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  1. I guess at 150 it is still easy to kill, you switch out for floods after an hour for efficiency then return to disruption, that should be the plan.
  2. They should make an option to toggle it on or off.
  3. In the beginning yes, in the end, they get very very tricky. Kuva guardians require you void strike as well so you need med energy pads to drop at the same time you dash em.
  4. Magus lockdown is fine, as levels increase, its duration decreases. It also has diminishing returns meaning the more you use it on one unit, the less effective it will become.
  5. Feedback = Dev's read = changes are made. If changes are not made well... I think that shows us how it is going to be from now on. No need to be toxic.
  6. Please post feedback here if you are interested, the first post discusses the problems with Kuva Disruption right now, majority of the people there agree with my opinion. I think we can make a great change with positive feedback! With great effort, great rewards should follow, not slightly greater.
  7. 5.00% 20 x 5% = 100% Theoretically expected to get one medallion every 20 runs 132 x 20 =2640 expected runs to max ONE SYNDICATE. 2640 x 5 = 13,200 to max ALL SYNDICATES. I have noticed a bit of Medallion talk here as well, this is something to think about...
  8. Take into account the time it takes to walk around the map to gather PHYSICALLY DROPPED KUVA as well.
  9. The Warframe community is evolving from using Gauss for speed and actually using Gauss's kit correctly. Pat yourselves on the back for trying to understand the abilities in this topic.
  10. Provide constructive feedback please, just like my post, I spent 3 hours on it.
  11. Join the club! Make your way to the FEEDBACK SECTION As of now I have written a 3 hour post describing what needs to be changed #support
  12. I think they REALLY should have it drop on top of Kuva(together), this is the first endgame content for vets, efficient Kuva is important.
  13. Please take a look at our Kuva Disruption post in the megathread! We are really investing time into it for you guys!
  14. KUVA DISRUPTION FEEDBACK Bugs/things that are silly! It is VERY IMPORTANT that Kuva on kill is transferred to all inventories! (Remember Nova Blueprints and how fun that was to farm when it dropped as an item?) Enemies getting stuck in walls Please allow Kuva to be dropped along side syndicate medallions on rotation C! Silly for me to Run Kuva Disruption over survival if I am not getting the main resource I want from it! Running all four keys at once takes coordination! ALL keys at once SHOULD reward MORE KUVA Keys The problem with Keys in Disruption is that they are sometimes duplicated because two keys can be in the same round. The problem with this is that it greatly impacts the total time of the mission significantly (It can also reduce your mission timer by placing the extra key next to the corresponding conduit). Another problem with the keys is the spawn rate of keys, I will post a solution tab that will references this but overall Key spawn rate and duplicate key drops may/will increase time in mission. On rotation C, Kuva should always be 100% drop, the medallion should drop along side it. Kuva Another problem we had was the amount of Kuva obtained in four minutes was LESS than what was obtained in a survival for 4 minutes. We obtained a total of 1200 Kuva in a survival in 4 minutes compared to a measly 1000 kuva in four minutes. RNG played a big role in this but this was a COORDINATED GROUP that has spent many many hours in disruption prior, in fact the clan itself is in the top 10 for hostile mergers on the storm clan tier list. 800 kuva dropped + 200 Kuva for doing all 4 siphons (This is really really bad, players should be rewarded more for doing all 4. Even with 350 on rotation c, it is still less than our survival test. (A booster was used for both) Group Advantages: Voice Utilized full map with M key to find keys immediately designated shapes per player for speed running inserting all keys at once with little to no mistakes Using Magus Lockdown to stun units, take into account we have medium energy pads for our operator’s void blast against enemy Kuva guardians! Gas Blast Redeemers for major Condition Overload scaling (OVERKILL) The effort put in for Kuva Disruption in a COORDINATED group rewards less kuva than a smooth survival. Imagine what an UNCOORDINATED group would be like. Kuva Survival Vs. Kuva Disruption: Kuva Survival: With Kuva Survival, I am able to afk and fluently obtain Kuva! I do not require effort to be put into Kuva survival to obtain an immense amount of Kuva! I can leave every hour to do the Kuva Flood then reset the Survival as there are no scaling rewards which is totally okay, but the game mode is extremely boring. Kuva Disruption: Kuva Disruption is incredibly fun! This game mode requires all players utilize all four keys at once for speed running and requires all players to coordinate effectively to obtain the most Kuva! This game mode has a RNG key system that may/can hinder my progress vs Kuva Survival, this system has Kuva that is dropped across the map in which my teammates will have trouble finding. This game mode is almost impossible to do without a coordinate group efficiently, that being said, the rewards for this game mode should be much higher than they are currently and directly placed into your inventory as well. Level Scaling should also be abnormally faster. Syndicate Medallions: Syndicate Medallions are nice, but the major problem with them is the single fact they take away a rotation C drop chance of Kuva. This further hinder's kuva gain (the main point of the mission itself). Not to mention the math goes as follows to max out one syndicate...: Round C Drop Rate of Universal Medallion: 5.00% 20 x 5% = 100% Theoretically expected to get one medallion every 20 runs 132 x 20 =2640 expected runs to max ONE SYNDICATE. 2640 x 5 = 13,200 to max ALL SYNDICATES. This is very silly imo. This medallion should drop along side Kuva not as a separate drop. Solutions: Solution 1 (Easy): The first solution is the easiest. The solution removes dropped Kuva and allows all Kuva to be rewarded at the end, because this Kuva is not affected by a resource booster or a smeeta Kavat the total Kuva count would be 3000 Kuva on rotation C. This kuva count may appear extremely high to others, but the reason for the Kuva being such a high reward is that the effort put into Disruption requires me to focus and actually enjoy the game! While survival requires you to mindlessly kill enemy units/alt tab to watch youtube. Solution 2 (Hard): Either remove the duplication of key drops or increase the key spawn rate. Either of these options will benefit the player's team for competitive play! Please provide more Kuva for 4 keys all at once on rotation C. (at least 1500). This will increase the amount of rounds as well as the scaling of enemy level. ADDING A D, E, and F ROTATION WITH MORE KUVA UP TO 600 SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD IDEA FOR CAPPED SCALING REWARDS These changes are VITAL for your Kuva Disruption mission to succeed. Personally we feel Kuva Disruption is VERY FUN! It requires a lot of focus and is a new area for experienced player content to be explored! Just don't forget with great effort and tactics, greater rewards should follow. Especially greater rewards than afking in a survival match. Post will be updated as clan mates work towards testing with 4 keys at once.
  15. What people do not realize is Gauss will be a self buffer: Big things on Gauss that will be important. How much damage reduction does he get on his 2 How much armor does he get on his 2 (has to be like Inaros or not endurance worthy). How strong are the buffs from his 4 and will there be an augment for team mates. THIS is what will make Gauss Gauss, bionic self buff frame if you like using weapons (or run revenant for invincibility/Wisp for attack speed). If Gauss fails in all these areas he will be another obsolete frame.
  16. There are much faster abilities than speed even with his speed ability lul. The last thing I would build volt for is speed.
  17. These people are just not knowledgeable, Volt possesses immense support via electricity and other quirks. He is not a speed frame, only new players use him for that.
  18. Move to feedback! It is very important that the topic is posted in there if you want it to be seen as criticism.
  19. Digital Extremes has been working on reducing that with email verification 2 step training.
  20. It would honestly be ember, i'd swap her in for someone because of her strong early game. Also a good way to get new players hooked on the power interest.
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