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  1. great, thanks. now please release a 3rd hotfix so we can actually download the last hotifx. coz all we are getting is to log out coz there is an update, but we never get the update. also, what about fixing the stuff which have been around for months too? just a crazy thought, you know.
  2. i thought DE said they will do what they can to reduce the grind. is this what they can do? great, thanks DE. this whole thing is yet again another grindfest, filled with bugs and broken matchmaking and broken connection between the ground squads and the rj squads. also, reaching to rewards demands a very high amount of points/standing. DE, i love you and all, but ever since the nightwaves, you basically release grindfests on top of more grindfests, with timegates, rngfests and clusterbugfests. i get warframe has a grind, but we are way past the acceptable mindless grindfest state. take a step back and think things through. thanks for reading!
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