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  1. Please update sensitivity scale:
  2. Ye, I can understand why they did it. I actually tried to look for any rules about bumping posts when I first started the topic, but I wasn't able to find any (granted I don't think I looked that hard lmao).
  3. Fun Warframe fact: Rule 2 states "Use our forums to talk to us and talk to each other in a constructive and respectful way that encourages interaction and thoughtful discussion. Stay on-topic, be constructive and use descriptive Topic titles. Don’t rage/rant post, name and shame, have misleading topic titles, post spam, advertisements, unreleased Design Council information, pornography or any other inappropriate, offensive or irrelevant content to the Forums in text, image, or video form. We will delete/edit it, and there will be consequences as per our warnings." I got a warning yesterday and all of my other 'Fun Warframe facts' have been deleted. Hopefully they bother to improve the mouse sensitivity at some point. I wonder if this post is going to be removed lmao.
  4. Please update the sensitivity scale:
  5. Please update sensitivity scale:
  6. Please update the sensitivity scaling:
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