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  1. It was the first game to attempt a complex building setup with a third person shooter and dynamic movement/weapon play (at least the only one that caught my attention). The art style was really nice as well, but that was early 2013.
  2. Lets make it a majority! The only reason I am complaining here and trying to get a more fleshed out game is because I do not want this game to follow the same pattern for half a decade. It has a lot of potential mixing team play tactics together for later game content, like Eidolons. I love warframe, and I want to see it succeed greatly. Also it is important to check if those MR 20s have AT LEAST 1000+ in game mission hours. More experience usually = more knowledge on the game. (I have seen an mr 15 with 250 hours... and the usually average hour span is 500-600 as I have spent 4 years recruiting players for my community).
  3. Today's sortie's (and Uranus exterminate) exterminate lacking enemies unlike other sorties
  4. loading screens during missions/host migrations for 3 years.. Lanka problems on Eidolons for 6 months that have been brought up by MULTIPLE people.
  5. been literally waiting 6 years with repeated grind (same missions) for this change that guy stated in your quote. Progression in warframe has no purpose right now, you can do all content at all levels essentially. (Kuva survival can be done after war within with basic mods is what I am getting at, no player progression needed for anything in the game or complex gameplay).
  6. Magus Lockdown grants you that ability on any frame. 😉
  7. Try deadspace or amnesia 😉 tell me how scary it is then.
  8. I thought they were corpus as well, but on the wiki it says sentient. (sim may have it under corpus which means it is corpus) yeah no that redeemer may work on like 1 single battalyst level 150+ if you put 8 or so conditions on it with Condition overload not all like paracesis can. Unless you howl or use your amp to strip their resistances. Otherwise run paracesis for strip.
  9. the amalgams? Or the battalysts. The battalysts requires paracesis.
  10. They should be no different. The amalgams for disruption (unsure of what sentient we are talking about) have no damage resistance to my knowledge and were very easily to dismantled with a condition overload weapon. I guess if you wanted to learn more about the demolyst and how you eat a monster like that i'd have to take you to our builds channel were multiple peeps can explain for ya.
  11. @VotumPrime Here is an example of someone applying status effects onto a target with all their weapons + friends weapons... The result.. 1.6 billion damage. Your question honestly make me happy. If you'd like to join our teaching discord i'd gladly let you in. Lots of math majors in there that love to explain their thinking and math behind builds.
  12. False they are sentient faction! The redeemer utilize's condition overload, in other words, it has exponential damage scaling per status effect on the target.
  13. Running redeemer, Revenant can do more damage than paracesis ever can with condition overload. The fact it is a gunblade means he can fire far far away from the dispell radius. Usually I run magus lockdown between recasts.
  14. once you got to the score of 35,000 on the operation, the units began to outdo Inaros's grace armor scaling comp. Viral was just on the build because there are little to no sentients on the map currently haha.
  15. Crit damage just in case sentients cannot take status, viral atm because it is crit based, also the status's can be changed out depending on what the enemy is currently weak to. Cleaving whirlwind is extremely effect because of the amount of hits you can deal with broken bull, Tempo is more of a stylish linear kill. Sentients will take more damage even if the status does not proc if they are weak to it (put whatever they are weak to on). Yeah inaros is a dad in disruption, just did not have him built up as much as i'd like, some clanmates did though! Once you get passed the 35k mark Revenant with redeemer outdoes Inaros, as he cannot get dispelled + he has 100% dr. Sacrificial mods allow a total damage multi to be added on to the weapon against sentients, otherwise basically use gram for star chart. Take a look at base damage multipliers (like serration) and you will understand what I am talking about when I compare primed pressure point to he sacrificial version.
  16. Got Revenant for that, I did the same thing. in fact, multiply that damage by 1.44 x against sentients
  17. same, i'll bring paracesis for sentients. You can get up to 143.8% faction damage on that lol + dmg reduction strip (that is what howl does).
  18. Yep! I think they have gotten the message loud and clear. I hope they take this criticism as us saying "Hey we are frustrated but we really love your game, please make a decision to expand the studio or change the direction of the game".
  19. Reave: Counter clockwise rotations around target are faster and drain TOTAL % health (You can oneshot very very high levels) Enthrall: Make your host enthrall frost eximus, this ability tends to shine on higher levels or when your team is struggling. Mesmer Skin: The golden fountain of eternal damage reduction, don't waste natural talent on it as it does not even reduce cast time by 1 second, instead utilize magus lockdown, dash, then recast. 4th ability: Tap it to wipe a room fairly quick, was STILL WIPING level 250+ on Operation: Hostile Mergers when my team was overwhelmed when we started getting higher up. The levels during that event scaled depending on how many keys you broke. If you did all 4 perfectly each time levels did not go as high (It allowed you to earn a ton of points, rewarding you for coordination).
  20. ^^ Like I said yesterday, don't feed this guy anymore quotes just ignore him and continue on.
  21. Rev is on the top rn, been playing him since release and I have arguably one of the best setups for him rn (Criticism from others, the unofficial warframe discord, and the unofficial warframe builds archives (LOTS OF MATH PEOPLE THERE)).
  22. Guess i'll just use it on my excal prime
  23. We do briefly talk about traditional mmo flipping versus eidolon arcane farming. We have clan mates that have a surplus of 10k+ to 40k+ plat.
  24. This thread is still going, with the majority of people against this one guy lul. He emits negativity.
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