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  1. hey guys. thanks for the replies. we are still logging on to the game when we use the app, though. we can change stuff, do foundry, chat, check for alerts (well, the old alerts), feed the pet and so forth. i do not see a reason we cannot collect the daily reward tributes as well. if they want us to play, forcing us to go to the pc/laptop we possible cannot go to at that time, due to work, or a business trip, or being sick, or whatever the reason, it is not the way. also, even if we are 24/7 in front of our laptops/pcs, do you think it is hard to just log on, collect the daily reward tribute and then log out right after? - was that us playing? - no so, they do not really force us to play, unless we really want/can. not having the daily reward tributes to be collected via the phone app too is just an inconvenient to a big portion of players and they do not succeed anything by not implementing this there too.
  2. hello any chance to be able to collect the daily reward tribute by the phone app as well? for all of us who have jobs and we are days on road and all that. thank you.
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