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  1. I think you just need to take the hint man. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1123769-pc-disruption-expansion-feedback/ Here is a post I made with a familiar tone. Nothing has happened.
  2. Amazing, a new player figuring it out so early.
  3. I'm aware World system theory is a thing with periphery countries and core west countries. No compromise on trade tariffs = nobody else is moving up in the world
  4. I’ve already expressed a really nice compromise solution a few pages back. Tbh lack of compromise is common in the 21st century. Checkout the United States for example.
  5. wild wolf just crit damage wipe. (2.4 billion health is a big difference imo). non wild wolf just burn with reave: 148.3% faction damage triple dipping gas setup paracesis... Easy. Or just reave him lul. Warframe abilities like that will be fixed eventually.
  6. I do not. Unless it is competition between who can kill what mobs the fastest etc.
  7. I’d be fine with massive monsters with really high health, like 2.4 billion hp bosses with a decent amount of DR to prevent one shots. This way you can see all that sweet damage you deal for like 4 minutes and feel accomplished.
  8. Read the clues, your human intelligence should solve it.
  9. In my personal opinion, camping mainly applies to PvP games as a derogatory label for players. In Warframe the game is built around camping. It is a natural element of the game.
  10. I think a compromise needs to happen with every update. Content for older players (4+ years) and content for younger players (2-3 year old accounts). This way everyone has something to do. This would allow both perspectives here to meet half way.
  11. Sometimes things just need to happen, people will leave, but people rejoin every year. The thing we forget is people are constantly coming and going from warframe. As old people leave new flowers will grow regardless of what happens. Again, this is an opinion there are many for an experimental game like Warframe.
  12. statistical changes to buffs and debuffs really, that should solve a lot. Adjustments of AoE frame range as well for a more radical approach. I understand many cannot depend on others. Hmmm, there are frames in the game that actually preform A LOT better alone, they could be used to make solo content more bearable, in fact they do.
  13. Before we can change enemies, we must first change how we function. We are farming monsters right now. Lets develop a more interdependent approach (We depend on each other's abilities in synergy for success! Also missions are reformed to not be grind oriented but teamwork oriented + dynamic!).
  14. Hey man, 7 years. I’m not going down until everyone understand Warframe does not really have a definitive genre, it dynamically is changing annually!
  15. From what statistics? Does it count inactive players that have been offline for 3 months? This is a big issue that is being overlooked. It has been two years of hopping on for a week, realizing I am finished with the game and require nothing new from x update etc... If you find me 2019 or 2020 polls declaring high end geared Tenno with my progressive mind set minuscule. I still feel that it is not right to oppress a group of players completely because me and you have different opinions on what the game is supposed to be.
  16. Minuscule imo not so much anymore. Those statistics need to be update, i'm seeing A LOT more players talking about it. 30 million players imo registered is another thing to consider. Not all those 30 million players play, heck, not even 100k people are on at the same time according to the steam charts. I'll check tomorrow how the PC community is doing via squads etc...
  17. I agree with trials being too puzzled based, which is why I suggested DE was aiming for coordination content then (boss fights). I disagree with railjack being too difficult, I think the problem with Warframe that is unsolvable is progression is nullified. If not everybody can access it or do it day one it will be adjust for everyone :/. This is something that is permanent now and cannot be adjusted because it will result in loss of income via player count drop. I personally don't believe enemies were that difficult in railjack all the way to the veil (12 min veil missions and under). My proof for most of this is a large amount of players that I have talked to are constantly finding Warframe (After the first three or four months) mundane and tasteless. I still don't believe more people are picking up railjack, unless you have proof of a decent amount of squads in railjack missions.
  18. We are just disagreeing then on how we pleasure ourselves in the game. Relaxed power fantasy to progression opinions.
  19. I think it is important that we look at some aspects of Warframe as the 'Old World Warframe' and the "New World Warframe" Old world consists of items that represent exponential damage multis like old condition overload (which is now the mecha empowered set essentially) and weapons that deal godly amounts of damage that the game is insane. New World being weapons, abilities, and more that are balanced for level 200-400 area or even less (Kuva Seer, and literally almost all the weapons Warframe has to offer besides the few dozen that are stupid strong.).
  20. Well, we just have different opinions. I assure you there are many people like me. An opinion is not a problem, digital extremes does not listen to anybody for feedback imo. What you give is just a grain of salt. My Kuva disruption feedback is a testament to that. You believe what you want to believe and I will believe what I want to believe, especially because I am someone who has a deep love for the success of Warframe.
  21. Edited a bit more about my post, again this is my opinion as someone who has been here for the whole nine years, invested in countless discords, and a nice clan that is around 5+ years old now (Globally top 10 in hostile mergers). I actually happened to agree with your point that the game should be built around certain enemies etc... However, I stated it needed to be balanced around new AI.
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