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  1. dude, just chill out!! i don't care how anything works or the technicalities or politics of it. I'm just asking DE for what they said they would give us whether i have proof to you or not, DE would actually if they said it or not either you see it that way or you don't. stop being defensive. you don't need to fight me on this, it just them to tell me when and if it will happen, its that simple. i'm not trolling or being weird. you're just taking this too far
  2. no, not saying its more import. i'm just saying it was discuss before that, to give you a timeline
  3. ok, i'll look for it and post it when i find it
  4. I don't get what you're saying. they said they would work on it and bring it back and make it better. the that was on the list of things to be done. that was even before melee 3.0 discussion. they didnt have to say i promise for it to be one. they stated it was on the list of things to do
  5. yes, that did happen, but long after that they said they would bring it back. and they brought that up saying it was why the changed it, but the see that the community doesnt like the wall hop and that they will work on the better way to implement it
  6. I was trying to remember the exact Dev stream, but it was on of those Q&A section of the dev stream and steve said they would bring it back
  7. I have a GTX 1070 with 8G vram, 12G of ram and a AMD Ryzen 5 2600. for some reason i get random stuttering in the regular non open world title-set and on initial phase of entering cetus, plains of eidolon, and orb vallis i get a whole lot of stuttering and freezes. why is that? I'm using the steam version of the game. my research has suggested that running the game through steam may be one of the reason of get this. any advice on fixing this? i run other more damanding games like even forza horizon 4 at ultra settings on 4k and more but i dont have this issue. not with any other game than warframe
  8. DE, about a year ago you promised to bring back the wall run. you even agreed that it makes more sense as they are ninjas and the wall hop doesn't really fit and is less practical. we've been getting a lot of changes and fixes but we still having seen this change/update, whats the ETA on that? a promise is a promise DE...
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