more all kinds of players friendly. and btw, mr26 here and almost everything owned in game, all focus schools maxed with overflow by a lot of millions to each, lots of rivens rerolled, all syndicates maxed and extracted what i wanted out of them (conclave included), moas, amps, kitguns, clan with max room limit reached and with almost everything researched (except the clan colors, since i am not much into decorations), and the list goes on and on and on and on. so, you cannot really say i haven't done the work or i do not wanna do the work. and it is not work, but you know what i mean, since this is a game, let's not forget that. it is not like that. i just do not wanna do it as a forced thing, as a secondary job. and i am certain a lot of players see this whole thing as i do, as well. thank you.
  14. i am not doing this thing. i've done all these things already in the past, i do not wanna be forced to do them all over again. i want new content, not content leading me to the content i've already done many times over, with even more grind on top of it too. i am not doing any of it, unless it is completed by total luck as i am doing the things i want in game. hell, not even those who support the new system will be doing these things a while from now, simply coz they will be burned out even faster by doing so or whatever else reason, just wait and see.
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