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  1. The point is to provide more status for condition overload exponential scaling, all weapons are subservient to melee period.
  2. the creativity has drowned, it is all about releasing content to keep new player base income.
  3. what do we get though after farming? Playtime for their game? Not anything that we need (everything is doable in the game with a basic setup, especially the sacrifice which is smoother with an amp.)
  4. I assure you compared to power creep monster, this is fodder lol
  5. Check my Kuva Disruption post, it reflects Aether's statement (Directly under Disruption feedback, first post).
  6. S#&$ man... This post cannot be more accurate. @eXotic respect to you willingly getting your ass roasted alive, you are brutally honest with positive and negative statements. The people that read that review (EVEN THE POSITIVE STATEMENTS) in my personally opinion have not experienced the game as much as they should have and are falling directly into that new-player wallet need by the company.
  7. Midas


  8. Anything that map wipes like Saryn, also it is more so MODS for melee than weapons.
  9. The abilities are like a core amount of frame abilities that can do familiar things, like being overpowered by themselves... By stating this you are stating they need to be reworked as well. You are also technically stating that that group of frames needs to be re balanced.
  10. Don't touch a skill that is already setup for a frame to give him a bit more luster than others! His kit works fine together, it is in the higher level category that you begin to see thralls work out nicely (frost eximus thralls I am looking at you!
  11. 1. Not in line to get primed yet 2. Rework comes out with the Prime aka new frame. 3. Read a bit before commenting Thank you!
  12. If it is inefficent and pointless with the current damage system, i'm not wasting my time to develop "unique" builds.
  13. Lol nothing is stealthy anymore with the map wiping. They need to re balance damage 100% and completely take out AoE.
  14. just Run Redeemer with Banshee "All of Banshee's equipped weapons, including Gunblades, such as Redeemer, and weapons equipped on Sentinels, should they be present, are treated as silent." (Warframe Wiki). An experienced player would know this.
  15. Your complaining about challenging content that is so easy, this is the reason why digital extremes has nerfed "skill" based gameplay into the ground and has made it farming simulator. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Mastery_Rank Here, I did the work for you now watch the Mastery rank 9 video and tips. You need to learn to use resources for gaming (wikipedias help a lot) You also need to learn how to play the game, that is done through mastery tests and experience.
  16. please... no more memes!
  17. Dethcube simply is nothing compared to Djinn or Helios in power.
  18. I have seen many discord talk about this mod in combination with ash's augment and excalibur's augment. Your team will reach a 5x combo multi in under 5 minutes for certain with this.
  19. 5x combo multi for 3 damage immune revenants or inaroses with slash dash support excal, In like 2 minutes.
  20. Right Idea Rewards are not all that great besides the - self combo one. That is going to be really broken.
  21. boy... you fool. If I am reading it right it says melee combo on allies and yourself. Ever heard of slash dash augment???
  22. Most good Digital Extremes. Most good. Better be 5k kuva per 3 vitus essence btw.
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