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  1. Hey look this game still living through immoral monsters that tease others.
  2. The fact this thread has become to big and popular means there is something to certainly learn from Genshin Impact. I'm not sure what that might be, but certainly it would be naive and ignorant to assume nothing could be learned from Genshin Impact. The recent update with the new 'Boss Fight' in my opinion is something Warframe needs to learn from. Mihoyo is very big on balancing their game correctly, something Digital Extremes needs to learn how to do.
  3. Hey its me i'm alive! Been here since the start but also almost a whole year without playing Warframe woot! I guess my only comment on difficulty in Warframe is it is non existent when you and your team are overtly powerful in all scenarios throughout the game. Idk what has been said before me but that stands and my evidence is experience and others experience. I don't think my clan and I will be returning anytime soon or ever.
  4. Its a solo player game in a multipler game, peroid. Caters for new players for money.
  5. Well some change is about to happen, maybe for the better! It may also be the for the worse.
  6. Mind control, silence assassin Banshee can mind control frost eximi. This will provide an extra wave of cc (enemies have a LONGER silenced duration) https://imgur.com/MBhGIfL - Banshee main since original release
  7. Just make different tiers for it basically guys. new boys do new boy stuff, big kids to big kid stuff.
  8. They buy the frames with plat twice now. Do you understand why its MR8 now? Money Talks
  9. When you have an 8 year old account, are invested in some high end content and communicate with high end players, and learn Warframe mechanics to better understand the game and prepare your friends/clanmates with that information. When you start to teach other players how to build and play is when you are not new and are able to correctly decide which abilities go where with the new system.
  10. ^^ exactly, also it is important to note that the pattern of poor Ember durability led to this situation, even after rework nobody wanted to play her because of her notoriety.
  11. utilize with exalted blade CO augment works like a charm.
  12. Usually not able to sustain in higher levels. That is what made her unpopular in the first place and the trend kind of stayed.
  13. This combination is going to be a mess! Radial Javelin's augment's math works like roar now, making it all the more terrfying. In combination with chromatic blade and war cry, you'll truly be the master of blades.
  14. Chaos in my opinion is Nyx's signature spell. Her 3 provides great cc for a long duration. Revenant's 1 basically is a multipurpose mind control imo
  15. Banshee's kit is incredible and will always be my first widely used Warframe and favorite.
  16. 7-8 year old game and you're just a beginner, chillax. You don't need this stuff!
  17. many people have been playing for YEARS. To be able to horde all those resources is the reward for constantly playing. Someone new does not need to have a decked out Warframe immediately. Effort is required to obtain the most powerful S#&$ in Warframe, regardless if there is a point to getting strong equipment or not.
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