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  1. yep, it took them 45 mins to take back the intended and written down in the patch notes kuva drop chance from thralls, but for this they need days, apparently.
  2. So, no murmur team progress on lich attempts, as of yet. (both successful or failed ones). you seem to be over discussing or over thinking a very simple thing as that. bring it back, everyone will be happy, problem solved.
  3. hello Bear, the solution was right there, you've found it before the last hotfix. revert it to how it was and everyone will be happy. since this whole lich process is a grindfest and rngfest, at least give back the shared of murmur progress as it used to be, so to make it team friendly again, bearable and fun. not to mention you need to make the progress of all the rings to 60% again, or 60%, 80% and 100%, accordingly, maximum, but anyway. i am sure the majority of the players will be happy by just getting back the shared affinity of the attempts on liches between the squadmates (on both successful or failed attempts). also, you guys removed the kuva drop chance (which was intended) from thralls in like 45 mins and you cannot revert this in this time frame as well? what more do you want to see? you've gotten the same kind of feedback from so many players. we cannot all be wrong for wanting this the way it was. thank you!
  4. are you serious now, DE? this was 1 of the benefits of going in to public runs for this grindfest and rngfest of a thing, since it was shared throughout the squad members. it made it fun and bearable, since you helped others and received help from others. it'd be fine if we needed to do it only a few times, but we need to do it a lot of times. now, except the murmur progress rings process there is no real benefit going in public runs whatsoever and when there is someone's lich around, we no longer care or need to help out to down the lich. are you pushing us to solo playing a co-op game or are you just changing stuff around till you reach a way of things that it will give you enough time for the next updates? or are you trying to set up the whole lich process from creation to killing (vanquishing/converting) to be taking us 1 week at a time? coz if you are going for something like this, i can safely tell you that soon enough nobody is gonna be even bothered to run the lich system all together. apart from that, the new changes raised a lot of more chat hate messages. since, if you do not kill your lich, another person's lich won't spawn. so, as you know, people either abort missions, or we have these 'kill your lich' sentences in the chat, followed by 'why? you have no benefit if i do so', thenafter 'i have the benefit of my own lich spawning', in continuation 'then go solo', and theafter 'no you go solo' and so on and so forth, all these good stuff. this whole thing is certainly not a co-op material and a nice game environment to get into. get it together, DE. you tweaked things around in the last 3 hotfixes only to have the same result, if not an even worse one. awesome, thanks a bunch. we ain't stupid, we can see what you are doing, from removing the chance of kuva drops out of thralls, to removing the shared murmur progress from attempts in liches. i love you guys, i love the game, but you need to stop tweaking things around, only to reach to the same result, if not to an even worse one. this whole thing was a grindfest and a rngfest from the get-go, you made it bearable and fun between the 2 previous hotfixes, and after the previous one and this one, you made it back to being worse again. at least dial down the murmur progress rings needed back to 50-60% for all 3 of them, if you are gonna stick with this way of things, if not even less than that, considering how things work right now. thanks for reading.
  5. so, you first release the kuva as a 5% drop change and then you are taking it back. ---> "Mercying a Thrall now has a 5% chance to drop 500 Kuva or a Requiem Relic, adding another reward vector in the steps that are required to Vanquish/Convert a Kuva Lich." i understand the req mods not being an intended reward as a drop, but why you give kuva a drop chance in the drop table only to take it back after 30 mins? also, murmur discovery requirement for hints should be 60% for the 1st one, 80% for the 2nd one and 100% for the 3rd. apart from that, thralls should be spawning a lot more, coz i kind of think you broke their spawning rates after the last hotfix. and, i think you broke the hacking and mercying normal mods too, the ones which can be slotted in the 2nd row of the parazon. coz nobody is blinded when i mercy, nobody is shocked when i am hacking, and i am not going invisible after hacking and so on and so forth. the rest is fine, i suppose. thank you.
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