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  1. It would be nice if while this foolish nightwave thing wasn't happening normal alerts would come back, better yet keep them going all the time so people with things like jobs can still make progress.
  2. I've gotten a sigil I think so far... But Im not sure, I keep forgetting to check
  3. I dislike nightwave almost as much as I hate having a 1970's era musical imposed on me in the form of some cheesy DJ talking over the Lotus, who in my opinion is far far more important to the story you seem to be abandoning. I fail to see the point of this system, it provides no guidance whatsoever for new people, is in the way of getting things people need and used to be able to get, and does not lead to exploration or doing quests to learn about the Warframe universe, it leads to the damned wiki instead. I am simply not doing it, but if this were how Warframe worked when I was new I wouldn't be playing Warframe at all, I would be working in things like ZBrush, Sculptris and Blender. I'm going to give it some time, maybe its UI will change and actually send you places, but for now I'm just going to play Warframe the way I used to and ignore the fact I no longer have access to things like Nitain or aura mods.
  4. I cant see it, all the images give 404 errors, is there somewhere else to look at it? Nevermind! They all just showed up! THAT was WEIRD!
  5. I give them away or trade them for Ayatan sculptures which I like a lot more than mods that clog up my mod bench and cause constant error messages about having too many. That or I melt them into endo. If you are paying for rivins, especially large amounts, you aren't playing a game, you are getting the shaft.
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