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  1. Went right over my head haha, I was focused on the time it takes to eliminate the target.
  2. The game became more challenging and rewarding to player's that coordinate + have strong setups + equipment.
  3. should be more kuva if you do all 4 at the same time with a team.
  4. @Wyrmclaw Dandy just cleaned out a majority of their playerbase for inactivity. You probably can rejoin and be active again but you really should be contacting him not the forums lol!
  5. even with a booster doubling the 350 global drop Kuva... It is still not effective.
  6. if you are on now i'll fight 20 level 150 battalysts without dying in sim for you. The fight will be short as well.
  7. Again when I spoke of damage I was referencing enemy damage as well and loosely... armor and health of enemies. It all just needs to be changed.
  8. health values get weird past level 1000... it really is a BIG difference young one. If you are basing it off combo you have to not die first once you get to that point to maintain the combo.
  9. It will hit 1.6 billion which in turn will be diminished to 80 million, unless the 95% dr is never applied. Go test that paracesis on level 3k.
  10. its max hit is 50k per hit. Take into account that the 1.6 billion is one single hit. Condition overload is beyond broken rn and needs to be stopped, along with blood rush (Simply because it allows low level map clearing). I'd gladly use my rapier instead if the game was not whipped clean in 5 seconds by some spinning man. That number can potential be even higher (max damage) with more statuses on the targets. This can be done with mods like lets say... Proton snap which applies toxin to your weapon once you do something. Proton snap changes the elements on your weapon by introducing toxin... (more than the usual statuses on a weapon because of this mod).
  11. Don't think this is happening. I feel like Disruption feedback is also being ignored... A 1k standing medallion is a really bad incentive to grind as well. Why do I need syndicate standing when I have it done anyways as many other endgame players do as well. Trying to figure out what is going through their heads honestly.
  12. I hope it does mean CO will be affected, I made a whole feedback thread on it that may actually be responsible for Steve's decision ;). My whole goal is to dial back those insane mods (that includes blood rush as it can be annoying in lower levels which is basically the entire game). It is really not that hard to do incredible damage in this game, it is the fact people don't want to talk about it because of nerfs. It also should be stated without dialing these things into line... this game is doomed to fail. The game as it is now has a damage system that is overly unbalanced... It is insane (even for enemies!).
  13. not certain but if sentients have 95% dr, that'd still be 80 million damage..., They would die. That is also just one hit. If your next argument is enemy armor into account as well, those trash mobs were corrupted unstripped level 3k+... They would certainly die.
  14. It is not uncommon for a Status build to hit 1.6 billion on melee. Gun blades hitting 30 million+ and it is still very common in many instances. 4 million on crit is really small compared to the power that is condition overload. Status will always reign supreme.
  15. for corrosive, utilize a secondary for stripping + corrosive proc. ALSO if you run with a clan/group that utilizies 4 cps or 3 other cps with coaction drift you will have no problems with armor!
  16. Still waiting for Kuva Disruption changes, hopefully tuesday it gets talked about! (Disruption feedback thread is loaded with it).
  17. As a Banshee main, she is a squish bunny but she is vital for endurance past level 1k+
  18. 20p maxed each, how cheap is that! Really good deals ez builds going for 10p maxed on wf.market actually LOL Also little advice for Tenno that utilize maxed arcanes, you get a total of 6 revives! (1 per maxed arcane on your warframe).
  19. So it is actually quite easy and popular. You essentially take Skijati for invisibility + two arcane trickieries, once the trickeries proc utilize your sonar for your teammates or yourself to pop off in damage. Make sure you have Resonance and savage silence on for augments. You will remain invisible for the rest of the game if you follow this process and provide amazing debuffs. If you wanna play even safer, drop a ancient healing specter + magus lockdown, the specter gives you a free 90% damage reduction. STAY AWAY from teammates bullet paths as you may get hit by a stray bullet. You must learn the ways of stealth frame. If you have an Octavia on your team drop savage silence and just go nuts. There are many ways to stay alive Tenno Invisibility is one of them for your more squishy frames.
  20. Write a support ticket, you should be able to claim it in your inbox.
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