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  1. Purchased a Prism Shade in the Void Trader (which I already had one of) with the sole purpose to give to another user who could not afford it. In the Trader it clearly shows as Tradable via the square bracket style Icons [] . Instead you cannot trade it and for me this means I just threw away 500 ducats and 400K Credits (plus prime stuff I may have preferred to have kept). This needs to be fixed either way (remove icon or make it tradeable).
  2. I don't mind the auto switching, its quite nice, especially for weapons like the Zenistar which is so much better for deploying the disk. but there should be some option to "opt-out" of the fully equipped stance for the melee. Polearms are my big example, I HATE, no DETEST, the equipped stance animations. They are horribly slow and ruin the game. Un-equipping the stance mod makes it worse (you'd think it would revert to how the quick melee worked, but no) Having built like 13 different polearms I now really hate them all. At this point I basically stopped using melee except in rare cases and just carry my Zenistar for choke points. NEED TO FIX.
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